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Africa History YouTube Channels

HomeTeam History

HomeTeam History US
Remembering our ancestors through reasonable dialogue and reclaiming the world from an African perspective. Join me as I discuss African history, cult...ure and worldview and what it all really means for us today. I encourage us to learn and share our thoughts as this will help us reclaim Our story and pioneer a new culture of awareness. 'I am because we are and we are because I am'- African Diasporamore
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Historical Africa

Historical Africa Nigeria
Teaching African history from an African perspective. Join me as I discuss African history and culture and what it all really means for us today. I e...ncourage us to learn and share our opinions. 'I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me.' ― Kwame Nkrumah. This YouTube channel is for educational purpose only. Fair Use According to Section 107 of the Copyright Act: 'The fair use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching , scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.' Fair use is a...more
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Africa Infohub

Africa Infohub US
Africa Infohub is an educational channel to re-introduce Africa through the lenses of history. The channel will highlight development, technology, env...ironmental, business opportunities, trending issues, and more. The channel's goal is to promote the continent of Africa to the rest of the world. Support our channel by subscribing. African countries includes: Algeria, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, Comoros, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt,...more
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blackhistorywalks UK
Information and over 300 videos on Black British and international history which features a black (African) perspective. Each clip has a brief descrip...tion and sometimes a website where more info can be obtained. New videos added monthly. More information on the website. Walks, Talks and Films on the African History of Londonmore
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From Nothing

From Nothing US
This channel's purpose is to teach and discuss African history and promote it's presence in the media such as games, movies, and TV shows. It&...#39;s also to show that Africa has a rich and interesting history yet it is often ignored and neglected and pushed aside as irrelevant to the rest of the world's history.more
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Kumbaya Africa | Africans - History & Culture

Kumbaya Africa | Africans - History & Culture Kumbaya Africa - The Africa TV. Africa - Her People, Her Business, Her Culture, Her History, Her Culture, Her Traditions, Her Dance, Her Politics, H...er Economy! Nigerian History, Kenya History, Malian History, Burkina Faso History, Egyptian History, ISWAP, The Civil War, Biafran War, Her Generals, Boko haram, IPOB, Africa, Our Africa. Please like, Comment and Subscribemore
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African Victor.

African Victor. This channel is about African people, their daily lives activities, developments in their countries, culture, social life not forgetting History. My ...main aim of starting this YouTube channel is to give morale to my fellow Africans that we can make it here back at home. Please subscribe to my channel.more
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The official South African Youtube channel for HISTORY®. Subscribe to keep up with the latest clips and promos for upcoming shows. Tune in to DStv ...channel 186.more
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African Diversity

African Diversity Uganda
Africa is a very rich and prestigious continent blessed with beautiful people and resources. Yet Africa is one of the most underdeveloped continents i...n the whole world. The history of Africa begins with the emergence of hominids, archaic humans and - around 300-250,000 years ago—anatomically modern humans, in East Africa, and continues unbroken into the present as a patchwork of diverse and politically developing nation states. It was argued at the time that Africa had no history because history begins with writing and thus with the arrival of the Europeans. Their presence in Africa was...more
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Africa History Channel

Africa History Channel We bring snippets of African History to life from the perspective of the Africans themselves.
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Historical African Martial Arts Association

Historical African Martial Arts Association Historical African Martial Arts Association is global community of historians, martial artists, enthusiasts, and craftspeople dedicated to the researc...h, restoration, and promotion of the martial arts and military history of Africa and its diaspora. Visit us at www.hamaassociation.wordpress.com This channel is dedicated to serving as a resource for information on various African Martial Arts. Historical African Martial Arts Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1559419451037192/ Guild of the Silent Sword: http://www.silentsword.org/ Support us on Patreon:...more
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GEO AFRICA. Welcome to Geo Africa official YouTube channel. Our content Focuses on Africa's Geography, Politics, Current Affairs, History and anything African.... We are an African media for African consumption.more
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Mighty African History

Mighty African History This is a channel for all the African History Lovers all over the world. We cover African Queens, Kings and kingdoms, the different special tribes, tr...aditions and cultures that make Africa as special as it is. Stay tuned for many videos to come, educative, interesting and entertaining. Welcome to Mama Africa's World.more
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History of Africa Podcast

History of Africa Podcast US
Learn about the history of Africa with this educational podcast
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Retelling African History

Retelling African History Kenya
For far too long, the history of Africa has been told and shaped by outsiders, often perpetuating stereotypes and misconceptions. Our channel seeks to... challenge this narrative by providing a platform for African voices and perspectives on the continent's history, from pre-colonial times to the present day. We believe that understanding and appreciating Africa's history is essential for building a better future for the continent and its people. Through our videos, we aim to highlight the achievements, struggles, and contributions of African societies and individuals, shedding light on...more
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The Bible, History and Africa

The Bible, History and Africa US
A nontraditional, unorthodox study of African Roots in the bible and more by a former Sunday School teacher and church girl!
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history of Africa

history of Africa Great Africa
3 videos / quarter Nov 2022 Get Email Contact

History Of Africans

History Of Africans We are a learning and teaching platform. We are here to re-educate our Afro centric motherland people the true hidden history of Africa.
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South African Military History Channel

South African Military History Channel US
The SA Military History Channel is dedicated to the study, recording and dissemination of South Africa's rich military history.
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Southern Africa History

Southern Africa History Zimbabwe
This channel's purpose is to teach and discuss Southern African history. Southern Africa is the southernmost region of the African continent which... has rich and Interesting history yet it is often ignored, neglected and pushed aside as Irrelevant to the rest of the world's history. Join me in this exciting quest unearthing the rich beautiful history of the Southerners.more
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African History Series

African History Series African has very interesting History. As the cradle of humanity, it is very important for the History of Africa to be researched, analysed and present...ed. In this Channel, we present contents in African. We make objectivity our watch word in the presentation of contents in African History. Our major intention is to use the medium of the presentation of contents in African History to help people towards understanding Africa. You can reach us for any discussion through: Email: donfortuneking@gmail.com We run a blog as well. ...more
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History of Africa

History of Africa US
African history channel. Advancing the work.
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Africa1896 Kenya
Africa, the land of Origins!
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African Stories

African Stories South Africa
Welcome to The African Historian, the ultimate destination for exploring the captivating and rich history of Africa! Delve into the depths of time an...d embark on a remarkable journey through the diverse landscapes, cultures, and civilizations that have shaped the African continent. Our channel is dedicated to uncovering the untold stories, forgotten legends, and remarkable achievements of African people throughout the ages. Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe as we engage in enlightening discussions, share insights, and foster a greater...more
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African Black History

African Black History Remembering our ancestors through reasonable dialogue and reclaiming the world from an African ,AfricanAmerican and all Black People perspective. Joi...n me as I discuss Africans and Black People history, culture and worldview and what it all really means for us today. I encourage us to learn and share our thoughts as this will help us reclaim Our story and pioneer a new culture of awareness. 'I am because we are and we are because I am'- African Diaspora Truth!!! #about #Africans and #BlackHistory and #culture that have been undermined!! https://t.co/zqWaDHJZuDmore
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Real African History

Real African History Africa's astounding civilization is vividly brought to life in a chronicle of its greatest Kings and Queens. They were representatives of a glorious i...nspirational past. 100 Great African Kings and Queens cover many centuries of the history of Africa and mankind. From the Pharaoh Khufu , builder of the pyramid of Giza to Emperor Mansa Musa of Mali, the richest man who ever lived. Volume 1 & 2 of 20 Kings and Queens can be found on Amazon.com. There are 8 more volumes of 80 Kings and Queens to come, that will continue to delight and make the world stand up to celebrate a shared humanity...more
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African History Around the Fire

African History Around the Fire South Africa
We, The African History Team, will try to help you out weekly by discussing events in African history on this channel. We are Ms. Mwalima Umolo, Profe...ssor Sankofa, and Professor L, who humbly denies being a professor, but whom Professor S only knows as a fellow professor. (If Professor L were to edit this, Professor S would merely come back and re-add this title.) We hope this helps you and us alike to learn and remember historical lessons that have current impacts on us, so that we may repeat our ancestors' successes and avoid their errors. This is what they would have asked us if we...more
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History2History - Africa

History2History - Africa UK
The history of Africa is a vast and complex subject that spans over several millennia. The continent of Africa is widely considered to be the birthpla...ce of humanity, and the region has seen the rise and fall of many great empires and civilizations over the centuries. Africa's early history is marked by the emergence of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Nubia, and Axum, which flourished along the Nile River and the Horn of Africa. These civilizations developed sophisticated systems of writing, mathematics, and art, and they played a crucial role in shaping the culture and identity of...more
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Africa History YouTubers

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YouTube Channel Link
HomeTeam History
788K 55.8M 498 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC12lU5ymIvSpgl8KntDQUQA/videos
Historical Africa
119K 3.7M 156 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC0XWOgSBcwNstXbPX2cbpg/videos
Africa Infohub
39.3K 6.6M 236 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlTCO2QH7CpKg9O1-w-Ciw/videos
22K 4.8M 325 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6aiW3a-rmulaECob2n4yDg/videos
From Nothing
55K 3.1M 148 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe8ECDU2IldN_rAAAXUvyUQ/videos
Kumbaya Africa | Africans - History & Culture
1.8K 258.8K 124 https://www.youtube.com/cenlhna/F5EvIp8gQWUnRX06QL_jcChP/deovsi
African Victor.
711 113.4K 94 https://www.youtube.com/ahnclne/CQqkWga7xQ6zjNMMhrUp1v__/veodsi
715 314.6K 175 https://www.youtube.com/cnlehan/3yVCfTlXmYwZbUKcnQUPdsdu/seviod
African Diversity
15.1K 81.2K 3 https://www.youtube.com/lenncha/1XJjlC7SbvgHdjUn_VkXTjAp/oisevd
Africa History Channel
4.6K 102.7K 31 https://www.youtube.com/hnelcan/7jgRaK_op8ebYUVPWLCrcjV1/evidso
Historical African Martial Arts Association
4.3K 134.1K 133 https://www.youtube.com/aclnneh/hHUxhTUeczHDxCT2VA1dAq9I/eosidv
The Geo Africa.
281 30.4K 67 https://www.youtube.com/clnhena/XElaooumClQ4rScUkVjpFIYK/viosed
Mighty African History
1.6K 70.8K 11 https://www.youtube.com/clnhaen/jCfvFe1kwOM6WZU5Xk7XTd4S/svoied
History of Africa Podcast
1.9K 22.6K 80 https://www.youtube.com/anlcnhe/K8AqADCx_WEUCPPTZNqUgWXF/isevdo
Retelling African History
585 47.2K 50 https://www.youtube.com/nnlehca/CJcUdSQuwZjLrWSCcOCMq68E/iesdvo
The Bible, History and Africa
46 6.8K 140 https://www.youtube.com/henlnca/vP9nqgUDA_CUvkRNR8vjXYSB/eoivsd
history of Africa
169 24 https://www.youtube.com/cnhlena/4izAAT1iChrisSU_V-WIai8s/desvio
African History Series
800 51.1K 154 https://www.youtube.com/lenchna/8Bk8CKoSQqRdqUBgDqsGHXno/dvsoei
281 30.4K 67 https://www.youtube.com/nhlcaen/QoEj4YcXCuplkKlSoUIFarVm/sivedo
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