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ASMR YouTube Channels

Zach Choi ASMR

Zach Choi ASMR US
Cooking and Eating ASMR and Mukbang Videos.
youtube.com/channel/UCI78.. Subscribe
23M subscribers 1.6M 16.3K 5 videos / week Jul 2014 Get Email Contact

Kim&Liz ASMR

Hey guys, welcome to our channel! Subscribe XOXO
youtube.com/channel/UCZ8M.. Subscribe
7M subscribers 9 videos / week Sep 2016 Get Email Contact


Hey YouTube! Welcome to SASitTube. My name is SAS and I love making videos :). Not just any videos, ASMR videos. If you enjoy eating, whispering sou...nds, eating show/MUKBANG. Then your in the right place :). Remember, everyone has a different ASMR triggers so I hope you enjoy the sounds on my channel. Please dont forget to wear headphones for more enjoyable experience. Please like, comment and SUBSCRIBE for more videos. P.s. If you like food vlogs come check out my second channel at SASVlogs :). Cheers! I love you guys THANK YOU so much for watching! Business Inquiries: ...more
youtube.com/channel/UCp4L.. Subscribe
9.4M subscribers 1 video / day Apr 2016 Get Email Contact


Hello there! My name is Gibi. I have been watching ASMR videos by accident since I realized that some sounds and movements made me feel blissfully rel...axed. I've watched the ASMR community grow into something incredible, and I decided that I wanted to hop in and be a part of it! You will see a variety of videos from me, from roleplays, to makeup, to cosplay, to original characters!more
youtube.com/channel/UCE6a.. Subscribe
4.8M subscribers 177.1K 374.1K 2 videos / week Jun 2016 Get Email Contact

Jojo's ASMR

Jojo's ASMR I'm a 19 year old full-time university student who grew up missing a lot of needed sleep. The focus and vision of this channel is to give to you a...ll what I couldn't give myself in years that I needed sleep most. ASMR has become a viral, international phenomenon as it helps to relax and destress!more
youtube.com/channel/UCjyi.. Subscribe
3.3M subscribers 20.6K 3 videos / week Jan 2015 Get Email Contact

Spice ASMR

Spice ASMR India
Hello my lovely people, Welcome to Spice ASMR,I love making videos:) to entertain you.If you are a foodie or a... person who enjoys eating sounds then you would like my videos hopefully 🙂 Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a colloquial term used for an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. ...more
youtube.com/channel/UCWIH.. Subscribe
3.8M subscribers 1 video / day Jun 2017 Get Email Contact

ASMR Bakery

ASMR Bakery Hi there, this is ASMR Bakery and welcome to my channel! I create mostly no talking ASMR videos and like to try out different types of triggers: tappi...ng, scratching, tracing, ear cleaning, crinkles, brushing, etc...I hope my ASMR videos will bring you much relaxation and most importantly, sleep! Good night everybody! Talking channel: https://www.youtube.com/@BakerySlumber B站:https://space.bilibili.com/477137495 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/54Mf3tKmBGQbBQlPfC6N7T You can also find me on Apple Music and any other major platforms! Some info: Recorder: Zoom h4n, Zoom H3 VR,...more
youtube.com/channel/UCDH7.. Subscribe
1.7M subscribers 4 videos / week Feb 2017 Get Email Contact

Gentle Whispering ASMR

Gentle Whispering ASMR US
Maria Gentlewhispering is a world-renowned ASMR artist who is dedicated to creating videos that produce a unique and powerful ASMR sensation. She appl...ies ASMR to promote relaxation, help reduce stress, and foster meaningful connection. Her signature sound is known to elicit calmness and she mixes a unique blend of relaxation triggers including soft whispering, scalp massage, soothing tapping, and other subtle yet effective ASMR triggers. Maria's content has helped many viewers relax and take a break from the stresses of the day, as well as allowing viewers to escape into her virtual realm...more
youtube.com/channel/UC6gL.. Subscribe
2.3M subscribers 1 video / week Feb 2011 Get Email Contact

Tingting ASMR

Tingting ASMR US
Hello, my name is Tingting, welcome to my ASMR channel! I will be creating videos to help you relax, tingle, and sleep. There's a lot of stress in... this world, I hope I can help you reduce some of it.more
youtube.com/channel/UClqN.. Subscribe
2.4M subscribers 15.1K 76.3K 2 videos / week Apr 2017 Get Email Contact

FrivolousFox ASMR

FrivolousFox ASMR US
Howdy ho hi B) I'm Frivvi. or Lauren. But Frivvi sounds cooler so we'll go with that. Welcome :') After losing the love of my life due to... a car accident (its complicated), I became depressed & reclusive. This channel served as an outlet for me to be *me.* To learn, grow, connect, & heal. For me, ASMR isn't just about tingles or relaxation. It's about feeling good. Smiling. Laughing. Connecting. Feeling a part of something bigger, but something REAL. I'm not the most professional or technically-polished ASMRtist, but that's okay! I think. Probably not. But if you...more
youtube.com/channel/UCoNf.. Subscribe
2M subscribers 5 videos / week May 2016 Get Email Contact


ASMR Glow Subscribe us to get ASMR videos from ASMR Glow.
youtube.com/channel/UCFmL.. Subscribe
1.8M subscribers 72.5K 116.8K 2 videos / week Oct 2016 Get Email Contact

FredsVoice ASMR

FredsVoice ASMR UK
Hello there! Relaxation is at the core of all my videos. I try and act my way through a variety of scenarios to help you feel a great sensation now c...haracterised as ASMR! more
youtube.com/channel/UC4YD.. Subscribe
1.9M subscribers 4.4K 26.5K 1 video / day May 2011 Get Email Contact

Coromo Sara. ASMR

Coromo Sara. ASMR Japan
Hello there ! Welcome to my channel
youtube.com/channel/UCmZb.. Subscribe
2.3M subscribers 2 videos / week Sep 2017 Get Email Contact

edafoxx ASMR

edafoxx ASMR Germany
Welcome ❤️ this ASMR channel is a passion project of mine, I create videos about trigger words, inaudible whispering, mic scratching and all the o...ther triggers that help you sleep, relax and tingle. I hope you enjoy this content as much as I do 🙂 Love, edafoxxmore
youtube.com/channel/UCBmE.. Subscribe
1.2M subscribers 1 video / day Jan 2019 Get Email Contact

Chynaunique ASMR

Chynaunique ASMR youtube.com/channel/UCbpf.. Subscribe
2.1M subscribers 2 videos / week Sep 2017 Get Email Contact

ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling US
Hello and welcome to my ASMR Youtube channel! ASMR videos are meant to trigger the amazing 'tingly' feeling to help you sleep. Or just to help... you simply relax and fall asleep! My Main ASMR Triggers: Ear to Ear Whisper, Tapping, Scratching, Affirmations, Compliments, Roleplay, Hair Play, Hair Brushing, Personal Attention, Close up, Words, Face touching, Camera touching, Microphone brushing.more
youtube.com/channel/UCike.. Subscribe
2.5M subscribers 25.1K 72.2K 208.4K 3 videos / quarter Dec 2014 Get Email Contact

Jocie B ASMR

Comforting roleplays, tingles, and relaxation ♡ Instagram/Tiktok @jociebasmr Hi loves! My name is Jocie, they/she, and I'm just a human happy ...to be creating ASMR videos : ) I post what I enjoy, meaning lots of: MAKEUP & SKINCARE PERSONAL ATTENTION FANTASY ROLEPLAYS & NATURE And I basically post every single week, Tuesdays 6PM-8PM EST Like a lot of us, I happened upon ASMR videos by chance when searching for 'sleep help' on YouTube. I fell in love with the community because it was a space for love, acceptance, childlike creativity - and tingles! For someone who struggles to slow...more
youtube.com/channel/UCD_w.. Subscribe
2.3M subscribers 1 video / week Jun 2018 Get Email Contact

Luna Bloom ASMR

Luna Bloom ASMR US
Hi, I'm Luna!
youtube.com/channel/UCgUB.. Subscribe
1.1M subscribers 4 videos / week Nov 2020 Get Email Contact

ASMR Anil Çakmak

ASMR Anil Çakmak US
youtube.com/channel/UCwG9.. Subscribe
2.2M subscribers 1 video / week May 2015 Get Email Contact

Nanou ASMR

Nanou ASMR Belgium
Hi there, Nanou here. I'm a 16 y/o girl who loves making videos. Now let me introduce you to my partner in crime, Noah. We're a dynamic duo f...rom the little town of Damme, Belgium. Together, we're here to bring you the ultimate ASMR experience! You can expect new ASMR videos from me every Wednesday and Sunday. However, from time to time, life throws unexpected surprises my way, and I might not upload on those scheduled days. It's a bit of a gamble! But fear not, sometimes, I might surprise you with extra videos! Now, I must confess, English isn't my native tongue so bear...more
youtube.com/channel/UCJyZ.. Subscribe
1.3M subscribers 1 video / week Jan 2019 Get Email Contact

Diddly ASMR

Diddly ASMR Australia
Hi! I'm a 26 year old Aussie named Alicia and I'm on a mission to get you the f*ck to sleep
youtube.com/channel/UCdvY.. Subscribe
515K subscribers 4 videos / week Jul 2018 Get Email Contact

Celaine's ASMR

Celaine's ASMR US
Hello ASMR lovers, Celaine here! Welcome to my ASMR Channel~ For business inquiries contact celainemanagement@comcast.net SEND ME A GIFT ON THRONE FO...R THE HOLIDAYS~ https://throne.me/u/celainesasmr I am a bilingual ASMR artist that will break your tingle immunity and help you sleep~ For business information my email is down below. Contact my email for inquiries on sponsorships and brand deals. For business inquiries contact celainemanagement@comcast.net Goodnight~more
youtube.com/channel/UCxw_.. Subscribe
1.1M subscribers 3 videos / week Jan 2016 Get Email Contact

Batala's ASMR

Batala's ASMR US
hiiiii, welcome to my channel. this channel is dedicated to making you sleep, laugh and most of all…relax! ✨
youtube.com/channel/UCT-0.. Subscribe
921K subscribers 1 video / day Jun 2017 Get Email Contact

Karuna Satori ASMR

Karuna Satori ASMR Your OG ASMR Mother and creator of your favorites such as the Fishbowl Effect. Welcome to our family, we sound like a cult, because we probably are. ...Karuna [Kuh-roo-nah] noun, Bhuddism 1. The universal compassion of a Bodhisattva. Satori [Suh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee] noun, Zen 1. Sudden enlightenment.more
youtube.com/channel/UCR3m.. Subscribe
1.3M subscribers 1 video / day Oct 2013 Get Email Contact

ASMR Love by T & P

ASMR Love by T & P We understand how difficult it is to find a sound that truly relaxes you, and normally, when you find it, it lasts a very short time or not enough tim...e for you to really relax or fall asleep. That is why we now concentrate on making high quality long ASMR videos with one single type of sound so when you find the sound you like you can enjoy it for a long time.more
youtube.com/channel/UCGkM.. Subscribe
234K subscribers 249 4 videos / week Mar 2019 Get Email Contact

Latte ASMR

Latte ASMR youtube.com/channel/UCQe2.. Subscribe
2M subscribers 2 videos / month Jan 2016 Get Email Contact


Dong ASMR Singapore
Just a guy who makes asmr videos in a weird/relaxing/story-telling way
youtube.com/channel/UCRB4.. Subscribe
880K subscribers 1 video / day Aug 2019 Get Email Contact

WhispersRed ASMR

WhispersRed ASMR UK
Subscribe us if you are interested in learning more from Emma about the lovely world of ASMR and her experiences.
youtube.com/channel/UC2ny.. Subscribe
847K subscribers 26.2K 15.2K 65.1K 3 videos / week Apr 2013 Get Email Contact

SouthernASMR Sounds

SouthernASMR Sounds US
Hi! I'm SouthernASMR Sounds, and I will be uploading ASMR videos with a Southern accent, whispering, and soft spoken descriptions of items.
youtube.com/channel/UCpw8.. Subscribe
412K subscribers 1 video / day Jul 2015 Get Email Contact


ASMR * Sleep * Relaxation * Tingles * Stress Relief * Study Aid * ❤️ British ASMRtist ✨ Hello, my name is Rhianna and I make a variety of ASM...R videos to help you sleep, relax, relieve stress, study and of course get some tingles! Thank you very much for stopping by and for supporting my channel, feel free to leave any requests in the comments and I hope you'll enjoy your time here. Lots of love and magic ~ Rhi ✨more
youtube.com/channel/UCHrK.. Subscribe
1.4M subscribers 1 video / month Dec 2015 Get Email Contact


ASMRSurge ASMRSurge channel provides ASMR videos to make you feel relaxed.
youtube.com/channel/UCIKO.. Subscribe
767K subscribers 3 videos / week Sep 2012 Get Email Contact

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon youtube.com/channel/UClMJ.. Subscribe
1.1M subscribers 2 videos / month Jan 2014 Get Email Contact

SongByrd ASMR

SongByrd ASMR US
Hi guys, I'm SongByrd ASMR, and I love making videos that focus on ASMR eating sounds! Please like, comment, and subscribe, and I'll see you ...in my next video. I upload every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9AM CST!more
youtube.com/channel/UCt4D.. Subscribe
315K subscribers 8 videos / week Jan 2017 Get Email Contact

ASMR Massage Psychetruth

ASMR Massage Psychetruth Austin, Texas
A channel dedicated ASMR and relaxation. Our video feature binaural recorded of a number of ASMR tingle triggers like whisper, soft spoken, massage, e...ar cupping, ear massage, scalp massage, hair brushing, ear cleaning, mouth sounds, ASMR eating sounds, etc. more
youtube.com/channel/UCDiN.. Subscribe
520K subscribers 552 4.1K 1 video / week Oct 2013 Get Email Contact


Hii hii!! I started this channel in order to help people with their anxiety/depression, stress, or insomnia. I also hope that my videos can give you ...some happiness, love, comfort, and most of all LOTS of tingles!:3 Thank you so much for stopping by :3 Have a wonderful day or night! HUGS Insta: @tenaasmrmore
youtube.com/channel/UCo8r.. Subscribe
629K subscribers 3 videos / week Nov 2015 Get Email Contact

SophieMichelle ASMR

SophieMichelle ASMR UK
SophieMichelle ASMR features ASMR videos for relaxation and tingles.
youtube.com/channel/UCTjm.. Subscribe
640K subscribers 5 videos / week Nov 2011 Get Email Contact

Alexandria ASMR

Alexandria ASMR US
ASMR - Autonomous sensory meridian response. It typically refers to the 'tingly feeling' that travels from the head downward that some experience in r...esponse to certain sounds, feelings, or descriptions. ✨ Join me on Patreon for exclusive ASMR content✨ ($6 a month) https://www.patreon.com/user?u=56539521more
youtube.com/channel/UCvp9.. Subscribe
675K subscribers 3 videos / week Oct 2018 Get Email Contact

Whispering Willow ASMR

Whispering Willow ASMR Hello my name is Willow and I like to whisper! And help you sleep 🙂
youtube.com/channel/UCXTA.. Subscribe
587K subscribers 1 video / day Oct 2020 Get Email Contact


Soy ASMR South Korea
youtube.com/channel/UCPpY.. Subscribe
920K subscribers 1 video / month Jan 2014 Get Email Contact


TomASMR At 1M Sub I Make ASMR IN SPACE ASMR video every wednesday
youtube.com/channel/UCKJ3.. Subscribe
726K subscribers 1 video / week Dec 2017 Get Email Contact

PierreG ASMR

PierreG ASMR France
Welcome to PierreG ASMR channel. Join us and relax, let your body rest and forget your worries. I try to create some nice triggers like whispering, s...oft spoken voice, tapping on things, crinkly sounds, roleplay and sure tingles. Sometimes, I might make some personal attention videos too. My hope is that with different kinds of sounds, you can fall asleep fast, relax while you study or work and forget your worries. You might also just enjoy this brain massage induced by a tingly sensation or tingles. I make videos in 4 languages: Korean, Japanese, French and English. 한국말, 일본어,...more
youtube.com/channel/UCaVR.. Subscribe
1.1M subscribers 1 video / week Jan 2017 Get Email Contact

The ASMR Ryan

The ASMR Ryan US
Don't Forget to Smile! ***SOCIAL MEDIA*** ▶ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/xryangutierrezx ▶ Twitter : https://twitter.com/XRyanGutier...rezX ▶ TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@xryangutierrezx ▶ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0CzDKRpINNHQ52opgvLOHx ***PATREON/DISCORD*** ▶ https://www.patreon.com/TheAsmrRyan ***BUSINESS CONTACT*** ▶ theasmryan@gmail.com ***FAN MAIL P.O. BOX*** P.O. Box 40807 Downey, CA 90239more
youtube.com/channel/UCY9U.. Subscribe
519K subscribers 1 video / week Apr 2017 Get Email Contact

Matty Tingles

Matty Tingles US
*This is a SAFE PLACE for everyone and I'm so happy you're here!! Thank you so much for being here on the MattyTingles channel. On this channe...l you'll find a variety of ASMR content from Roleplays, Gameplay, Sneaker Videos and much more! PLEASE remember to Subscribe! TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch: @mattytingles Business Inquiries: business@mattytingles.commore
youtube.com/channel/UCrrC.. Subscribe
608K subscribers 1 video / day Jul 2015 Get Email Contact

Scottish Murmurs ASMR

Scottish Murmurs ASMR UK
This is a channel dedicated to ASMR and the associated tingly sensations and relaxation. With a soft Scottish accent, I am excited to be bringing you ...exclusive content with the aim of stimulating your brain in order to send those delicious tingles down your spine and helping you relax and sleep. I am open to suggestions and will happily take requests for your favourite types of ASMR videos. I hope you enjoy this channel. Happy tingles, xmore
youtube.com/channel/UCLcy.. Subscribe
460K subscribers 3 videos / week Jul 2016 Get Email Contact

ASMR Alysaa

ASMR Alysaa Canada
youtube.com/channel/UCyZ8.. Subscribe
137K subscribers 2 videos / day Jan 2016 Get Email Contact

mads asmr

mads asmr Connect with me: YouTube-Mads ASMR Instagram: Personal __madddie_ & ASMR Madasmr1 TikTok-_madddiee Sponsorship inquiries: Contact my Manager- Ben@zee...smedia.com My business email - contactmadsasmr@gmail.commore
youtube.com/channel/UCpHz.. Subscribe
639K subscribers 1 video / day Jan 2017 Get Email Contact


DennisASMR Hey there insomniac! Its DennisASMR! I am here with the goal to help you get the sleep you deserve! I am passionate about creating ASMR and I hope you... enjoy my content! more
youtube.com/channel/UCdT5.. Subscribe
1M subscribers 124 49.4K 1 video / month Aug 2017 Get Email Contact

Ozley ASMR

Hey friend! Welcome to my main channel Ozley ASMR (my only other channel is Ozley ASMR Shorts). I am SO happy you decided to stop by! Grab your headp...hones for the full binaural experience, curl up with a cozy blanket, and stay awhile. If you are new to ASMR, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it's a delightful tingly sensation some people get when experiencing certain sounds or visuals (tapping, rain, whispering, hand movements, just to name a few). Even if you don't experience 'the tingles' these videos are perfect for relaxing, studying, and falling...more
youtube.com/channel/UC_AR.. Subscribe
656K subscribers 2 videos / week Sep 2018 Get Email Contact

SensorAdi ASMR

SensorAdi ASMR US
I am an ASMR creator. My videos will give you relaxation, calmness, and tingles! I can also help you overcome stress, insomnia and anxiety.
youtube.com/channel/UCuF6.. Subscribe
252K subscribers 561 2.6K 2 videos / week Oct 2013 Get Email Contact

Made In France ASMR

Made In France ASMR France
I am a french filmmaker doing ASMR videos since 2014. All my studies on Cinematographic & Sound Design allow me to produce the best Sounds & Visuals I... can to relax you, help you fall asleep, and I hope, to trigger your tingles.more
youtube.com/channel/UC4d1.. Subscribe
300K subscribers 3.4K 1.1K 8.4K 2 videos / month May 2014 Get Email Contact


Angelica US
This is where I'm going to dump my more chaotic, random ideas regarding a broad host of subjects ranging from theology, spiritualism, art, philoso...phy, politics, and general themes intrinsic to life in ASMR form. My more wholesome channel is Angelica's Grass where I post daily ASMR content and my public journal is Angelica's Journal where I capture random thoughts and explain why I like them, believe in them, or find them fascinating. I'm merely a particle in space, a drop in God's ocean of creation, and I like capturing my existence because one day I'm going to look...more
youtube.com/channel/UCq7j.. Subscribe
647K subscribers 1 video / quarter Aug 2015 Get Email Contact

VisualSounds1 ASMR

VisualSounds1 ASMR UK
Hi, I'm Jen! This channel is made to relax you, calm you and maybe even help you sleep! I use gentle hand movements, soothing sounds and various r...oleplays to help stimulate 'ASMR', a 'tingling' feeling sometimes felt in the head, arms, back and legs.more
youtube.com/channel/UCQSv.. Subscribe
300K subscribers 2.5K 9K 1 video / week Jun 2011 Get Email Contact

Peace and Saraity ASMR

Peace and Saraity ASMR US
Why Hello there! My name is Sarai! This is an ASMR (RELAXATION) Channel. I am here to help destress you with my soothing voice and hypnotizing manneri...sms. I hope I can give you magical tingles or send you to dream land. ZZZZZZZZZ ^_^more
youtube.com/channel/UCUuH.. Subscribe
440K subscribers 1 video / day Aug 2016 Get Email Contact

Clareee ASMR

Clareee ASMR Malaysia

youtube.com/channel/UCKiW.. Subscribe
580K subscribers 1 video / week Aug 2015 Get Email Contact

The ASMR Bro

The ASMR Bro Canada
youtube.com/channel/UCZ02.. Subscribe
310K subscribers 2 videos / week Feb 2017 Get Email Contact

Caroline ASMR

Caroline ASMR US
Hi! My name is Caroline and I'm an American ASMR artist. I speak English, German, and a little Korean, and love making multilingual ASMR videos! O...n my channel you'll also find ASMR study sessions, meditations, personal attention, sound assortments, inaudible whispering, and layered sounds to help you relax/sleep! ✨more
youtube.com/channel/UCUuE.. Subscribe
627K subscribers 1 video / month Aug 2014 Get Email Contact

Caroline ASMR

Caroline ASMR Berlin, Germany
Hello and welcome to my ASMR channel! I'm Caroline. It's nice to meet you! I post relaxation/sounds for studying video and love doing the occa...sional ASMR live show. I hope you enjoy my sleepy creations!more
youtube.com/channel/UCUuE.. Subscribe
628K subscribers 3.1K 12.2K 1 video / month Aug 2014 Get Email Contact


Hi there! My name's Duncan ('Dido') and welcome to my channel! I am an ASMR YouTube Creator/ASMRtist and here you will find a whole variety of vid...eos to help you relax, fall asleep, get tingles and also just a fun source of entertainment. Here I post a multitude of types of videos ranging from Card Magic, Gaming, Rambles/Chats & Triggers all in a relaxing manner! If you enjoy, why not subscribe and become part of our amazing ASMR Community more
youtube.com/channel/UCyoT.. Subscribe
226K subscribers 3 videos / week Apr 2018 Get Email Contact


Like so many others, I discovered that there is a huge community of people that have that feeling that we could never really describe to people withou...t sounding weird. ASMR. I've had it since as far back as I can remember and still experience it almost daily and I find that I enjoy making videos that help to trigger others asmr, or relaxation as well. Either way, i hope you enjoy my videos.more
youtube.com/channel/UCgGh.. Subscribe
510K subscribers 873 3 videos / quarter Mar 2016 Get Email Contact


My name is Madi and I make ASMR videos with whispering, soft sounds, brushing, tapping, roleplays and more! Follow along to get ASMR videos that will ...give you tingles, help you sleep and relax!more
youtube.com/channel/UCqFb.. Subscribe
474K subscribers 44.3K 1 video / week Dec 2018 Get Email Contact

Creative Calm ASMR

Creative Calm ASMR UK
My channel combines the wonder of ASMR with calming entertainment. Looking for a more relaxing form of Netflix? Come on in!
youtube.com/channel/UCrIP.. Subscribe
373K subscribers 17.6K 27.5K 2 videos / month Sep 2015 Get Email Contact

Catplant ASMR

Catplant ASMR US
i luv video games and asmr. i'm here to give you tingles p.s thanks for subbing to my channel ~
youtube.com/channel/UC80U.. Subscribe
450K subscribers 2 videos / month Nov 2012 Get Email Contact

Isabel imagination ASMR

Isabel imagination ASMR Netherlands
This channel is ment for relaxation and to fall asleep easier!
youtube.com/channel/UCGfb.. Subscribe
354K subscribers 1 video / day Apr 2015 Get Email Contact

Fairy Char ASMR

Fairy Char ASMR US
Hi everyone, my name is Char! I've been making ASMR videos since 2013. I have an assortment of medical, spa, beauty and many more roleplays to hel...p trigger your ASMR.more
youtube.com/channel/UCn62.. Subscribe
464K subscribers 17.7K 3 videos / quarter Dec 2009 Get Email Contact

Starling ASMR

Starling ASMR US
Hello Everyone!
youtube.com/channel/UCbfj.. Subscribe
513K subscribers 1 video / day Oct 2019 Get Email Contact

LottieLoves ASMR

LottieLoves ASMR UK
Helping you lovely people to sleep, relax and de-stress! ❤️ For all business inquiries: lottielovesasmr@yahoo.com ASMR uploads every Monday, We...dnesday and Friday @ 10 PM (UK Time) ♡ It's okay to not be okay ♡more
youtube.com/channel/UCWLT.. Subscribe
256K subscribers 6 videos / month Sep 2018 Get Email Contact


https://thecoldestwater.com/?ref=softasmr ('BlackFriday' for 20% off!) New videos every Monday & Thursday
youtube.com/channel/UC5Tt.. Subscribe
185K subscribers 1 video / day Jan 2015 Get Email Contact

Chili b ASMR

Chili b ASMR US
Get in touch!: chilibasmr@gmail.com I've been an ASMR fan for years and I love watching real person videos. I want to make the type of videos I ...like to watch, like medical exams, beauty treatments and spiritual assessments/cleansings. All my videos are for relaxation and sleep. I'm not a medical professional, a massage therapist, a palm reader, or any other character I portray on my channel. Please enjoy! We want to hear from you! Drop a line at ChiliBASMR@gmail.com with questions, suggestions, kind words or constructive criticisms 🙂 Note: we're not doing custom videos at...more
youtube.com/channel/UCR-0.. Subscribe
219K subscribers 3 videos / week Dec 2020 Get Email Contact

LauraLemurex ASMR

LauraLemurex ASMR Wales, UK
Hello everybody! I'm Laura. This channel focuses on positivity and relaxation. My channel is a welcoming place for those seeking a stress free and... safe environment. My content consists of role plays, soft speaking and whispering to help guide you to sleep and soothe your stresses!more
youtube.com/channel/UC8Ow.. Subscribe
165K subscribers 3.3K 5.3K 3.2K 1 video / week Nov 2011 Get Email Contact

HaleyJean ASMR

HaleyJean ASMR US
asmr videos about beauty, books, gaming, and more! ♡ subscribe while you're here, and check out my twitch & vlog channel for more of me! xoxo ... http://www.youtube.com/@haleyjeanvlogs https://www.twitch.tv/haleyscherbel twitter: http://www.twitter.com/haleyscherbel instagram: @haleyscherbelmore
youtube.com/channel/UCAN0.. Subscribe
174K subscribers 4 videos / week Jan 2017 Get Email Contact


LLOYD'S ASMR Hi there, I'm Lloyd, and my channel is dedicated to ASMR. For those of you not familiar with this term, ASMR is an acronym for autonomous sensory ...meridian response. In this channel (established in 2014) you will find triggers from certain sounds, role plays, slow hand movements, a soothing voice, among others. I really hope you enjoy my videos, and that they can help you sit back, relax, get some much needed sleep and find pure bliss! thanks for watching, and as always thanks for your support. Take care and stay safe!more
youtube.com/channel/UCmhC.. Subscribe
169K subscribers 2 videos / week Apr 2014 Get Email Contact


AnonymousAsmr here for da tingles business email for custom videos/paypal: asmrleasha@gmail.com i love my lil piggy dog more than life itself Find me on the tin...gles app: https://tingles.app.link/Nino385wtXmore
youtube.com/channel/UC_-p.. Subscribe
139K subscribers 2 videos / week Apr 2015 Get Email Contact


Thank you so much for stopping by! If you enjoy to relax while watching maps, live drawing, geography, listening to history, slow soft speaking, deep ...voice and Swedish accent, I guess this is the place for you! In my videos I try to create a calm atmosphere for sleep aid and ASMR* relaxation, or perhaps the perfect environment for meditation and studying? Only you know if it works 🙂 *What is ASMR? It's an acronym for 'Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response'. Gibi ASMR describes it very well here:...more
youtube.com/channel/UCi8Q.. Subscribe
318K subscribers 1 video / month Sep 2015 Get Email Contact

Sonia Elsie ASMR

Sonia Elsie ASMR US
Hey everyone! This is my ASMR channel. I discovered ASMR after looking for relaxing music to study to on youtube. Now I'm obsessed! ASMR is define...d as autonomous sensory meridian response, and it is generally the tingling feeling you get in your head and spine when you feel extremely relaxed, when someone tells you a story, etc. Hope you enjoy!more
youtube.com/channel/UC0F3.. Subscribe
59K subscribers 1 video / day Jun 2015 Get Email Contact

WhisperAudios ASMR

WhisperAudios ASMR UK
WhisperAudios ASMR channel features simple as well as roleplay ASMR videos.
youtube.com/channel/UCaZS.. Subscribe
219K subscribers 4 videos / quarter Feb 2012 Get Email Contact

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Zach Choi ASMR
23M 6.5B 1K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI78AdiI6f7VKhqW1i4B3Rw
9.4M 2.9B 2.1K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp4LfMtDfoa29kTlLnqQ5Mg/videos
4.8M 2B 1.2K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE6acMV3m35znLcf0JGNn7Q/videos
Jojo's ASMR
3.3M 1.1B 1.4K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjyi6by44TTH0j_U3vXEGpA/videos
ASMR Bakery
1.7M 527.8M 669 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDH70xAv1bBeaCt5Cc7a96A/videos
Gentle Whispering ASMR
2.3M 1.1B 697 https://www.youtube.com/hnclena/6gvgXeZlJ7UzCg_DVnCu8IAL/sioevd
Tingting ASMR
2.4M 633.3M 685 https://www.youtube.com/hnlncea/eqjJNlSUOcw4BUqVrnWzFkOC/sieodv
1.8M 644M 864 https://www.youtube.com/aelnnch/PPCUU5pw28RLKVGvxHm372FK/eovsid
FredsVoice ASMR
1.9M 387.2M 595 https://www.youtube.com/alhnnec/PyCsDvU-WYhOVEL4w1-lwiuA
ASMR Darling
2.5M 628.6M 296 https://www.youtube.com/hacnlen/wPYbqWFoC9biXUk3UQCTxCae/oevsid
Diddly ASMR
515K 118.6M 421 https://www.youtube.com/nlnecah/zy0YU3WThdngmfQChWeSGbvt/deiosv
ASMR Love by T
234K 46.8M 785 https://www.youtube.com/nlcnaeh/w9k0TCKcEUMG1SMwfrpCzRM7/ievdos
Latte ASMR
2M 552.7M 257 https://www.youtube.com/nhlecna/YzUQCBA9QMCb2CNJc7CV-vQe/odievs
WhispersRed ASMR
847K 239.3M 430 https://www.youtube.com/nnlcahe/ihrCnNpSUu5i0_Yy8DCgwZ29
767K 205.4M 330 https://www.youtube.com/anlhcen/1DvON7IqVK_evgwziC2yKWoU
Goodnight Moon
1.1M 305.6M 354 https://www.youtube.com/cnlnahe/_rzJKQI6glg9MJcCm2RhujUr/idsvoe
SophieMichelle ASMR
640K 156.7M 583 https://www.youtube.com/nehcanl/iyAtsLjTcoT6UxwimzCaLTH4
1M 164.3M 511 https://www.youtube.com/elnahnc/nVRnNTY0d5XwU1OCQvGu1W4j/veiods
Ozley ASMR
656K 81.3M 386 https://www.youtube.com/nhlacen/LhgATHiVCRUqGRADw_aWEQe6/dvoise
SensorAdi ASMR
252K 79.9M 1.4K https://www.youtube.com/hcannle/UkwUGufPCjFd1-xLQBXkGSX6
Made In France ASMR
300K 48.6M 269 https://www.youtube.com/aclnneh/IlxmCtI0dV8audL1SUjmLwQ4
VisualSounds1 ASMR
300K 89.7M 903 https://www.youtube.com/nahcenl/_AUQoaCSv-wo42jmSHQg4fu7
Caroline ASMR
628K 154.1M 351 https://www.youtube.com/nencalh/zUWVQupElXuUTqCINgpspVDR
510K 202.5M 587 https://www.youtube.com/nacenlh/g9m1wgJVSUwg9J4CJPNhfGbH/visode
474K 112.2M 379 https://www.youtube.com/acnlenh/bjJqCQ2JE__wCiFfUqFCDCQC/oisevd
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