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Audiobooks YouTube Channels

Christian Sermons and Audio Books

Christian Sermons and Audio Books A large video collection of Christian Sermons and Audio Books of men greatly used of God, such as: Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, A.W. Tozer, A.W. Pink, John Owen, Andrew Murray, John MacArthur, E.M. Bounds, John Bunyan, George Whitefield, the Puritans and many more, covering topics on many aspects of the Christian life. You will also find some classic hymns and my original contemporary Scripture / Praise and Worship songs. May your time spent here be blessed. 'In fact, there is no worship of God that is better than the hearing of a sermon.' - Charles Spurgeon 'He must...
youtube.com/channel/UCSK9.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 353K Frequency 1 video / day Since Dec 2008 Get Email Contact

Audio Books

Audio Books Library of public domain audio books.
youtube.com/channel/UCA8B.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 416K Frequency 9 videos / year Since Dec 2011 Get Email Contact

LibriVox Audiobooks

LibriVox Audiobooks Welcome to the official LibriVox YouTube channel! LibriVox Audiobooks gives you YouTube's best library of complete audio books of works that has entered the public domain. LibriVox objective is : 'To make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet'. For more information please visit https://librivox.org/pages/about-librivox/. All audio books has chapter selection in the video description for easier resume of listening. All books are categorized into playlists by the books author and its genres. Please browse around to find the books you...
youtube.com/channel/UCsHi.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 180K Frequency 22 videos / week Since Aug 2017 more » Get Email Contact

Classic Catholic Audiobooks

Classic Catholic Audiobooks Welcome! Our mission is to upload thousands of Catholic and educational audiobooks free of charge, so that every person that has access to the Internet can benefit from the audiobooks we post on YouTube. We have uploaded more than 6000 books already. The content on this channel is useful and convenient also for people with vision loss or no vision. Many who are blind, visually impaired, who have reading disabilities or visual problems (dyslexia, migraine, diplopia, etc.) often cannot use printed resources, depriving them of reading materials that most of us take for granted. Therefore, we...
youtube.com/channel/UCfXT.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 147K Frequency 1 video / week Since Jul 2017 more » Get Email Contact

Aneko Press - Christian Audiobooks

Aneko Press - Christian Audiobooks Before publishing books, I was in a different business, manufacturing high-quality kitchen cabinets. Our business consultant, who happened to be a Christian, recommended some Christian books to read and those books helped me so much that I was inspired to contact Christian publishing houses to see if they would let me buy books to send to anyone who would read them. I kept some at my office and gave them away freely, and in collaboration with another publishing house, we sent books to prisons and third-world countries. I thought if I could see one person saved as a result of sending out...
youtube.com/channel/UCYsE.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 117K Frequency 3 videos / week Since Jun 2012 more » Get Email Contact

WinterZeit AUDIOBOOKS Official

WinterZeit AUDIOBOOKS Official WinterZeit Audiobooks - Hörbücher und Hörspiele -
youtube.com/channel/UC706.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 69.2K Frequency 4 videos / year Since Jan 2014 more » Get Email Contact

Steve Parker Audiobooks

Steve Parker Audiobooks I have always loved Audiobooks and radio plays, but never understood why they were never fully combined. The BBC does wonderful radio plays with sound effects and music, but they're always dramatisations adapted for radio, whereas unabridged audiobooks never have the sound effect and music which I feel set the mood so well, so I decided to make the audiobooks I wanted to hear. Fully dramatised, professionally performed unabridged audiobooks with sound effects and music. purchase Audiobooks https://steveparkeraudiobooks.com/ Drop a tip in Steve's PayPal tip...
youtube.com/channel/UCkFG.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 77.8K Frequency 1 video / week Since Feb 2007 more » Get Email Contact

Bitesized Audio Classics

Bitesized Audio Classics Welcome. This channel celebrates classic English short stories, in particular the mystery and suspense stories which were a staple of the popular periodicals of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. All my uploads are original recordings, narrated/performed by me, Simon Stanhope, UK-based actor and voice artist. I've added captions for those learning English, or if you want to read along, plus author biogs and background notes. IMPORTANT NOTICE: All text of all the stories featured here is in the public domain. There is NO RE-USED CONTENT on this channel, only new...
youtube.com/channel/UCwLS.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 71.8K Frequency 1 video / week Since Oct 2018 more » Get Email Contact

Sleepy Cat Meditations

Sleepy Cat Meditations Immersive Bedtime Stories | Harry Potter | Lord of the Rings | Meditations | Sleepy Audiobooks I have a deep passion for storytelling, and for creating immersive adventures for you to enjoy as you drift off to sleep. I write, record, edit and mix all of my own content, and it really does mean so much to know how much my work has helped you. If you would like to enjoy exclusive and ad-free content, then consider becoming a patron of the channel, where you will receive these benefits and more! Alternatively, you can make a one-time donation to the channel via PayPal. All of these will go...
youtube.com/channel/UCubq.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 74.8K Frequency 1 video / day Since Oct 2020 more » Get Email Contact

Audio Books Office

Audio Books Office At the Audio Books Office, we write short books on philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and wealth-building to empower and educate our audience. Get ready to embark on an immersive and empowering listening experience. Subscribe now and let the journey begin!'
youtube.com/channel/UC3Nq.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 85K Frequency 1 video / day Since Jun 2023 more » Get Email Contact

Sleep Audiobooks

Sleep Audiobooks Audiobooks for sleep. A library of sleepy audiobooks. Please Subscribe! Each audio book is chosen based on calm voice, and content that is easy to listen to. Narration is lowered and slowed to be the most soothing. Drift off to sleep or enjoy a relaxing vibe while listening to the audio book. All audiobooks have a black screen so there's no unwanted light! Receive our Sleep Guide PDF by signing up to our mailing list here: https://sleepaudiobooks.com/ Our website also includes a library of information to help you fall asleep. New articles being published regularly! Many of the...
youtube.com/channel/UCooP.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 62.7K Frequency 2 videos / month Since Jun 2022 more » Get Email Contact

Hellblazer1138 Audio

Hellblazer1138 Audio Sharing audio books with people for over a decade. Thought I would see what I could get away with uploading here. I will try to keep an upload schedule of a book every other day. I do not upload books produced by audio publishers. Most of the stories I will post come from the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled. This channel will never be monetized.
youtube.com/channel/UCETn.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 30K Frequency 1 video / day Since Oct 2022 more » Get Email Contact

Athene Noctua Audiobooks

Athene Noctua Audiobooks Athene Noctua - also known as the owl of Athena or owl of Minerva. The owl, or bird of the night, was concreted to Minerva, as the symbol of Vigilance, because it is awake during the night. It was reckoned a bird of the ill Omen. In Virgil, a solitary owl, perched on the roof of the palace, affrights Dido with its dismal groans. Aescalaphus, says Ovid, was changed into an owl, a bird forebodes only misfortunes. By Samuel Ward, 1775
youtube.com/channel/UCLGz.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 32.3K Frequency 8 videos / month Since Sep 2019 more » Get Email Contact

EllenWhiteAudio - English

EllenWhiteAudio - English Ellen G. White audio books, totally free in over 15 languages! You can listen while driving, exercise, work, etc. Spend your time listening to messages that will edify you spiritually. Ellen Gould White (1827 - 1915) was an American Christian writer and one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. She is one of the most translated writers in the history of world literature and is considered a prophetess by Seventh-day Adventists. She received precious guidance from God on: education, family, health, spirituality, prophecies and others. Try it, listen and be very blessed! Visit...
youtube.com/channel/UCO55.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 12K Frequency 1 video / day Since Feb 2020 more » Get Email Contact

Priceless Audiobooks

Priceless Audiobooks Channel Priceless Audiobooks http://bit.ly/Priceless-Audiobooks-are the great writers of the past and their full audio books, fragments of audio books of modern authors and the great voices of our contemporaries: amateur volunteers and voice actors in video format-made for you and the future! Support and protect the project! Thank you all!
youtube.com/channel/UCly1.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 34.3K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Jan 2015 more » Get Email Contact

A Frolic Through Fiction

A Frolic Through Fiction Fan of books, nature & coffee
youtube.com/channel/UCqV6.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 44.7K Frequency 1 video / month Since Oct 2016 more » Get Email Contact


BookTV We make beautiful videobooks
youtube.com/channel/UCIcZ.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 26.5K Frequency 3 videos / day Since Mar 2023 more » Get Email Contact

GenderPlay Books

GenderPlay Books We write & produce Ebook stories | short stories | Comics & Managa | Audiobooks | all based around play with gender sterotypes and themes! Please enjoy our content and we hope you enjoy our stories! All content found on this channel is original and ©Copyright/owned by GenderPlayBooks (Copyright by Copyright House) This Youtube channel is also run by Genderplaybooks and has all rights to use the content. All art work is paid for and we have the rights to use Like what we do!? Please consider supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/join/GenderPlayBooks GenderPlayBooks Merch...
youtube.com/channel/UCdN2.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 19.3K Frequency 1 video / week Since Feb 2021 more » Get Email Contact

Audiobook Collection

Audiobook Collection IMPORTANT This is a fan fictional webnovel channel the content does not belong to me. If the owner has problem please contact me on discord. Plzz subscribe Tags: #Audiobook #webnovel #lightnovel #MartialArts #Harem #Adventure #Action
youtube.com/channel/UCz_-.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 10.5K Frequency 9 videos / day Since Dec 2022 more » Get Email Contact

Scott Medbury

Scott Medbury Welcome to my Scott Medbury's audiobook channel, where you'll find full-length audiobooks from Amazon bestselling author Scott Medbury. To help Scott continue to bring this free audiobook entertainment to you, please: - support the channel by subscribing to the channel and clicking the bell icon - share Scott's YouTube videos far and wide - if you really love the books, buy the paperbacks for your bookcase starting with Hell Week https://amzn.to/3Zk95ai Thanks!
youtube.com/channel/UCkJe.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 34.3K Frequency 1 video / quarter Since Apr 2010 more » Get Email Contact


Audible.com.au Welcome to Audible Australia. The Home of Storytelling Audiobooks | Podcasts | Originals www.audible.com.au
youtube.com/channel/UCAX0.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.7K Frequency 1 video / day Since Nov 2014 more » Get Email Contact

Anya Audiobook

Anya Audiobook Don't forget to like and subscribe. thank you for your support.
youtube.com/channel/UC_Mh.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.2K Frequency 13 videos / week Since Jun 2016 more » Get Email Contact

Novel Audio Forge

Novel Audio Forge IMPORTANT This is a fan fictional webnovel channel the content does not belong to me. If the owner has problem please contact me on my discord channel https://discord.gg/XSJYe3v2 _______ Love my work? Support me with a coffee 🙂 https://www.patreon.com/NovelAudioForge Tags: #Audiobook #webnovel #lightnovel #MartialArts #Harem #Adventure #Action #fantasy #magic #audiobook
youtube.com/channel/UCzpi.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.3K Frequency 12 videos / week Since Dec 2023 more » Get Email Contact

Audiobooks Empowerment

Audiobooks Empowerment Welcome to Audiobooks Empowerment, your gateway to enriching your mind and spirit. Our channel is dedicated to delivering thought-provoking audiobooks covering a wide range of topics including personal growth, mental well-being, spirituality, and financial mastery. Each book is carefully selected and narrated to inspire, educate, and empower our listeners. Dive into a world of knowledge and self-improvement with us. Hit the subscribe button and start your transformative journey today with Audiobooks Empowerment!
youtube.com/channel/UCkoc.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 33.8K Frequency 4 videos / week Since Nov 2023 more » Get Email Contact

Audiobook - English Stories

Audiobook - English Stories Hi.....You guys can improve your english conversation through the stories' and reading, listening power, as well as speaking good communication skills in English. In this channel you will know about vocabulary, sentences, structures and manymore. Make sure you will continue watch us.
youtube.com/channel/UCNjb.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 91.3K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Jan 2023 more » Get Email Contact

Classic Audiobooks with Elliot

Classic Audiobooks with Elliot This channel is dedicated to providing classic works of fiction in high-quality audiobook form. All read by award-winning actor and narrator Elliot Fitzpatrick (that's me!). These audiobooks are intended to educate, enthral and relax and calm the mind. They are ALL recorded in my home studio and all works are in the public domain, ensuring that no copyright is infringed upon. All artwork for the channel is created by me and music and sounds are curated using online sound libraries. There is no reused content on this channel and the copyright for each recorded audiobook belongs to Classic...
youtube.com/channel/UC4qG.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 26K Frequency 1 video / week Since Mar 2022 more » Get Email Contact

Australian Audiobooks

Australian Audiobooks I'm an avid reader and I love to listen to audiobooks. Sadly it's hard to find my favourite books online, so I thought I would start reading them myself to share with others! My favourite authors are Robin Hobb, Anne Bishop, Tamora Pierce and John Flanagan. Please feel free to make suggestions for any books you would like me to read.
youtube.com/channel/UC_pO.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 8.3K Frequency 2 videos / quarter Since Apr 2015 more » Get Email Contact

Christie Malry Audiobooks

Christie Malry Audiobooks youtube.com/channel/UCd41.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 9.3K Frequency 30 videos / quarter Since Sep 2016 more » Get Email Contact


AudibleAnarchist Audible Anarchist is a project started and operated by a group of volunteers that seek to bring important anarchist texts to the audio format. If you or anyone you know wants to contribute in any way drop us a line at audibleanarchist@gmail.com , help is always welcome.
youtube.com/channel/UCaO1.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 27.6K Frequency 1 video / week Since Mar 2017 more » Get Email Contact

James E Wisher

James E Wisher Welcome to my home on YouTube. My name is James E. Wisher and I'm the author of over thirty fantasy and science fiction novels. My plan for this channel to share my audiobooks and talk about things that interest me and will hopefully interest you. If you'd like to learn more about my books you can find them at my website. Thanks, James
youtube.com/channel/UCsoQ.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 21.1KFacebook Followers 1.6K Frequency 1 video / quarter Since Apr 2020 more » Get Email Contact

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Audiobooks YouTubers

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YouTube Channel Link
Christian Sermons and Audio Books
353K 86.3M 6.7K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSK9NSk5bxOnJB9yNsuqyjQ/videos
LibriVox Audiobooks
180K 22.7M 26.5K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsHiFXTYJrc6ZKK_HJMX6jA/videos
Classic Catholic Audiobooks
147K 19.3M 6.5K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfXTzdNin8U8aEQVMIXiRog/videos
Aneko Press - Christian Audiobooks
117K 17M 171 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYsECILsnZ8_c9uwihh-Ycg/videos
WinterZeit AUDIOBOOKS Official
69.2K 22.2M 81 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC706WYJusWohe_AE_-f1FVg/videos
Steve Parker Audiobooks
77.8K 8.7M 560 https://www.youtube.com/enlacnh/SkB6gl7N4PKC4oUKGVGgLRF0/ovseid
Bitesized Audio Classics
71.8K 11.1M 191 https://www.youtube.com/eanlcnh/Np0eLu9eSvwPDay1U3NA2CwS/eodsiv
Sleepy Cat Meditations
74.8K 9.7M 102 https://www.youtube.com/nlnceha/cKqqwCyjCQrRsu-8UO4kCzzb/seidvo
Athene Noctua Audiobooks
32.3K 2.5M 1.1K https://www.youtube.com/ahnclne/P1QwAzyGLqSeoTRUSIoX5vC6/svdoei
Priceless Audiobooks
34.3K 6.6M 57.1K https://www.youtube.com/hecannl/zyGCzZUdl1MKwA9WPOGcCoWZ/eisodv
A Frolic Through Fiction
44.7K 4.2M 666 https://www.youtube.com/haenncl/q3CGQCQgVHSKCU6cnhJKzOHa/evsiod
Audiobook Collection
10.5K 2.8M 1.1K https://www.youtube.com/hlacnen/EKz-uorXCwC77UuqZ23KC_jQ/osidve
Classic Audiobooks with Elliot
26K 1.7M 132 https://www.youtube.com/lcnhaen/TT8Dg7MUUq8C74ZxGfZqwY_P/sivode
Australian Audiobooks
8.3K 7.7M 547 https://www.youtube.com/lenahcn/JpjJ0pOu0_dPUMCW1OwyUmgZ/voeisd
Christie Malry Audiobooks
9.3K 947K 3.4K https://www.youtube.com/halennc/9QIA0CdNU2Sz1r9_LdD041St/ioesdv
James E Wisher
21.1K 2.5M 140 https://www.youtube.com/clheann/UjQsgzoocoNyhCctvMEcmxHi/sivoed
Vintage Sci-Fi Audiobooks
4.4K 497.5K 294 https://www.youtube.com/cnaheln/4pRNZC7w5w57gvyNkA7OsHU1/edvios
Epic Fantasy Audiobooks
20.3K 1.7M 37 https://www.youtube.com/nalnehc/7yumFCgA9UcATI_mGoykxlAB/vdoesi
596 49.4K 3.1K https://www.youtube.com/eannlhc/WPmWp2ltAMCgmQ9rMaclBJUN/sdevoi
Audiobooks in English
7.3K 493.1K 466 https://www.youtube.com/enhclna/UQPaqCGBhQf1_TU521kXUK0Y/eivsod
Apex Audiobooks
437 74.3K 2K https://www.youtube.com/hannecl/AjfnsWCeps5oqSpSg-pPegUQ/dvoeis
Kazzaville's Classic Audiobooks
525 25.1K 1.4K https://www.youtube.com/nalhcne/qwKtcyUvsc8yChZr9wMUSP1q/viseod
Fantasy Audiobooks
7.8K 700.4K 61 https://www.youtube.com/nanchle/_T1nwUp6Uo5nW4gCDSBEL3gO/oeisdv
2.2K 2M 46 https://www.youtube.com/lehncna/LjlAffiE39k5YVRPC9BXxULr/oeisvd
Wehear Audiobooks
2.2K 143.1K 58 https://www.youtube.com/lhncnea/S1xveHYDgNJdUwwZs5jdkkTC/dsievo
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