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Black History YouTube Channels

Michael Imhotep

Michael Imhotep Listen to 'The African History Network Show', Sundays 9pm-11pm EST with host Michael Imhotep founder of The African History Network on 910 AM Supersta...tion WFDF Detroit. Listen to the show at http://www.TheAfricanHistoryNetwork.com and for Podcasts. Search for 'The African History Network Show' where ever you get your podcasts from. If you want to advertise your business with The African History Network Show please email us at AHNShow@TheAfricanHistoryNetwork.com or call us at (313) 462-0003.more
youtube.com/channel/UCvC2.. Subscribe
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One Mic History

One Mic History US
Each episode centers around little known events or persons from Black history selected for their effect African Americans and American Culture. 
youtube.com/channel/UCFog.. Subscribe
99.1K subscribers 4 videos / month Oct 2019 Get Email Contact

The Real Merkabah

The Real Merkabah This channel is about educating all people so that we understand where we came from and proving to African Americans that our history does not begin w...ith slavery! more
youtube.com/channel/UCp7N.. Subscribe
106K subscribers 12.9K 865 30 videos / year Aug 2011 Get Email Contact


PushBlack US
PushBlack is the nation's largest non-profit media organization for Black Americans, currently serving 9 million people across all platforms. We ...use the power of narrative, especially Black history and news, to educate and activate our subscribers to build their personal power and create lasting economic and political change. Subscribe now for Inspiring #BlackHistory & news ✊more
youtube.com/channel/UCG_v.. Subscribe
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History With No Chaser

History With No Chaser US
I love to uncover the hidden truth's of Black History. Just a guy who loves to read. I read about 40-50 books a year mostly pertaining to black hi...story. I will be making short documentaries and have live discussions on the black community. Father, MMA fighter, Kickboxer, kickboxer and Muay Thai instructor. Parents subscribe to my kids channel 'HWNC forKids' Fb page is Nico Boom Boom Jefferson, athlete like page is BOOM BOOM. Email Historywithnochaser@gmail.com Instagram @Historywithnochaser and Instagram @Boom_Boomtgmore
youtube.com/channel/UCdEi.. Subscribe
100K subscribers 1 video / month Dec 2018 Get Email Contact

Forgotten Black History

Forgotten Black History US
Welcome to Forgotten Black History, a YouTube channel dedicated to providing educational content and critical reviews about the rich and diverse histo...ry of black people around the world. Through engaging and informative videos, 'Forgotten Black History' aims to educate viewers on the often-overlooked achievements and experiences of Black people, challenging the mainstream narrative that has historically marginalized and erased Black contributions. The channel also explores the ongoing impact of systemic racism and inequality, highlighting the importance of understanding and...more
youtube.com/channel/UCNN9.. Subscribe
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From Nothing

From Nothing US
This channel's purpose is to teach and discuss African history and promote it's presence in the media such as games, movies, and TV shows. It&...#39;s also to show that Africa has a rich and interesting history yet it is often ignored and neglected and pushed aside as irrelevant to the rest of the world's history.more
youtube.com/channel/UCe8E.. Subscribe
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KidsBlackHistory UK
This is your one stop shop for everything black history for kids. For decades, we have longed for black history to be part of the national curriculum ...in both our primary and secondary schools and still today we are waiting. KidsBlackHistory has been created to enable young children from all over the globe the privilege to learn black history beyond what is told in schools during one month. Children will learn what the continent of Africa has offered society and the beauty of melanin in the world today. This channel is owed by BA (Hons) Secondary school teacher , Head of Year scholar and...more
youtube.com/channel/UCPMt.. Subscribe
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blackhistorywalks UK
Information and over 300 videos on Black British and international history which features a black (African) perspective. Each clip has a brief descrip...tion and sometimes a website where more info can be obtained. New videos added monthly. More information on the website. Walks, Talks and Films on the African History of Londonmore
youtube.com/channel/UC6ai.. Subscribe
23K subscribers 3 videos / month Apr 2008 Get Email Contact

Doni Glover

Doni Glover US
Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Doni Glover - Unapologetically Black & Black Wall Street
youtube.com/channel/UC7ph.. Subscribe
3.9K subscribers 1 video / day Jan 2008 Get Email Contact

The Black History Channel

The Black History Channel US
youtube.com/channel/UCC_n.. Subscribe
2.1K subscribers 3 videos / day Dec 2022 Get Email Contact


Blacksdahistory US
The Blacksdahistory YouTube channel is committed to providing free videos on African American Seventh-day Adventist history. Its goal is to convey the... richness, diversity, and excellence in this movement, but above all to chronicle the unsurpassed triumphs that the hand of Providence has so graciously afforded.more
youtube.com/channel/UCjqk.. Subscribe
7.3K subscribers 2 videos / quarter Feb 2011 Get Email Contact

Deeper Than Read

Deeper Than Read US
Deeper Than Read is Black History imagined in a new animated way. Dive In! New episodes are every last Wednesday of each month.
youtube.com/channel/UCI8a.. Subscribe
3K subscribers 967 487 3 videos / week Jun 2020 Get Email Contact

New Black Knowledge

New Black Knowledge US
Subscribe us to get videos about black history.
youtube.com/channel/UCb8x.. Subscribe
7.9K subscribers 1.4K 3 videos / month Feb 2016 Get Email Contact


BlackHistoryStudies UK
youtube.com/channel/UCyvk.. Subscribe
3.1K subscribers 15 videos / month Sep 2008 Get Email Contact

Insightful Black History

Insightful Black History UK
Insightful Black History….Who are we, and why did we start this channel? Like many people, I tend to get lost in the many hours of watching videos ...across YouTube and I very much enjoy content I could learn from. So I had an idea last year to start creating content and now lockdown has given me the time to make it happen. So as a fun project with my daughters, we began creating insightful videos surrounding black history and culture. Its such an important topic, especially for the youth of today and there is so much rich history to derive from. So tune in to see what we have to share....more
youtube.com/channel/UCixi.. Subscribe
3.2K subscribers 2 videos / year Aug 2020 Get Email Contact

Tony Brown

Tony Brown Subscribe us to view hundreds of iconic and historic programs that chronicle Black History in America.
youtube.com/channel/UChSY.. Subscribe
2.3K subscribers 94.4K 1 video / month Dec 2011 Get Email Contact


Welcome to Amazing Black History! We celebrate Black History in all its diversity, shining a light on some of the amazing achievements, events, and pe...rsonalities that you might not have learned about in school. From the heroic efforts of civil rights icons to the trailblazing work of inventors, artists, and authors, we're dedicated to bringing you the untold stories of Black History. Our videos come in both long and short-form, with regular uploads covering everything from biographies to trivia. We believe that sharing these stories is a powerful way to learn about and honor the...more
youtube.com/channel/UCDLK.. Subscribe
1.5K subscribers 1 video / week Jun 2017 Get Email Contact

Black History 365

Black History 365 US
Digital Library of Black World History.
youtube.com/channel/UCIE0.. Subscribe
2.1K subscribers 1.9K 1 video / quarter Mar 2014 Get Email Contact

Black Lit. Black Hist.

Black Lit. Black Hist. US
This channel teaches Black Literature and Black History. We need to have discussions and create our own narratives.
youtube.com/channel/UC0WQ.. Subscribe
1.5K subscribers 1 video / quarter Oct 2007 Get Email Contact

Black History

Black History US
youtube.com/channel/UCLwL.. Subscribe
574 subscribers 1 video / week Jun 2016 Get Email Contact

Black History Month UK

Black History Month UK UK
Black History Month UK is supported by IBHM Heritage International - an organisation dedicated to educating individuals on the achievements and contri...butions of African and Caribbean heritage peoples have made to UK's history, economy and culture. To find out more about Black British History please visit www.ibhm-uk.orgmore
youtube.com/channel/UCJkt.. Subscribe
131 subscribers 1 video / month Sep 2020 Get Email Contact

World Black History On Periscope

World Black History On Periscope US
Experience Black History Around The World. World Black History connects the African Diaspora during this important celebration of Global African and D...iaspora achievements.Mission is to provide Black History for Travelers!more
youtube.com/channel/UCo0j.. Subscribe
451 subscribers 3 videos / year Mar 2016 Get Email Contact

Black History People

Black History People Black History People. African American History. Discover ALL the facts about the inspirational lives and achievements of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther Kin...g Jr., Harriet Tubman and other famous and noteworthy black history people.more
youtube.com/channel/UCdnG.. Subscribe
198 subscribers 1 video / quarter Feb 2007 Get Email Contact

Drunk Black History

Drunk Black History Comedians Brandon Collins and Gordon Baker-Bone host this interactive show where Black historical figures will finally get their due through drunken a...necdotes from guests!more
youtube.com/channel/UCres.. Subscribe
316 subscribers 3 videos / year Feb 2019 Get Email Contact

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Black History YouTubers

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YouTuber Name Email Subscriber
YouTube Channel Link
Michael Imhotep
70.9K 16.1M 5.6K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvC2TRLU50h0hymBwNlVBlA/videos
One Mic History
99.1K 9M 336 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFogJTiFdOoNFHeeHOwK34g/videos
The Real Merkabah
106K 14.2M 1.2K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp7NJD2Pbao4PQg1fePCL4Q
56.1K 1.2M 1.2K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG_v33lXRc2dEVDBBgvHdOA/videos
History With No Chaser
100K 7M 189 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdEieTiKu6pREJtUeJVNpmw/videos
Forgotten Black History
78.9K 167.6K 696 https://www.youtube.com/annelch/Z5rC9BsDQNOa6L4rUyOAzHYN/sdvoei
From Nothing
57.1K 3.2M 149 https://www.youtube.com/lacnenh/EQ2CUAUAIU_CXUvrydD8AeNl/ivsedo
30.1K 3.8M 187 https://www.youtube.com/cnlnhea/zhX1C7yAULekfEPUZdtFO5LM/iovesd
23K 5M 341 https://www.youtube.com/nehanlc/CWm2oaiC6ayg4DnUalruEb3-/dsovie
Doni Glover
3.9K 1.7M 7K https://www.youtube.com/clehann/VS2CgTdp2UC7c9jsmhFAlOLV/isevdo
The Black History Channel
2.1K 321.3K 191 https://www.youtube.com/nanclhe/uGXe1wJbCCw9v0IQWzR_4InU/seoivd
7.3K 1.1M 99 https://www.youtube.com/nlhanec/0XLenQYNyl-qDckCjkjAKUqZ
Deeper Than Read
3K 335.3K 291 https://www.youtube.com/nlnaceh/hIPWOIhcOwwwCraULK8BdCyn/oidvse
7.9K 370K 304 https://www.youtube.com/canlhne/A8EbxwCRSMq8AKCatjbScsSU/devsoi
3.1K 344.6K 309 https://www.youtube.com/hnecanl/Uih1sCWuL8FV4OoUypgvZkx6/dvosei
Tony Brown
2.3K 197.8K 286 https://www.youtube.com/lnaecnh/JmakyDCIZfYQArhWU6ER_YS-
1.5K 153.9K 41 https://www.youtube.com/laecnhn/xKGPHCgDYDjsM4U5UF39UMeL/oeivsd
Mi Comunidad Vegana
1.5K 202.6K 113 https://www.youtube.com/ehannlc/3787CAHPPUGCxxHheQU0wWk3
Black History
574 220.6K 469 https://www.youtube.com/alnhecn/-CYEUhLwgGSFMHRKjnwudLTs/viesdo
Black History Month UK
131 172.2K 59 https://www.youtube.com/nceanhl/oU81CWqoUGuht4_ymkPUwIHJ/vodesi
World Black History
451 84.1K 273 https://www.youtube.com/necnlha/SvsXoUonwG0YI8jMdECZO9TI/isoedv
Black History People
198 68.6K 63 https://www.youtube.com/lneahnc/FvFAAnVUCgYCSGjdwBxBHL6z/eiodsv
Drunk Black History
316 42.5K 7 https://www.youtube.com/ncaheln/ekfrFFqhWw9odUgCVB1dstxo/seiovd
Black History Month Speaker
352 19.4K 56 https://www.youtube.com/anenhcl/guO2WRtvY8O5wXF1-mdxCLeU/edovis
Biblical Black History
181 7.2K 225 https://www.youtube.com/nnlecah/kmnJBL7kCsXLJvF1r1k09UAs/dvoeis
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