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Canadian Photography YouTube Channels

Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES PLEASE REACH OUT VIA WEBSITE @ WWW.PETERMCKINNON.COM I teach things about photography and cinematography. Oh, I also VLOG. 🙂 And drink coffee. Lots of coffee.
youtube.com/channel/UC3Dk.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 5.9M Frequency 1 video / week Since Feb 2010 Get Email Contact

Taylor Jackson

Taylor Jackson Wedding photographer from Canada. A lot of videos about wedding photography here.
youtube.com/channel/UCCdY.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 620K Frequency 1 video / day Since Sep 2008 Get Email Contact

Thomas Heaton

Thomas Heaton This channel is all (Mostly) about landscape photography. Follow me as I venture in to the outdoors, sometimes in my camper van and sometimes in a tent, to photograph some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. I shoot both film photography and digital photography place a strong emphasis on being in the outdoors. www.thomasheaton.co.uk
youtube.com/channel/UCfhW.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 563K Frequency 1 video / week Since Nov 2014 more » Get Email Contact

Irene Rudnyk

Irene Rudnyk My name is Irene Rudnyk, I am a professional photographer from Calgary, Canada
youtube.com/channel/UCkuq.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 857K Frequency 6 videos / quarter Since Aug 2009 more » Get Email Contact

Dustin Abbott

Dustin Abbott The home for Photographer Dustin Abbott's photography, gear, and tech reviews along with helpful tutorials.
youtube.com/channel/UCrmU.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 135K Frequency 1 video / week Since Jun 2012 more » Get Email Contact

Simon d'Entremont

Simon d'Entremont My name is Simon d'Entremont and I'm a professional nature, astrophotography and wildlife photographer living in Nova Scotia, Canada. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you, as well as tips and tricks to improve your photography. If you enjoy the outdoors and like seeing the sights and sounds of nature, or if you're a photographer looking to improve your skills, this is the channel for you. Subscribe to see new content as I release it! Reach me at simon@simondentremont.com
youtube.com/channel/UCH6a.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 454K Frequency 1 video / week Since Aug 2013 more » Get Email Contact

Tim Shields

Tim Shields I help people to become award-winning photographers. My goal is to help you take your photography from good to great. I create tutorials and training on camera settings, compositions and post processing. I love landscape photography and I hope I can inspire and motivate you to improve your landscape photography. Learn how to take your own stunning photos with the camera you already own. Free class (and get a free book too): https://www.learn.photographyacademy.com/webclass Join my Facebook community and be part of the landscape photography discussion: ...
youtube.com/channel/UCZnc.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 47.6K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Oct 2010 more » Get Email Contact

Lee Zavitz

Lee Zavitz If you are into Photography, Cinematography, and Tech you are in the right place! I'm a professional photographer | DP here in Toronto Canada.
youtube.com/channel/UCTc_.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 228K Frequency 1 video / week Since Jun 2012 more » Get Email Contact

The Bite Shot

The Bite Shot I'm Joanie Simon, the food photographer and teacher here at The Bite Shot. If you want to learn about food photography, you're in the right place. Want to get my '4 Steps to Landing Your First Gig' e-book completely for free right now? Head to https://thebiteshot.com/claim-your-free-ebook/ Looking for more info? Visit http://thebiteshot.com
youtube.com/channel/UCsM3.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 336K Frequency 2 videos / month Since Aug 2017 more » Get Email Contact

Northern Ballistics Canada

Northern Ballistics Canada I've eased off on the reviews of products in 2023, focusing more on the photography side of the business, and making short form video content. YouTubes shorts suck, and I'm enjoying more time on Instagram for now. Same handle.
youtube.com/channel/UCGdF.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 6.9K Frequency 3 videos / week Since Dec 2019 more » Get Email Contact

Kyle McDougall

Kyle McDougall I'm a film photographer from Canada, helping others learn more about the craft, and documenting my journey along the way. Find more of my work @ www.instagram.com/kyle__mcdougall/
youtube.com/channel/UCJQc.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 125K Frequency 2 videos / month Since Jan 2013 more » Get Email Contact

Adam Gibbs

Adam Gibbs Hello! hello! follow me on some of my nature and landscape photography adventures throughout western Canada and beyond. If you enjoy the content be sure to subscribe. www.quietlightphotoadventures.com
youtube.com/channel/UCDyK.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 72.1K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Jul 2011 more » Get Email Contact

Delaney Media

Delaney Media My name is Will Delaney and I'm a Canadian photographer and videographer based in Toronto, Ontario. I spent four years getting a Bachelor's degree in Photography, and I've been working as a freelance photographer/videographer since 2018. I'm here to share all the tips and tricks I've learned along the way, and to take you along with me when I go on fun adventures.
youtube.com/channel/UCD8k.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 9.7K Frequency 3 videos / week Since Jan 2015 more » Get Email Contact


ItzLienx Hello everyone, my name is Chris! or, Lienx! I'm a Canadian Photographer and Film Maker based in Ontario, Canada! originally from the middle of no where, Newfoundland ! What you should expect to see on my channel is Photography tips and tricks, Vlogs, Gaming, Comedy Skits, Short Films, Machinima and Roleplays.
youtube.com/channel/UCMi6.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.9K Frequency 1 video / day Since Aug 2014 more » Get Email Contact

Muuuh - Nature and Wildlife

Muuuh - Nature and Wildlife Welcome to our nature and wildlife channel based in Montreal, Quebec! We specialize in capturing the beauty of nature and the fascinating behaviour of wildlife in nearby and remote parks. Join us on our journey as we explore the natural wonders of Quebec and provide a behind-the-scenes look into our workflows. Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date on our latest adventures! This channel is maintained by Karl-Heinz Müller Dipl. Natw. ETH, Biology. With 10 years of experience in wildlife photography, Karl-Heinz shares first-hand, on-site collected observations, photos and videos from...
youtube.com/channel/UCFax.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.1K Frequency 14 videos / quarter Since Jul 2014 more » Get Email Contact

Matt Shannon

Matt Shannon Matt Shannon is an inspired nature and landscape photographer living on Vancouver Island. His images have captured an international audience and his artwork hangs in homes around the world. He has developed a keen eye for detail and a passion for striking images. He is an enthusiastic teacher and hosts regular workshops aimed at inspiring and equipping photographers.
youtube.com/channel/UCIHN.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 22.6K Frequency 6 videos / month Since Jun 2021 more » Get Email Contact

Kevin Raposo

Kevin Raposo Are you interested in learning photography or video production? I'm Kevin, the founder of Speedy Photographer. This is my online photography school designed to teach you everything from camera and lighting techniques to effective marketing strategies, and how you can use video to increase your income. I'm a Canadian media professional with over a decade of experience as a photographer and video producer. I work full-time as a corporate media producer, run my own photography business, and have a master's degree in media production. All of my tutorials on this channel are based on...
youtube.com/channel/UC-GR.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 34.6K Frequency 1 video / quarter Since Jan 2016 more » Get Email Contact


RICHARD BIRCHETT Richard Birchett is a Professional Wildlife & Conservation Photographer from the United Kingdom who has recently moved to Ontario, Canada. He has spent the last 22 years in the UK Military as a Survival Specialist. He adapts his skills as a pathfinder to allow him to track, stalk and photograph wildlife in all environments. He has worked with various media channels & wildlife organisations including; the BBC Wildlife Magazine, BBC SpringWatch, BBC Countryfile and The Wildlife Trusts. He is a Nature First, Tragopan and f-stop Ambassador. He is also works with companies such as Vallerret...
youtube.com/channel/UCKvb.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 20.1K Frequency 1 video / week Since Oct 2011 more » Get Email Contact

Gajan Balan

Gajan Balan Welcome to my photography journey! My name is Gajan and I'm a photographer based out of Canada and my goal is to empower others to create and find fulfillment through that process. My work has been featured in regional publications of Vogue, GQ, and Rolling Stone, earn gallery spots in London, Paris, and Milan, and even win a few awards. Quite simply, my goal is to travel the world and make dope sh*t.
youtube.com/channel/UC1nN.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 45K Frequency 4 videos / quarter Since Feb 2008 more » Get Email Contact

Henrik Nilsson

Henrik Nilsson I'm a wildlife photographer, film maker and drone operator living in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. I love exploring remote places and I specialize in photographing/filming apex predators. My work has been shown by National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, Camera Canada and various other publications. If you are interested in all things wildlife related, please consider subscribing.
youtube.com/channel/UCHXl.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.5K Frequency 6 videos / month Since Nov 2011 more » Get Email Contact

Sarah Lyndsay

Sarah Lyndsay Hi there!
youtube.com/channel/UC73i.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 13.2K Frequency 4 videos / quarter Since Jun 2015 more » Get Email Contact

Jonathan Gazze

Jonathan Gazze Toronto based professional photographer // Talking about camera gear, techniques, tricks, travel and general photo fun! Join me as I navigate photography during pandemic times and strive to inspire you! Guide you to learn new things! And hopefully have some fun along the way. You can also find my daily photos on instagram.com/jgazze
youtube.com/channel/UCAPX.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 372 Frequency 1 video / day Since Mar 2020 more » Get Email Contact

Donna Feledichuk Wildlife Photographer

Donna Feledichuk Wildlife Photographer International award-winning ethical wildlife photographer from Northern Alberta Canada. I'm passionate about the wildlife of the Boreal Forest and use my photography and videography to tell their story in hopes of promoting conservation efforts.
youtube.com/channel/UCyR9.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.1K Frequency 1 video / week Since Oct 2021 more » Get Email Contact

Nadia and Rob

Nadia and Rob We are photographers who love all things life! Living in Toronto, Canada. We created this channel to share our passion for food, photography and all the beautiful things we love. Recipes, Art, Food and Art in Cinematic views, Music, Plants, Technology....etc. Our Gear set: Fuji Cameras - XT3 and XT4 GoPro 7's Zoom H1N Rode VideoMicro Mic #recipes #foodepisodes #technology #adobe #fuji #art
youtube.com/channel/UCIQT.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.6K Frequency 1 video / month Since Sep 2019 more » Get Email Contact

Two Loves Studio

Two Loves Studio Hi! I'm Rachel, an Aussie transplant and professional food photographer living in Vancouver, Canada. For years, I sat in a 9 5 gig wanting to live my passions, and I've dedicated the last decade to crafting a new career that brings together my two big loves: food and photography. (Hence, Two Loves Studio.) I'm here to share my love of visual storytelling, create illuminating, uplifting imagery that emphasises the beauty and emotional connection of real food, and produce content that helps you transform your own passion for food, creativity, and photography into something more. You...
youtube.com/channel/UCbxc.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 6.2K Frequency 1 video / month Since Apr 2016 more » Get Email Contact

YvensB Photo

YvensB Photo YvensB is a Sports and portrait photographer located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 'Belief in yourself is overrated. Generate evidence.' Let's work. Join me www.instagram.com/yvensb/ www.twitter.com/yvensb
youtube.com/channel/UCoFk.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 3.5K Frequency 1 video / month Since Mar 2017 more » Get Email Contact

David Reid Photography

David Reid Photography Hello, I am a Canadian bird photographer taking pictures and videos of wildlife and birds in Southern Ontario. In my videos I like to share practical real world bird photography tips and tricks that help to improve your photography. I enjoy the outdoors and being in nature on land or in the water. So, if you're looking to improve your photography skills as a beginner bird or wildlife photographer or a season photographer looking for something beyond the typical advise then this channel is for you. If you want to learn how to capture better bird photos with SONY Cameras and Canon...
youtube.com/channel/UCxpF.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.6K Frequency 1 video / month Since Oct 2008 more » Get Email Contact

Renee Robyn

Renee Robyn Photographer and Photoshop junkie, from the frozen Canadian prairies. Mostly hiding in studios to stay warm in winter or avoid being devoured by moose sized mosquitoes in summer. Occasionally she does find herself outdoors, but it is usually brief or in the quest of making new compositing backdrop material. This adventure started way back in 1997, and has taken her from rural life to around the world. But be nice, shes still learning how to suck less at this whole YouTube thing... 🙂 Feel free to hit up www.reneerobyn.com to view a more detailed portfolio.
youtube.com/channel/UCpbW.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 5.3K Frequency 1 video / month Since Apr 2012 more » Get Email Contact


Coolwildlife1 Coolwildlife is all about wildlife photography. From photography gear reviews, photo editing tips and tricks to the wildlife that I film every day.
youtube.com/channel/UCS1G.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.9K Frequency 1 video / quarter Since Oct 2011 more » Get Email Contact

Ad Photography

Ad Photography Photography and videography
youtube.com/channel/UCf6U.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 961 Frequency 5 videos / quarter Since Jun 2013 more » Get Email Contact

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Canadian Photography YouTubers

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YouTuber NameEmailSubscriber
YouTube Channel Link
Peter McKinnon
5.9M 618.9M 721 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3DkFux8Iv-aYnTRWzwaiBA/videos
Taylor Jackson
620K 33.8M 1.1K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCdYgwZvHnXO8nkRrWl-mfA/videos
Thomas Heaton
563K 67.3M 581 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfhW84xfA6gEc4hDK90rR1Q/videos
Irene Rudnyk
857K 74.4M 361 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkuqaHz3WWM2oUgFh3H9q9w/videos
Dustin Abbott
135K 33.5M 1.1K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrmU_ja6Ea7G1RYGfy3zeVA/videos
Simon d'Entremont
454K 23.1M 102 https://www.youtube.com/nanchle/4Uj-CvHAbdmvaDIuCcuGn96g/ioedsv
Tim Shields
47.6K 4.6M 244 https://www.youtube.com/nechnal/CnjUIqZQIZSxq0C80UnJbcus/oveids
Lee Zavitz
228K 36.9M 401 https://www.youtube.com/clnhean/CzmTwNMO9Ug-ciseg_PcZAel/evdois
The Bite Shot
336K 13.3M 243 https://www.youtube.com/nlhcaen/sUFcAMffnld02l4vC1Pet3fM/oiveds
Northern Ballistics
6.9K 3.8M 296 https://www.youtube.com/anechnl/bGCSazwHF6UZxQg15Jrrhd0a/evdosi
Kyle McDougall
125K 11.8M 175 https://www.youtube.com/enalcnh/YRGM6UUQecUCJCcfMzIgwsBJ/soivde
Adam Gibbs
72.1K 8.6M 406 https://www.youtube.com/hecnlna/UOBzQqGCEVeyQSwKIPD7sOWW/doseiv
Delaney Media
9.7K 2.3M 414 https://www.youtube.com/anclhne/1CuObuoAY8JQY1gD9buUDj7k/ioedsv
1.9K 465K 214 https://www.youtube.com/lachenn/MmLtuAFeiCA63qrUL5iZd7R5/oisvde
Muuuh - Nature and Wildlife
1.1K 547.8K 363 https://www.youtube.com/elnhanc/aFlwUaiCC5Kxf78Ff0-NjUiN/sivoed
Matt Shannon
22.6K 1M 104 https://www.youtube.com/nelhnca/TUFrIAciogr0BUHSPyTN_XPC/evisdo
20.1K 883.7K 172 https://www.youtube.com/nlanech/EQY5lvECkbww_C05TsXNgUuK/svedio
Gajan Balan
45K 1.2M 42 https://www.youtube.com/nnahecl/myC_F8-CGBwRP1wAFUnFNlIM/dovesi
Henrik Nilsson
1.5K 344.1K 139 https://www.youtube.com/nhcnael/lLaJLF8HYXFwC4vTUEB4HNeA/dvioes
Jonathan Gazze
372 134.4K 140 https://www.youtube.com/ahlcnen/UP8LEXI8AkwCNPjpSekk2xuz/dvsieo
Donna Feledichuk Wildlife Photographer
1.1K 348.3K 103 https://www.youtube.com/chaenln/RgmxZUClbRyBAJRhOo2I9IkW/svideo
Nadia and Rob
4.6K 464.5K 110 https://www.youtube.com/ahclenn/Th5rYftJQOAUNjYIYQ6CZCsI/iodevs
Two Loves Studio
6.2K 124.2K 34 https://www.youtube.com/nelnach/5bsbYAAENVXrxlPC9Uc8iTtk/ivdose
YvensB Photo
3.5K 265.4K 133 https://www.youtube.com/ahlncne/PXYhkcUrhakF1ouJmFbwPC8s/vdoesi
Ad Photography
961 212.5K 71 https://www.youtube.com/nhaclen/0h5QQ6jU0KCdfJ7cyDrzeA_U/dsveoi
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