100 Female Gaming YouTubers in 2024

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Female Gaming YouTube Channels


Aphmau Welcome to my Gaming Youtube Channel! My name is Aphmau that's my online alias. My real name is Jess; feel free to call me whichever you prefer! Come frolic along with me in this internet world of gaming! I play games every day of the week. Wee!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCzYf.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 20.8MInstagram Followers 929K Frequency 8 videos / week Since Aug 2012 Get Email Contact


CookieSwirlC ⋆◕‿◕⋆ Hi I'm Cookie.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCelM.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 21.3M Frequency 3 videos / week Since Nov 2013 Get Email Contact


ItsFunneh We're KREW and we play a variety of games together! Funny daily gaming videos, live streams, vlogs, & much more. If you enjoy our videos, subscribe today! Your support helps us continue to do what we love! 🙂
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCUk7.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 11.2M Frequency 2 videos / week Since Sep 2011 Get Email Contact


LaurenZside Welcome to the Z-Side of YouTube...it's a little weird here!! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE!! I put out new videos every Thurs-Sun!! My name is Lauren & I'm a self-proclaimed 'Gaming Comedian'. I'm here to make you laugh whether with me or at me 😉
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCeBn.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 9M Frequency 7 videos / month Since Feb 2007 Get Email Contact


iamSanna Hey! My name is Sanna and i love making videos with my friends and share them with all my amazing subscribers! To get updates about my upload and activity on YouTube, you can subscribe to my channel! Don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel! Follow me! www.instagram.com/iamsanna www.twitter.com/iamsannay Bye! Sanna x
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCzQM.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 6.6M Frequency 1 video / day Since Dec 2013 Get Email Contact


Loserfruit Hi.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCIOr.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.6M Frequency 2 videos / day Since Mar 2013 Get Email Contact


iHasCupquake Hey, I'm Cupquake! I like video games and creating art. Here you can find a variety of content I enjoy creating. From horror games, to cute games, to cringe games, to weird games, to animation, to reacting to funny Tik Toks, to creating game-inspired baking videos, to DIY's, to makeup, to fashion, to digital art, to crafting, to music and original song creations... it's all here. I'm all about finding and bringing together like-minded people while having a good time.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCqg2.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 7MTwitter Followers 717.4KInstagram Followers 1.4M Frequency 1 video / week Since Aug 2010 Get Email Contact


Valkyrae hi! I'm a streamer on YouTube! Co-Owner of @100thieves Global Ambassador for @gymshark Instagram/Twitter/Tiktok/Threads: @Valkyrae
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCWxl.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4M Frequency 1 video / day Since Sep 2014 Get Email Contact

Leah Ashe

Leah Ashe Hello everyone, welcome to my channel! Here you will find Roblox, Royale High, Adopt Me, Brookhaven, Bloxburg, Roleplays + More!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCyQV.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 5MTwitter Followers 529.6KInstagram Followers 562K Frequency 1 video / day Since May 2016 Get Email Contact


ZaiLetsPlay Hey girls and guys it is Zaira from ZaiLetsPlay! I love playing Roblox games like Adopt Me, Bloxburg, Royale High and more! I also like to play app games like Epsiodes - Choose Your Story! Sometimes I play Minecraft and the Sims 4 as well! Vlog Channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/RickyAndZai I was born and raised in California, but now living in the UK!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCPv8.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 3.5MInstagram Followers 138.1K Frequency 1 video / week Since Jun 2012 Get Email Contact


LDShadowLady Minecraft is love. Minecraft is life. Crazy Craft 3.0, Shadowcraft, Minecraft, Mini-games, Minecraft mods & Random indie games! http://ldshadowlady.com/ I'm Let's Play Gamer called Lizzie! I love cats and anything cute :3 P.S. Sorry I don't have an upload schedule! I try to post frequently but I've found that the best videos are made when I'm inspired and motivated. Trying to stick to a schedule drains away all the spontaneity and excitement from making videos. I still want to keep this as fun as possible for me so hopefully it's more fun for you to watch too! Channel...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCzTl.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 7.2MFacebook Followers 129.7KTwitter Followers 6 Frequency 4 videos / quarter Since Jan 2010 Get Email Contact


Yammy I'm Yammy and I'm a YouTuber from Leeds in England. I post Let's Plays, Reactions and Gaming Commentaries! If you like what you see, make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button, it's free and it lets you know when a new video is published. Hope you enjoy my channel!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCxkb.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.1M Frequency 4 videos / week Since Apr 2011 Get Email Contact


GamerGirl Hi Guys!!! Welcome to my channel. I love to play some cool games like Roblox and Minecraft.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCije.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 6MTwitter Followers 6.4KInstagram Followers 361.6K Frequency 3 videos / quarter Since Apr 2016 Get Email Contact


lilsimsie My real last name is Sims and now I am a Sims YouTuber... it was fate. I make videos playing The Sims 4 every single day! I'm Kayla. On my channel you'll find daily building challenges, speed builds, and let's plays in The Sims 4. I create PG Sims content, but The Sims is rated T for Teen and my videos are aimed at teens and young adults. I also stream The Sims 4 on Twitch daily!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC_TY.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2M Frequency 1 video / day Since Dec 2015 Get Email Contact

Moody Unicorn Twin - Roblox

Moody Unicorn Twin - Roblox Hey there Unicorn Family!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCw8k.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.8M Frequency 1 video / week Since Oct 2019 Get Email Contact


stacyplays Hi, I'm Stacy! Join me on my Minecraft adventures with my dogs, Page and Molly, and my cats, Milquetoast and Pipsqueak. And my wolf pack! I also play nature-themed indie games.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC2c6.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.3M Frequency 1 video / day Since Mar 2013 Get Email Contact

Aphmau Shuki

Aphmau Shuki Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCuNg.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.4M Frequency 1 video / day Since Feb 2017 Get Email Contact


iamSannaToo Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC8Gf.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.7M Frequency 22 videos / quarter Since Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

Cutie The Bunny

Cutie The Bunny Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCAy3.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.5M Frequency 2 videos / week Since Jul 2021 Get Email Contact

Littlest Snail Gaming

Littlest Snail Gaming That girl who says everything wrong about Fortnite skins. I upload funny Fortnite videos, shorts, and stream live Custom Squads every Monday. You might know me from my Fortnite Locker Bundle, Shut your pasty chicken bone, or the Fortnite Skin Troll videos like Little Sticky Boy. 850k+ amazing followers on TikTok! Disclaimer: donations and tips are strictly voluntary and are non-refundable. If you donate, you are confirming that you are legally allowed to do so.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCQKK.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 583K Frequency 1 video / day Since Nov 2020 Get Email Contact


Chica Welcome to ChicaTV! A channel dedicated to awesome gaming content and stream highlights! Be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to receive updates when a new video goes live! xo
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCKfF.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.9M Frequency 3 videos / week Since Mar 2015 Get Email Contact


Vixella heyyy! i play a lot of sims 4 here
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC1bB.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.7M Frequency 2 videos / month Since Dec 2013 Get Email Contact

Silly on Roblox

Silly on Roblox I like to play games
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCXTb.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.2M Frequency 1 video / day Since Dec 2016 Get Email Contact

Sqaishey Quack

Sqaishey Quack Video Schedule:
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCmKn.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1M Frequency 2 videos / week Since May 2014 Get Email Contact

Katherine Elizabeth

Katherine Elizabeth New Minecraft videos every weekend! Business only: Katherineelizgaming[at]gmail[dot]com
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCsBB.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.9M Frequency 1 video / week Since Aug 2016 Get Email Contact


Deligracy Hello, My name is MaDELIne but you can call me Deli for short, I live in Melbourne, Australia. Hope you enjoy the vids! x INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, TIKTOK @Deligracy TWITCH LIVE STREAMING: http://www.twitch.tv/deligracy EMAIL (business enquiries only): enquiries@deligracy.com PR: Please email for postal address enquiries. *Content advised for viewers over the age of 12
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC883.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.2M Frequency 6 videos / month Since Oct 2013 Get Email Contact


moresimsie lilsimsie's second channel, where I reupload all of my Twitch livestreams! Watch my streams everyday on Twitch at 4pm ET (9pm GMT). If you miss me live, you can catch reuploads of every stream here!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCFaG.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 444K Frequency 1 video / day Since Oct 2015 Get Email Contact

Shirley Curry

Shirley Curry Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCzkY.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.3M Frequency 3 videos / week Since Oct 2011 Get Email Contact


dish people first games second
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCIBP.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 807K Frequency 1 video / week Since Apr 2020 Get Email Contact


AyinMaiden Hey guys, it's Ayin!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCU7b.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 66K Frequency 4 videos / week Since Aug 2006 Get Email Contact

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Female Gaming YouTubers

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YouTuber NameEmailSubscriber
YouTube Channel Link
20.8M 22.4B 5K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzYfz8uibvnB7Yc1LjePi4g/
21.3M 8.5B 1.4K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCelMeixAOTs2OQAAi9wU8-g/videos
11.2M 14B 2.8K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUk7VggtJdo9XYTy3Z5QVAw/videos
9M 4.1B 2.2K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeBnbqt4VRhotq2TQjkIi2A/videos
6.6M 2.4B 3.3K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzQMI4gtB50HUYAZIa2z-Hg/videos
4.6M 1.3B 1.4K https://www.youtube.com/lahennc/VVGQnfCOWymrIwUICU6cwULo/sovdei
7M 3B 4.6K https://www.youtube.com/cealnhn/tk3WqLNCg3UweNdONQtuFe2U/
4M 707.6M 1.2K https://www.youtube.com/achnnle/lBIWkjSxGUUaG9Wwga7aM3Cw/visedo
Leah Ashe
5M 1.6B 1.9K https://www.youtube.com/ncelnha/mJ6kdPm2gUChHetQyVQGYW7f/ovesid
3.5M 1.4B 5.2K https://www.youtube.com/cnanlhe/4jP_qdLk1mCLFv68XTU7fFwB/diseov
7.2M 3.5B 1.1K https://www.youtube.com/lahecnn/vbKuFVvCz7ul3TCzlggiVUvX/iedvos
4.1M 996.1M 3.1K https://www.youtube.com/alhnecn/8m2X3gfbLTd0wkoxfDUqCIAh/odseiv
6M 3.4B 1.7K https://www.youtube.com/lnhcaen/QjdZ77JVVfPC5melo7m7_i4U/esvodi
2M 886M 2.8K https://www.youtube.com/elhcann/YlB0IbzutFQ_DgTuDZ_-uQUC/eodsvi
Moody Unicorn Twin - Roblox
2.8M 787.8M 1.8K https://www.youtube.com/aennhlc/kAeUophFaO6FCDfs8w8ICdOH/voesid
2.3M 1.1B 2.1K https://www.youtube.com/nealhcn/VA4ZEuQoF7UFlqCodcLNUe62/vdsioe
Aphmau Shuki
2.4M 623.7M 215 https://www.youtube.com/ncanhel/KuhICgbHwKlNXiNR0dPTuPUv/isveod
1.7M 474.3M 1.2K https://www.youtube.com/hecalnn/CM3TFO-L2WOtGlCGUA5of8pF/isvdoe
Cutie The Bunny
1.5M 550.9M 450 https://www.youtube.com/annechl/9SUF9KeSC3QSAnAJ9C8ry88b/sveoid
Littlest Snail Gaming
583K 238.4M 1.7K https://www.youtube.com/nahceln/qoYZKuACgiR8V2LKUWQZHC4z/ieovds
1.9M 256.1M 482 https://www.youtube.com/lcnahen/ICyUbpSQkvgiEZJUffOxTMFK/sovide
1.7M 500.2M 1.7K https://www.youtube.com/nhleacn/EMSmWXfWqQB1JXXACbUKNhv1/ovdise
Silly on Roblox
1.2M 358.2M 1K https://www.youtube.com/acnlhne/UJtbGDVGTTXBzwE40ja3CL-E/sdiveo
Sqaishey Quack
1M 424.7M 2.4K https://www.youtube.com/hnanelc/HA1SLNKUPnCXOnbJfOWN0-mm/oedvis
Katherine Elizabeth
1.9M 463.6M 373 https://www.youtube.com/clhanen/hXbWCjUPSMvB-C3cwosuBfVw/doives
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