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Gun YouTube Channels


youtube.com/channel/UCBvc.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 11.4M Frequency 1 video / week Since Jan 2011 Get Email Contact


hickok45 WELCOME to HICKOK45 ! You're at a drama-free, 'family-friendly' shooting channel! Please see the short FAQ Videos before asking questions. My son and I do shooting videos of all sorts: Occasionally, a silly shooting video might pop up; sorry if you're 'sense-of-humor challenged.' Life is short. 🙂 Thanks for watching! 'Hickok45' is a registered trademark, Registered in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and our videos are copyright protected. You can also follow us on Fulll30, Twitter and Facebook at Hickok45 and at...
youtube.com/channel/UCvB3.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 7.5M Frequency 5 videos / week Since Jan 2007 Get Email Contact

Misha's Guns

Misha's Guns New uploads every week Contact | Business@mishasguns.com Shop | www.mishasguns.com Social | https://www.instagram.com/mishas_guns/ Patreon | patreon.com/MishaGuns
youtube.com/channel/UCkhX.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.8M Frequency 1 video / week Since Jul 2022 more » Get Email Contact


GunVsGun Nerf war videos by Nerf brothers GunVsGun! The craziest Nerf wars on YouTube! If you love Nerf guns you will love the GunVsGun channel. Our epic Nerf videos are loaded with Nerf blasters, crazy action, and twisted comedy. Whether in our Nerf unboxing and review videos or in our all out Nerf battles action is non-stop. This ain't no Nerf gun game... we're playing for keeps! So if you want to be prepared for the Nerf Zombie Apocalypse. We have Nerf First Person Shooter videos FPS style! Like Call of Duty but with Nerf blasters! Oh and make sure to subscribe to GunVsGun for...
youtube.com/channel/UCFFU.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 5.7M Frequency 5 videos / month Since Nov 2010 more » Get Email Contact

Edwin Sarkissian

Edwin Sarkissian email: edwinsarkissian@gmail.com www.edwinsarkissian.com https://www.instagram.com/edwinsarkissian/ https://www.facebook.com/edwinsarkissianofficial/ https://twitter.com/EdwinSarkissian
youtube.com/channel/UCIOG.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 5M Frequency 4 videos / week Since Sep 2014 more » Get Email Contact

Forgotten Weapons

Forgotten Weapons At Forgotten Weapons I think the most interesting guns out there are the most obscure ones. I try to search out experimental and prototype weapons and show you how they work, in addition to more conventional guns that you may not have heard of before. You're much more likely to find a video on the Cei Rigotti or Webley-Fosbery here than an AR or Glock. So, do you want to learn about something new today? Then stick around!
youtube.com/channel/UCrfK.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.6M Frequency 1 video / day Since May 2011 more » Get Email Contact

Colion Noir

Colion Noir Attorney, Gun Rights Activist, & Urban Gun Enthusiast. One of the leading voices on behalf of gun owners in the never-ending political battle to preserve gun rights and the right to self-defense afforded through the United States Constitution. Videos convey complex arguments perpetuating the ideals of our constitutional rights in America regarding the 2nd amendment in a stylish way that makes them simple and entertaining. Curator of #ThePewPewLife brand My Pro 2A Merchandise are conversation starters guaranteed to give you high 5's and a few side eyes Join my text list for...
youtube.com/channel/UC193.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.7M Frequency 3 videos / week Since Jan 2011 more » Get Email Contact

Kentucky Ballistics

Kentucky Ballistics Good clean shooting fun!
youtube.com/channel/UCw_l.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.1M Frequency 1 video / day Since May 2010 more » Get Email Contact

Guns Blazing Ranch

Guns Blazing Ranch 'With guns blazing' (idiom): while firing guns - often used figuratively with respect to forceful effort. Welcome to the Guns Blazing Ranch YouTube channel! Guns Blazing Ranch is a gun ranch located in the Gunshine State (Florida). Here at Guns Blazing Ranch, we make shooting videos with all types of guns - big guns, small guns, short guns, tall guns, and everything in-between. Subscribe today and hit the notifications bell for more videos of guns blazing. Get your Guns Blazing Ranch merch at our merch shop: https://gunsblazingranch.myspreadshop.com/ View and buy our favorite...
youtube.com/channel/UCqBC.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 952K Frequency 1 video / day Since May 2022 more » Get Email Contact

Garand Thumb

Garand Thumb Retired military guy who enjoys firearms, fitness and humor. Enjoy! Bio: I was definitely born like a normal human being and not grown by my father, Travis Haley, in a vat under his house. Full disclosure, many products are given to me by companies to review / T&E.
youtube.com/channel/UC0RB.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 3.5M Frequency 1 video / week Since May 2006 more » Get Email Contact

Brandon Herrera

Brandon Herrera My name is Brandon Herrera. I'm an online content creator as well as the founder of The AK Guy Inc. I also am the one developing the .50 caliber rifle known as the AK-50. I'm a passionate AK Guy, and hope you enjoy the content I post up here and can gain something from it! You can also follow me on Instagram: @RealBrandonHerrera Twitter: @TheAKGuy
youtube.com/channel/UCTrS.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 3.1M Frequency 1 video / week Since Sep 2014 more » Get Email Contact


sootch00 FUN GUN REVIEWS & SENSIBLE SURVIVAL Rugged Individualism, Independent Thinking, & Self Reliance. 'To form a combination for mutual defense against a probable aggressor is not only not a crime, but the highest moral duty and virtue.' Winston Churchill quoted from 'Blood Sweat and Tears' 1938 speech to Parliament 'I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.' --Thomas Jefferson, letter to Benjamin Rush, 1800 I'm a Christian Conservative and make no apologies for Standing for Good and Against oppression....
youtube.com/channel/UCE9P.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.4M Frequency 5 videos / week Since Sep 2008 more » Get Email Contact

Military Arms Channel

Military Arms Channel Military style small arms are an important part of our culture and freedom. We celebrate military history and our 2nd Amendment rights here at MAC by bringing you to the range to shoot with us via a camera. Join us on the range! Basic ground rules: I don't care if you disagree with me or if you express that disagreement tactfully. Trolling, hate speech, attacking others in the comments will result in a ban if I see it. Let's keep it civil and fun! Full Disclosure: Most of the ammo used on the channel is donated by Federal. Oddball ammo I buy. T&E guns have been used over the...
youtube.com/channel/UCZ-q.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.4M Frequency 1 video / week Since Sep 2008 more » Get Email Contact


Arm&Gun Just a guy who likes guns & flannel, on a mission to gunpill the world. Learn Guns 1 Minute at a time! (Get Gunpilled with weekly longer vids! Usually Saturday AM) Home of Gun ASMR & your daily dose of Gun-ucation! This channel focuses on Exotic, Historic, Military and other Top Tier Tactical Guns/Gear. Consulting, 3D modelling, & sound effect services offered for the video game industry. - **Shooting Content Expected Summer 2023 (once we move to the new ranch) **Merch Coming Feb, 2023 (via Bunker Branding) - For Daily Content: *Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arm.and.gun/ *Facebook:...
youtube.com/channel/UCYZy.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.5M Frequency 1 video / month Since Mar 2017 more » Get Email Contact

Esai Givens

Esai Givens Esai Givens aka EGuap
youtube.com/channel/UC_uy.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.1M Frequency 1 video / week Since Jun 2017 more » Get Email Contact


TFB TV TFBTV is part of The Firearm Blog (TFB) and we stick to TFB's philosophy of 'Guns, Not Politics.' TFBTV does not accept money in exchange for positive reviews, and we are primarily supported by our viewers through Patreon and SubscribeStar. On our channel, you'll find unbiased reviews, myth busting, interviews with respected members of the gun community, clinical skill videos and 'how-to's', as well as list-style videos such as our popular 'Top 5' format content.
youtube.com/channel/UCnKb.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.4M Frequency 3 videos / week Since Dec 2014 more » Get Email Contact


T.REX ARMS We create media and manufacture/resell personal lifesaving equipment - in an effort to equip serious citizens. Hosts include Lucas Botkin, Isaac Botkin, and Brandon Wombough. Media Team Media and Marketing Director - Joshua Glover Media Production Leader - Christian Guzman Videographer/Editor - Isaac Holm Videographer/Editor - Michael Tucker
youtube.com/channel/UCU-l.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.6M Frequency 4 videos / month Since Apr 2014 more » Get Email Contact


ClassicFirearms Classic Firearms strives daily to bring you the finest firearms, industry coverage, and updates available.
youtube.com/channel/UCmBm.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.4M Frequency 10 videos / week Since Aug 2012 more » Get Email Contact

Honest Outlaw

Honest Outlaw Gun reviews for the people. Make sure you subscribe to our new channel, Outlaw Life, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXzy3Lyr8pDSs1VbWttxWUw Here is a link to donate to a local shelter in Ames Iowa that could use your support: https://www.yss.org/donate/ Want to support the channel? Get cool swag here: https://the-honest-outlaw.creator-spring.com Send a Super Thanks (in each individual video) Join our Patreon Squad: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5593286
youtube.com/channel/UCG1_.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.2M Frequency 1 video / week Since Sep 2011 more » Get Email Contact

God Family and Guns

God Family and Guns Welcome to God Family & Guns! This channel takes a close look at guns, ammo and personal protection tactics and equipment, and how to protect your family. We also dive deep into biblical and spiritual content and really strive to be a light in a dark world. We hope you will like and subscribe as well as share with your friends who you think would enjoy this channel. Please also check us out on Facebook and Instagram as well and share with your friends there. https://www.facebook.com/godfamilyandguns/ Your support is everything to our channel and our mission. If you love GFG, would you...
youtube.com/channel/UCxFg.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 442K Frequency 1 video / day Since Nov 2014 more » Get Email Contact

Columbia War Machine

Columbia War Machine Columbia War Machine is located in Columbia Station, Ohio. Created by Brian Lanckiewicz, Owner of Columbia Fence, Columbia War Machine loves to shoot fully automatic machine guns! We love 4-Wheeling. We love German Shepherds. And most of all, we love machine guns! We do some funny Jackass stuff in our videos as well
youtube.com/channel/UCRXf.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 646K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Nov 2020 more » Get Email Contact


Backfire Hunter, Recovering Attorney, Gun Rights Advocate, and Lover of All Things Outdoors. Backfire is a resource for those who love the outdoors and shooting as a sport. Hosted by Jim Harmer, I have a love for firearms and the outdoor lifestyle in a responsible and safe manner. Disclaimer: This channel is for adults only. Never handle a firearm without competent adult supervision. Backfire LLC is a limited liability company headquartered in St George, Utah. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
youtube.com/channel/UCHWR.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 837K Frequency 1 video / week Since Aug 2019 more » Get Email Contact

Mrgunsngear Channel

Mrgunsngear Channel Here on the channel we seek to preserve and restore the civil rights of American citizens. I'll probably throw in the occasional how-to video here and there as well. I'm a graduate of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center and I've served in the USAF as well as the US Army and have experience on a pretty wide variety of small arms.
youtube.com/channel/UCvtu.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 878K Frequency 3 videos / week Since Sep 2012 more » Get Email Contact


C&Rsenal Welcome to C&Rsenal, the old gun show. Our mission is to document and describe historical military small arms from across the world. We hope to share our love for all the attention that went into the design, development, manufacture, and issuance of these pieces.
youtube.com/channel/UClq1.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 493K Frequency 4 videos / week Since Nov 2014 more » Get Email Contact

SPN Firearms

SPN Firearms Support The Channel And Protect 2A by checking out: https://www.spnfirearms.shop Use Code: SPN For 10% Off Of All Holsters @ Blacksmithtactical.com x They Are The Best. #1067377 Over here at SPN Firearms we love everything firearms and 2A related! We review, share knowledge and introduce firearms, ammo and gear to anyone interested. Thank you to all of our subscribers, supporters and sponsors! Cash App: $SPNFirearms All support is appreciated *** For promotion, product marketing, product placement or other inquiries, please contact SPN Firearms at SPNFirearms@gmail.com ***
youtube.com/channel/UCq7m.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 88K Frequency 2 videos / day Since Mar 2022 more » Get Email Contact

Gun Talk Media

Gun Talk Media Gun Talk Media's YouTube channel has it all - guns, gear, force-on-force training, useful tips, adventures, politics - and more! See the latest 'Guns & Gear' product releases, put yourself in the situation with 'First Person Defender', train alongside some of the best in the industry, enjoy a variety of topics with Gun Talk Live, Gun Talk Nation, and Gun Talk Hunt, and enjoy classics from GunTalk.tv, Gun Talk Television, and GunVenture. Also, be sure to tune in to 'Tom Gresham's Gun Talk,' a nationally-syndicated radio talk show! Gun Talk videos are also...
youtube.com/channel/UCGLy.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 356K Frequency 3 videos / day Since Jul 2008 more » Get Email Contact


TheFireArmGuy I truly enjoy sharing my guns and knowledge with this community. If you are looking for great firearm and 2A content along with many knowledgeable people, you found the right channel. The community built here is strong. The followers of this channel are amazing. You need not know everything. If you know everything, please leave. If you want to be around a bunch of great people who share information, there is no better place on the web than right here. I review everything I can get my hands on. I get my hands on a lot of new firearms as I work very hard behind the scenes. You can support, you...
youtube.com/channel/UCw8F.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 302K Frequency 1 video / day Since Mar 2011 more » Get Email Contact

Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat The only officially Authorized Wilson Combat page - staffed by WC Employees. Since 1977 Wilson Combat has been the leading innovator in high-performance, custom 1911 handguns, tactical long guns and accessories. A Wilson Combat product's unmatched level of exceptional reliability and peerless craftsmanship is only equaled by our legendary customer service. Proudly made in America, located in Berryville, Arkansas and home to 200+ employees. Quality you can trust, service you deserve since 1977
youtube.com/channel/UCDfl.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 689K Frequency 1 video / day Since Mar 2010 more » Get Email Contact


Schrödinger I do the thing with the gun and it go click or bang
youtube.com/channel/UCceb.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 662K Frequency 3 videos / quarter Since Aug 2018 more » Get Email Contact

Best Guns

Best Guns Welcome to our channel! We will create all kind of videos regarding Glocks, Berettas and more other Guns! This channel wil inform you about all Firearms. We will talk about the Best Handguns, Budget Guns and Assault Rifles. Also the following pistols will be in the videos: 9MM, AK47, Glock 19, Glock 17, Ruger, Pistol, Magazine, 45, 9MM Parabellum Bullet, Sig Sauer, 40 Cal, Colt, Rifle, Sig Sauer P320 and Sig. For contact: info.gunnews (at) gmail.com
youtube.com/channel/UCptl.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 75.8K Frequency 3 videos / day Since May 2022 more » Get Email Contact

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Gun YouTubers

Top YouTubers covering Gun. Get Spreadsheet.
YouTuber NameEmailSubscriber
YouTube Channel Link
11.4M 2.4B 665 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBvc7pmUp9wiZIFOXEp1sCg/videos
7.5M 2.2B 2.7K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvB3solmhqtgDeLpD-yTtfg/videos
Misha’s Guns
4.8M 1.9B 131 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkhXET-1u1yCVNiWDD7xOkQ/videos
5.7M 2.2B 341 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFFUY0PCOH3CieBjbZd5suw/videos
Edwin Sarkissian
5M 1.4B 898 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIOGCEG14rj9GpIFhszkWoQ/videos
Forgotten Weapons
2.6M 1.2B 3.2K https://www.youtube.com/nhleanc/fJQegU6uKGCXvpErdczbXAb8/veosdi
Colion Noir
2.7M 467.9M 1.5K https://www.youtube.com/lncaehn/3Ub9JQ59C1N3hcZ9Q4pzVrYX/dsoive
Kentucky Ballistics
4.1M 687.5M 608 https://www.youtube.com/alennch/4_6CKXlABBqwJhrwbUh_0QQg/ivodse
Guns Blazing Ranch
952K 513.2M 624 https://www.youtube.com/ncelhna/IkRvTB8qHwUgzjcTElUCyQtC/odvsie
Garand Thumb
3.5M 593.5M 396 https://www.youtube.com/alnnech/ERWThLCmkTQZIabUcYBez0QQ/viosed
Brandon Herrera
3.1M 525.6M 472 https://www.youtube.com/cannleh/jchCgDSVsMaZrbvP3LxU7TEm/evoisd
1.4M 473.2M 1.8K https://www.youtube.com/laehcnn/Y5MTIiP0CUDUifgfWtBEN3J9/dsoiev
Military Arms Channel
1.4M 354.9M 1.5K https://www.youtube.com/alnhcen/Q-6kqgUaTxUuCAOZEmPl-CiY/ovdesi
2.5M 618.5M 587 https://www.youtube.com/cnalneh/wOnJ4UfMwC5c6Yeb3Cywgq1Z/dsoiev
Esai Givens
1.1M 426.3M 417 https://www.youtube.com/ncnhael/UfhXCuua2k5W_RCy5wbnyATT/idsove
1.4M 428.6M 1.7K https://www.youtube.com/aechnnl/nvbQZadzdffKfzUdCs5KExhP/ovesid
1.6M 231.5M 362 https://www.youtube.com/ncnahel/r8QCMvCUJcZUh5Ftlp_K-E-j/svedoi
1.4M 175.9M 1.9K https://www.youtube.com/elacnnh/1VLBIALU7ZOwxmeDmmmCfAKU/viedso
Honest Outlaw
1.2M 234.5M 879 https://www.youtube.com/henacnl/RWBGkCpXja10ZUkUPAGaBg7_/vioeds
God Family and Guns
442K 103.3M 2.1K https://www.youtube.com/lanhnce/DaEFFgKmgxCIUSGBWhW3x1RZ/esivod
Columbia War Machine
646K 278.4M 142 https://www.youtube.com/aenhlnc/UA5NRfUfTikpb0BjgIMUCfyX/vidose
837K 225.2M 220 https://www.youtube.com/nelhcan/bWgCyCpWRUHRJXulq9laDUA8/vsidoe
Mrgunsngear Channel
878K 155.1M 1.6K https://www.youtube.com/lcnhane/-WGtv4v0FCuAgT48SW-AkUPm/viosde
493K 157.1M 683 https://www.youtube.com/annehlc/Ul4Nd0DOSoaU41vOSQiCyUqv/eosivd
SPN Firearms
88K 38.9M 3.8K https://www.youtube.com/cealnnh/fCiwCjUOLU7paGaLqKmdjYqo/oeidsv
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