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Mindfulness YouTube Channels

MeditationRelaxClub - Sleep Music & Mindfulness

MeditationRelaxClub - Sleep Music & Mindfulness Your daily dose of relaxation. Meditation Relax Club is the main Youtube Leader in Meditation and Relaxation Music. Born in 2012, thanks to the well-known experience of our composers and collaborators, MRC channel is working everyday with constancy and passion to give you a real experiece of relaxation, thanks to the multitude of videos we create everyday, with the most calming and peaceful new age music. The zen music available for users on Meditation Relax Club can be used as deep meditation music, sleep music (for those of you who need something really soothing for falling asleep),...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCSyN.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.7M Frequency 1 video / day Since Sep 2012 Get Email Contact

Bari Koral: Kids Yoga, Music & Mindfulness

Bari Koral: Kids Yoga, Music & Mindfulness Discover a wonderful world of beloved songs and magical activities that make it easy to teach yoga and mindfulness to children through music. Bari Koral is a widely recognized kids yoga expert and popular recording artist. ABOUT BARI KORAL Every day, thousands of children, parents and teachers around the world are learning and enjoying the benefits of yoga and mindfulness with Bari. Bari's songs and approachable yoga and mindfulness curriculum are used on a regular basis around the world. She is considered a pioneer in the world of kids yoga. To date, she has presented to over 100,000...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCbuE.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 632K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Apr 2009 Get Email Contact


Headspace Headspace is guided meditation for everybody. Learn how to meditate, wherever you are, whenever you like. That's as well as mindfulness exercises for everyday situations like commuting or cooking, dozens of animations like the ones you see on this channel & 8 different meditation techniques, all taught by Headspace's co-founder, Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk. With hundreds of hours of content, Headspace is your personal meditation guide to just about anything.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC3Jh.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 256KFacebook Followers 653.7KTwitter Followers 319K Frequency 2 videos / quarter Since Sep 2014 Get Email Contact

Tara Brach

Tara Brach Tara Brach is a leading western teacher of Buddhist meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening. This channel is a compilation of Tara Brach's video offerings, including her popular Wednesday night weekly livestream; hundreds of dharma talks dating back to 2012; a library of guided meditations; short clips from the 'Tara Talks' web series; interviews and various other engagements. Content on this channel is owned by Tara Brach, PhD. All rights reserved. For more information, go to https://www.tarabrach.com
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCE3E.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 294K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Apr 2011 Get Email Contact

The Mindful Movement

The Mindful Movement Welcome to our channel. We offer guided meditation, visualizations, and hypnosis as well as a variety of movement videos to help you live mindfully, move well and feel great!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCu_m.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 252KFacebook Followers 12.3K Frequency 1 video / week Since Aug 2016 Get Email Contact


Moojiji Mooji brings the possibility of Self-realization into the here and now. He drifted in a state of spontaneous meditation oblivious to the outer world he formally knew. During these years, he lived almost penniless but was constantly absorbed in inner joy, contentment and natural meditation. His communication is simple, direct and immediate. An invitation to move from person to presence -- and ultimately, to liberation. He speaks to you.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCpw2.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 312KFacebook Followers 456.7KTwitter Followers 34.5K Frequency 1 video / week Since Aug 2007 Get Email Contact

Brain Education TV

Brain Education TV Brain Education TV is a self improvement channel for the brain with videos on how to practice self care and boost your brain power. The foundation of our content comes from Brain Education, an academic study from South Korea that stems from over 40 years of research and application and has been practiced by millions around the world.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCoqt.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 348KFacebook Followers 2.6KInstagram Followers 5.8K Frequency 4 videos / month Get Email Contact

Meditation Vacation

Meditation Vacation Guided meditation got me through a tough stage in my life and by creating my own meditation videos. This channel is about how to meditate as my guided meditation videos explain what to do and can send you into a deep relaxation and through mindfulness. Using guided meditation on a regular basis can truly help with relaxation, sleep and peace inside.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCqWB.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 230KFacebook Followers 1.2KTwitter Followers 1.5K Frequency 1 video / month Since Jun 2015 Get Email Contact

Mindful Music

Mindful Music Just fresh music. As always, please stay Mindful, discover, share, and inspire! Peace. All music posted is for promotional use only most of which is acquired via submissions and permission from artist/producer.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCK7X.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 138KFacebook Followers 975 Frequency 1 video / week Since Nov 2014 Get Email Contact


MindfulPeace Original deep, calming meditation videos to promote mindfulness and inner peace for any spiritual belief.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCbcI.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 189KFacebook Followers 7.6KTwitter Followers 276 Frequency 2 videos / month Since Mar 2014 Get Email Contact

Insight Meditation Center

Insight Meditation Center The Insight Meditation Center is a community-based, urban refuge for the teachings and practice of insight meditation, also known as mindfulness or vipassana meditation. We offer Buddhist teachings in clear, accessible and open-handed ways. Guided by Gil Fronsdal and Andrea Fella, IMC offers a broad range of programs and community activities. IMC does not require payment for any of our teachings, programs or events. The support of our teachers and center expenses is done through voluntary donations from the community. All the work in running and maintaining IMC and its programs is done by...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCGli.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 23KFacebook Followers 17.8K Frequency 2 videos / day Since Jan 2011 Get Email Contact

Wisdom 2.0

Wisdom 2.0 We create gatherings for those passionate about living with greater mindfulness, meaning, and wisdom in our modern age.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCEhl.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 59.9KFacebook Followers 53.7KTwitter Followers 19.1K Frequency 1 video / week Since May 2011 Get Email Contact

My Peace Of Mindfulness

My Peace Of Mindfulness Welcome to My Peace of Mindfulness! We provide the best free guided meditation videos on Youtube. Do you suffer from depression, anxiety or insomnia? Or maybe, you're looking to remove negative energy and stress. We produce short meditation videos on a daily basis to help you let go, meditate at home, attract money & positive energy and manifest the life you desire. Whether you're a meditation beginner or a meditation pro, our video will help you to relax and find inner peace. Please enjoy our mindfulness meditation videos in a relaxing secluded location. We'd love to hear your...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCJaU.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 86.1K Frequency 3 videos / week Since Jul 2016 Get Email Contact

Mindfulness Exercises

Mindfulness Exercises Mindfulness Exercises shares free mindfulness meditations, courses, trainings and resources for mindfulness practitioners and mindfulness meditation teachers alike. Sean Fargo created Mindfulness Exercises to help people live with embodied presence, compassion and resilience. We provide audio meditations, guided meditation scripts, mindfulness worksheets, mindfulness courses, and live online retreats. By 2025, we hope to have shared free mindfulness exercises with 200 million people in the following ways: - By supporting individuals in their pursuit of a consistent and meaningful...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCqeCqcl.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 129K Frequency 6 videos / quarter Since May 2014 Get Email Contact

Declutter The Mind

Declutter The Mind Declutter The Mind is for the beginner, novice, and experienced meditator. It's where people who want to clear, declutter and understand their minds come. If you want to understand the mind, sit down and observe it. My goal is to help you observe it (much more easily and effectively) with guided meditations for mindfulness, anxiety, stress, focus, sleep deprivation, insomnia, depression and more. This channel hopes to help you meditate without the 'woo woo' or any religious undertones. I want meditation to be viewed as and used as a practical tool for anyone. I understand and want...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC2Zv.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 132KFacebook Followers 9.4KTwitter Followers 296Instagram Followers 2.4K Frequency 1 video / week Since Jan 2019 Get Email Contact

The Mindfulness Teacher

The Mindfulness Teacher ⭐️Children's Relaxations for Mental & Emotional Well-Being, Calm & Focus in the Classroom. I help teachers, educators, parents & mental health professionals to improve their student's/children's mental & emotional well-being so that they can have calmer kids & calmer classrooms. Because my content is made for children, unfortunately the comments are turned off. If any teachers/educators or parents/guardians want to contact me, you can do so through the links in my channel below.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCFmU.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 76K Frequency 10 videos / year Since May 2020 Get Email Contact

Be Here Now Network

Be Here Now Network Be Here Now Network is dedicated to the gathering and dissemination of spiritual talks, podcasts and writings of master teachers of Spirituality, Mindfulness and Meditation. Awaken through impactful, insightful, and entertaining podcasts with the wisdom keepers of today.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCc1l.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 21.5KFacebook Followers 32.2KTwitter Followers 14.6K Frequency 2 videos / day Since Jun 2016 Get Email Contact

Crossroads Psychology

Crossroads Psychology Voicu Mihnea Simandan is a Certified Positive Psychology & Mindfulness Practitioner and Coach. He coaches & teaches Positive Psychology to athletes, students and parents; as well as leads & facilitates Mindfulness retreats and experiences. The Crossroads Psychology Video-Podcast aims at Encouraging Personal Growth. 'A Wall of Ideas' Video-Podcast aims at creating a communication bridge to discuss topics related to technology, education, culture, travel, productivity, and the expat life. Previously, the channel's focus was on travel and sports, especially Asian destinations,...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCneF.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 11.8KTwitter Followers 1.7KInstagram Followers 477 Frequency 7 videos / week Since Feb 2007 Get Email Contact

Mindful Muslimah

Mindful Muslimah We support and empower Muslim women so they can not just grow, but thrive. Our channel gives tips and advice on love, parenting, inspiration, motivation and everything else associated with living a more mindful modern Muslimah life. Check out our website; www.mindful-muslimah.com Reach out to me on Instagram at @MindfulMuslimah or via email at Mindfulness@mindful-muslimah.com
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC1yd.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 17.8K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Sep 2018 Get Email Contact


Mindful Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCXsj.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 11.3KFacebook Followers 521.1KTwitter Followers 205.2K Frequency 1 video / day Since May 2015 Get Email Contact

Master Niels

Master Niels Discover the essence of mindfulness and learn at the Inner Mind Institute Study and practice meditation and mindfulness step by step, as a student or a teacher, through our online platform or in one of the Inner Mind Institute retreat centers.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC-sx.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 51.1K Frequency 1 video / week Since May 2020 Get Email Contact

The Men Talking Mindfulness Podcast

The Men Talking Mindfulness Podcast Two dudes get together to discuss mindfulness!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCXa6.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 3.2K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Feb 2021 Get Email Contact

Palouse Mindfulness

Palouse Mindfulness Dave Potter is a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction instructor. Palouse Mindfulness provides these videos as part of the free online mindfulness course (MBSR). It is an eight-week 100% free course and contains all the materials used in the in-person course taught by Dave Potter, who is fully certified to teach MBSR by the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCjQx.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 18.9KFacebook Followers 4.4K Frequency 2 videos / quarter Since Mar 2013 Get Email Contact

Chibs Meditation

Chibs Meditation I am an accredited Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher on a mission. A mission to improve the mental health and wellbeing of everyday Australians living in a world of distraction. Why? When I help others, it makes me feel good. When I am kind to others, I am kinder to myself. The more I learn about my clients' mental health and wellbeing challenges, the more insight I get into my own. I coach individuals suffering from stress, anxiety or burnout using techniques that are straightforward, relatable and scientifically-backed. I work with companies to boost wellbeing and...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCjhE.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.5K Frequency 5 videos / week Since Jan 2007 Get Email Contact

Shamash Alidina - Mindfulness & ACT Trainer

Shamash Alidina - Mindfulness & ACT Trainer Shamash has been practising mindfulness since 1998 and runs his own successful training organisation. He is best known as the internationally bestselling author of 10 books including Mindfulness For Dummies and The Mindful Way through Stress. Based in London, he runs online trainings and speaks at conferences all over the world. He is a keen educator and has trained almost 500 mindfulness teachers in the last 11 years. Prior to that, he spent 10 years teaching mindfulness/meditation as well as science, in schools. Shamash has been training practitioners in Acceptance and Commitment...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCyUM.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2KFacebook Followers 13.8KTwitter Followers 19.2K Frequency 1 video / day Since Dec 2006 Get Email Contact

Mindfulness Association

Mindfulness Association At the Mindfulness Association, we believe that mindfulness is a way of life and not a brief intervention for relieving symptoms. We provide a long-term systematic training in mindfulness for life - from teaching the foundations of mindfulness for beginners right through compassion an insight training to our two Masters programmes- MSc Mindfulness Studies with the University of Aberdeen and MSc Mindfulness & Compassion (with teacher training) with the University of the West of Scotland in London. Our Masters tutors teach on all our courses at all levels. We train in being present,...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCG7e.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.5K Frequency 1 video / week Since Jun 2016 Get Email Contact

Common Ground Meditation Center

Common Ground Meditation Center Livestream and other content from Common Ground Meditation Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Common Ground is a community meditation center dedicated to the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation is the practice of waking up to the present moment and learning to be open and at ease with the unfolding conditions of life. With practice, mindfulness reveals deep wisdom, compassion, and intimacy with all things.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCw5A.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 3.4KFacebook Followers 3.8KTwitter Followers 241 Frequency 4 videos / week Since Mar 2019 Get Email Contact

Mindful Wing Chun

Mindful Wing Chun Mindful Wing Chun is one of the biggest Wing Chun school in HK and is located in the Heart of Central. Our mission is to pass on Grandmaster CHU SHONG TIN's 'internal' method of Wing Chun which promotes health through cultivating MINDFULNESS and Deep RELAXATION resulting in a BALANCED Body and Mind.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCiYQ.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 6.4KFacebook Followers 30.3K Frequency 1 video / week Since Apr 2014 Get Email Contact


MindfulNEWS 10 years investigating the subject of happiness and podcasting about what matters most in life with scientists, bloggers, teachers, authors and the leading experts, on the subjects that matters most. Conversations with friends led to conversations on Mindfulness that led to a wonderful path of learning and better relationships. Podcasts, Videos, Vlogs, Car pool conversations, Guided meditations and On-line courses at www.Mindfulnews.uk (Mindfulnews.uk on instagram)
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCkGw.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 3.2K Frequency 4 videos / month Since Jul 2011 Get Email Contact

Meditate with Deb

Meditate with Deb Learn with a Meditation Practitioner and Instructor since 1980 Deb Phelps is a certified Meditation Teacher, Sound Healer, Mindfulness Coach, and Yoga Specialist who uniquely assists her clients overcome stress, anxiety, PTSD, grief, and other life situations so that they can once again live purposeful, joy-filled lives. Deb has overcome significant life challenges aided by a variety of mind-body-spirit practices.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCp4s.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 614Facebook Followers 645Instagram Followers 609 Frequency 1 video / week Since Jul 2017 Get Email Contact

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Mindfulness YouTubers

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YouTuber NameEmailSubscriber
YouTube Channel Link
MeditationRelaxClub - Sleep Music & Mindfulnes
1.7M 648.6M 3.2K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSyNIDWAM9cRzkn7Uz4IwTw/videos
Yogapalooza with Bari Koral
632K 378.8M 181 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbuENEBzQ69QKmfX2iumnFA/videos
256K 507.2M 102 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3JhfsgFPLSLNEROQCdj-GQ
Tara Brach
294K 32.5M 1K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE3E-d8dUieqIbKYIO5-pFg/videos
The Mindful Movement
252K 30.2M 246 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_mPlZbomAgNzfAUElRL7w/videos
312K 61.7M 1.2K https://www.youtube.com/lhncnea/2ebf0Epwgw9Csh9U6MXkgMsv
Brain Education TV
348K 21.7M 576 https://www.youtube.com/hncnela/irMKDRyUoqotayzdSCSMqgx3/oesivd
Meditation Vacation
230K 41.2M 308 https://www.youtube.com/lenhcna/EsnMuebWUBn6qWwgqeBDCzKy/dievos
Mindful Music
138K 32.8M 1.1K https://www.youtube.com/nahceln/b4v7wF0U1QPVXCXPiOVYKCEk/osevid
189K 24.6M 171 https://www.youtube.com/aclnneh/jyNC4c2cIeYhBDfr2yuAUob9/isoevd
Insight Meditation Center
23K 2.9M 2.8K https://www.youtube.com/ecahnln/GUWHiGShqCtQooa-idxis9lg/iovsed
Wisdom 2.0
59.9K 7.4M 412 https://www.youtube.com/aecnnlh/hwEIha4GUz3rl4lZGohNrgC6
My Peace Of Mindfulness
86.1K 9.1M 305 https://www.youtube.com/nnahlce/sJaSbUUTMlGCnWyqutWkdFga/osdive
Mindfulness Exercises
129K 6.8M 1K https://www.youtube.com/hnalenc/Uhyl3vw7zqtCeuq2nwdvcPCr/dvosei
Declutter The Mind
132K 12.3M 470 https://www.youtube.com/anlnhec/gvbw6RCZMnXY2Ux80CCj-55K/sidveo
The Mindfulness Teacher
76K 15.7M 65 https://www.youtube.com/achennl/wRQimUCrtRUKhXFR0uPUiOcR/sidevo
Crossroads Psychology
11.8K 4.5M 2.3K https://www.youtube.com/cnanhle/uDZENKUzNFewwCydnKhUxCHV/iveosd
Mindful Muslimah
17.8K 517K 197 https://www.youtube.com/clnahen/yCJC1fd-xkbUw0XgK1grswoR/voised
Master Niels
51.1K 2.1M 22 https://www.youtube.com/nehcaln/pxUUr-I9QF6YeiYxCgLYD0Xs/oeidsv
The Men Talking Mindfulness Podcast
3.2K 2.3M 643 https://www.youtube.com/nclaehn/P5z6ONvXIQCJAiqnQUTwRUka/dsoive
Palouse Mindfulness
18.9K 4M 193 https://www.youtube.com/lhanenc/HBiIBisQ-ACxj9mazUWrpbuC/idvsoe
Chibs Okereke
1.5K 51.4K 162 https://www.youtube.com/chaennl/RdYrAIaZm5bE_e4jCrkUhGAY/iveosd
Mindfulness & Meditation with Shamash Alidina
2K 183.4K 523 https://www.youtube.com/cehnanl/QyE9huikWN9qUUMmMQUFi9C-/sveiod
Mindfulness Association
2.5K 202.3K 496 https://www.youtube.com/elhannc/sNWG8970uCg1e2UHcPuSx_OQ/idoesv
Common Ground Meditation Center
3.4K 249.9K 856 https://www.youtube.com/lnenahc/RCw2AkBePcUPQC86BCzL_U5g/oevsid
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