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Music Theory YouTube Channels

Rick Beato

Rick Beato Everything Music
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCJqu.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.1M Frequency 1 video / day Since May 2006 Get Email Contact


ANDREW HUANG I'm a partially deaf musician from Toronto working with lots of different genres and instruments. Created the iOS and Android music making app Flip Sampler. I have an online music production class and 40+ albums out which you can find at the links below.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCdce.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 2.4M Frequency 2 videos / week Since Oct 2006 Get Email Contact

Adam Neely

Adam Neely Video essays, lessons and vlogs on new horizons in music and music theory. NYC-based bass player and composer Adam Neely brings you a new video every Monday exploring what music means, and what it means to be a musician.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCnkp.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.8M Frequency 1 video / month Since Feb 2006 Get Email Contact

David Bennett Piano

David Bennett Piano I'm a pianist and music lover creating educational music videos about all things interesting in music and music theory.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCz2i.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1M Frequency 2 videos / week Since Mar 2015 Get Email Contact


MusicTheoryForGuitar Watch these killer videos on music theory lessons for guitar players. If you are tired of trying to learn music theory but not fully understanding how it all applies to your guitar playing, then you need to watch these music theory video lessons for guitar players. This is the absolute #1 source on music theory for guitar. Get the very best music theory advice, tips and guidance for guitar so that you stop wasting time learning from sources that don't fully explain how to understand and apply music theory to your guitar playing. No matter where you are in your guitar playing development...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCRwI.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 291K Frequency 1 video / day Since Dec 2012 Get Email Contact


12tone something something music theory. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/12tonevideos Mailing list: http://eepurl.com/bD4LeT Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/12tonevideos Twitter: https://twitter.com/12tonevideos Email: 12tone@standard.tv
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCTUt.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 724K Frequency 1 video / month Since Aug 2014 Get Email Contact


Scruffy Hello! I'm Scruffy, I'm a composer and 3D artist who loves to teach about video game audio and music theory! For business inquiries: contactscruffy@gmail.com The logotype in my banner was designed by Nancer! https://youtube.com/c/NancerOne
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCDoK.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 525K Frequency 2 videos / quarter Since Jul 2015 Get Email Contact

Signals Music Studio

Signals Music Studio Helping people write more music! Lessons and videos on music theory, scales, modes, chords, songwriting techniques, and song analysis with a focus on guitar.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCRDD.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 673K Frequency 1 video / month Since Jul 2017 Get Email Contact

8-bit Music Theory

8-bit Music Theory I love music and I love video games and I love analyzing and talking about music from video games
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCeZL.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 529K Frequency 1 video / week Since Oct 2016 Get Email Contact

Guy Michelmore

Guy Michelmore ThinkSpace Education is an online film scoring school providing post-graduate degrees in film, TV and now video games. Our videos provide a fast, fun and effective training for creative people and is only a taster of what we offer in our premium and postgraduate courses. We specialise in innovative online learning courses, study in your own home in your own time, all supported by a team of professional musicians, composers and creative professionals with daily working knowledge of the creative industry you would like to be a part of. Above all our courses are practical, it's how it...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCMHG.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 378K Frequency 1 video / week Since Jul 2009 Get Email Contact

Piano Lessons On The Web

Piano Lessons On The Web If you are looking to learn piano from the beginning or want useful strategies, exercises, pieces, and lessons on how to play the piano, then you are in the right place. Here on the channel, you can find piano and music theory lessons mostly geared towards beginners learning these concepts for the first time. You can learn about playing the piano, music theory, rhythm and a lot of other concepts you need to learn piano. My Online Courses (use code 'youtube' for 15% off): https://goo.gl/A3UGy6 The keyboard I use in my videos (newest model) https://amzn.to/2KaSPAE Cameras I...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCAh-.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 305K Frequency 1 video / week Since Mar 2013 Get Email Contact

Music Matters

Music Matters Learn music theory, aural tests, music composition, sight reading, piano and more! Prepare and practice for music exams and diplomas with Music Matters. Music Matters provides a range of music learning resources, video courses and music exam support materials. Whether you are studying music at school, college or university, learning an instrument or just interested in music generally, our aim is to help you learn in a way that is thorough but also great fun! Led by accomplished Musical Director's Gareth Green and Alex Shore, Music Matters offers video courses covering many different...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC8yI.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 233K Frequency 3 videos / month Since Feb 2014 Get Email Contact

Music Theory for Gamers

Music Theory for Gamers Music Theory for Gamers: a channel where gamers who want to truly own and have mastery over every part of their favorite games come to learn about the music from the OSTs and VGM that they love. Hosted by Dan Spencer and presented by Best Music Coach, this channel exists to inspire gamers to understand more about their favorite video game music and give those gamers easy ways to 'get it' and understand music theory.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC5ed.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 103K Frequency 2 videos / month Since Aug 2018 Get Email Contact

Hack Music Theory

Hack Music Theory The fast, easy & fun way to make music. Taught by Ray Harmony, a multi award-winning college lecturer who's made music with multiplatinum Grammy-winning artists. Co-taught by Kate Harmony, Ray's protégé and wife.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCDKi.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 234K Frequency 11 videos / year Since Dec 2012 Get Email Contact

Mike George

Mike George Music theory for songwriters
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCroC.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 134K Frequency 1 video / week Since Oct 2016 Get Email Contact

Brad Harrison Music

Brad Harrison Music Music theory videos, practice techniques, and the free play along series - Duet With Me. www.patreon.com/bradharrison
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC5EE.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 173K Frequency 1 video / quarter Since Mar 2006 Get Email Contact

Music Interval Theory Academy

Music Interval Theory Academy TC and Frank help music composers reach their full potential and develop their unique musical voices via Interval Theory. It's interesting that most composers are not happy with the music they write. And it's not even their fault as the Diatonic convention pushes most composers into the same and generic patterns. Let's change this and focus on a transparent methodology that finally gives you musical freedom and compositions you never thought possible out of your feather. And please don't believe that you are either a musical genius or not! It's a fact that most composers...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCA9e.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 3.8K Frequency 1 video / day Since Feb 2016 Get Email Contact

Learning Music Hub

Learning Music Hub Welcome to the LEARNING MUSIC HUB - an animated approach in Music Theory..Made clear & easy to understand… This a free, anytime, any day, music learning on the go music theory app. This animated-interactive learning structural approach are well-created and well-recommended music lessons designed for all teachers and students. Whether you want to play any musical instrument like piano, guitar, violin, flute, and the like! LEARNING MUSIC HUB is a great place to be. It contains more than a hundred animated Music Theory Lessons from the ground zero level to the amazing advanced...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCfKq.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 23K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Feb 2021 Get Email Contact

Odd Quartet

Odd Quartet Odd Quartet is where you can find videos about music history, music theory, and what's it's like to be a musician. Edu licensing available through boclips.com, the world's largest library of short-form educational videos.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCYc1.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 48.1K Frequency 1 video / year Since Aug 2011 Get Email Contact

Two Minute Music Theory

Two Minute Music Theory Hey everyone. I'm a composer, and a music theorist; and I sometimes dabble in music history. So, I make videos about music composition, music theory, and music history - this includes Two Minute Music Theory, videos on how to compose music, as well as my composed pieces, and my two newest series: Music in History, and Score Study. Free video resources in music for Music educators, students, and enthusiasts. Studies have shown this YouTube channel has very little effect on International Diplomacy, Space Exploration, or the MLB. www.jessestrickland.com www.twominutemusictheory.com For...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC0I9.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 51K Frequency 1 video / day Since Oct 2012 Get Email Contact

Alex Yard & Knuckles

Alex Yard & Knuckles Video game music theory videos with Alex Yard! My Music Theory 101 Course is available by becoming a patron (@Alex Yard on Patreon). Livestreams 3 days per week on Twitch @AlexYard. Sonic News Dispatches every few weeks, available in a playlist on this channel.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC3hw.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 40.5K Frequency 1 video / month Since Sep 2016 Get Email Contact

Ultimate Music Theory

Ultimate Music Theory Learn & Teach Music Theory with the Ultimate Music Theory Program (UMT) https://ultimatemusictheory.com/ Music Theory Videos on Notation, Time Signatures, Key Signatures, Chord, Cadences, Scales, Music History, Analysis PLUS learn how to hear and read music notes, ledger lines, intervals, chords, scales, Circle of Fifths and Italian musical terms. Online Courses: Ultimate Music Theory Certification Course for Teachers. Become an Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teacher - Get started today: https://my.ultimatemusictheory.com/umt-certification-course The Ultimate Music Theory Workbook...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCPVP.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.6K Frequency 2 videos / week Since Apr 2010 Get Email Contact

Christopher Brellochs

Christopher Brellochs DR. B, aka Dr. Christopher Brellochs (educator & saxophonist) has taught collegiate music theory for 23 years! He teaches saxophone at Vassar College and is Dean of the School of Music at SUNY Schenectady. He received his doctorate in music from Rutgers University, masters from New York University, and bachelors from Ithaca College. This channel maintains playlists: 'Dr. B Music Theory,' 'Dr. B Ear Training,' and 'Music of the Gilded Age.' Current projects include the research and performance of music from late 19th century America in the actual mansions of that...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCLKq.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 24.5K Frequency 1 video / quarter Since Dec 2006 Get Email Contact

Metal Music Theory

Metal Music Theory If you've got a sick riff, I can diagnose it in my capacity as Riff Doctor.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCIrO.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 20K Frequency 1 video / month Since Sep 2020 Get Email Contact

Songwriter Theory

Songwriter Theory Learn To Write Impactful and Meaningful Songs and Music!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCeGy.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 6.3K Frequency 1 video / week Since Jan 2019 Get Email Contact

Carlos Lalonde

Carlos Lalonde I'm a music composition undergrad based in Peoria, IL, and I cover the world of composition and music theory. I also run a podcast called 'The Composer's Journal' where I deep-dive into topics from this channel about the composing world and creativity. FAQ:
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCQgy.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.4K Frequency 1 video / week Since Dec 2014 Get Email Contact

Dr. Kati Meyer Music Theory

Dr. Kati Meyer Music Theory Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCkMO.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 8.4K Frequency 1 video / year Since Aug 2016 Get Email Contact

Deciphering Guitar and Music Theory

Deciphering Guitar and Music Theory Music-related videos with a focus on theory, analysis and counterpoint. Videos typically uploaded once or twice weekly
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC8LD.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.3K Frequency 2 videos / quarter Since Mar 2014 Get Email Contact

Music Theories

Music Theories Welcome! This is a channel for those who love all things music, including pop, history, and analysis! You do NOT have to be a musician or even understand music theory to enjoy Music Theories' content. Where do I begin?! I'll give you the highlights. •I am a vocalist, multi-instrumental performer, as well as a songwriter •I teach music both privately and in a classroom setting •I have a Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music •I began my channel in April of 2020, as a fun project to work on during those months of quarantine, turns out it was way more fun than I...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCBB8.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 7.5K Frequency 1 video / quarter Since Mar 2020 Get Email Contact

Cel-Shaded Music Theory

Cel-Shaded Music Theory I've got 2 degrees in music composition and gosh DARNIT I'm gonna use them! I also love all things animation, so in Cel-Shaded Music Theory I dig into the music of some of the best animated films and TV shows out there. Hope you'll come along for the ride!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCtfc.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 4.5K Frequency 1 video / month Since Dec 2018 Get Email Contact

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Music Theory YouTubers

Top YouTubers covering Music Theory. Get Spreadsheet.
YouTuber NameEmailSubscriber
YouTube Channel Link
Rick Beato
4.1M 829.8M 1.4K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJquYOG5EL82sKTfH9aMA9Q/videos
2.4M 337.6M 706 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdcemy56JtVTrsFIOoqvV8g/videos
Adam Neely
1.8M 238.2M 498 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnkp4xDOwqqJD7sSM3xdUiQ/videos
David Bennett Piano
1M 143.3M 358 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz2iUx-Imr6HgDC3zAFpjOw/videos
291K 15.6M 761 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRwIF4NhKQf6tQpnYDcSC5A/videos
724K 53.7M 366 https://www.youtube.com/nchelan/q7Ts6D5OUwazcUxkwhtibCdA/idvseo
525K 44.7M 256 https://www.youtube.com/cnalneh/QrwxYUKhKD3_oxBsq1UoDC1f/sodiev
Signals Music Studio
673K 48.4M 185 https://www.youtube.com/acnlhen/HHbWrQ_LRC7AD28uEDZjtUvN/oeidsv
8-bit Music Theory
529K 35.4M 178 https://www.youtube.com/lnecahn/gDz2VcbZOKznoOUewfHZCgeL/sviedo
Guy Michelmore
378K 21.7M 310 https://www.youtube.com/eancnhl/FLPJ0HkwVF6MCaJitUG31hro/eosivd
Piano Lessons On The Web
305K 26M 723 https://www.youtube.com/cheannl/CGw0NAaVhQU4RXP3uhujqI-z/oveisd
Music Matters
233K 14.9M 576 https://www.youtube.com/hcelnna/y3IIPyTUYs78pCiZya-r8egQ/vosdei
Music Theory for Gamers
103K 19M 307 https://www.youtube.com/laechnn/JEdU5OCU0dQAt12eyG_AxZuc/evsiod
Hack Music Theory
234K 9.2M 226 https://www.youtube.com/ahcnlne/pwPUsj5ltDCS0siiKH6s9gt1/oedisv
Mike George
134K 6.8M 182 https://www.youtube.com/nclahen/UrVCBXIcdg06WvkdomYp3XCw/deiosv
Brad Harrison Music
173K 12.6M 50 https://www.youtube.com/lnanhec/hWH5UEsVYHvOExceXiCgFwVG/vidsoe
Music Interval Theory Academy
3.8K 229.1K 508 https://www.youtube.com/ncnelah/9UOXetQNzMZ8hDnCDh-ArOzh/odseiv
Odd Quartet
48.1K 4.6M 120 https://www.youtube.com/lcehnna/uYc1XAUSRWGgSzGC63a1KEgL/sveoid
Two Minute Music Theory
51K 3.4M 100 https://www.youtube.com/echnlan/91wy8hj0DwbsaoUIZSxySCQa/oivesd
Alex Yard
40.5K 3.4M 47 https://www.youtube.com/hnleanc/h25Lwt4UP8XTdVc3VwY97CRw/soived
Ultimate Music Theory
4.6K 583.5K 650 https://www.youtube.com/chenlan/U70NVvPkCTPTOdDNdthueglM/sivdoe
Christopher Brellochs
24.5K 1.6M 139 https://www.youtube.com/lnechna/S3qKwYFQowUaP9LC6gLoAN1j/vseoid
Metal Music Theory
20K 750.2K 96 https://www.youtube.com/lnahnce/OodbamLUxeZIqCORFriDdZjA/esovdi
Songwriter Theory
6.3K 228.8K 355 https://www.youtube.com/elhacnn/DEu7me5twhAzGTbyBy_gCU2Z/edosiv
Carlos Lalonde
4.4K 333.2K 81 https://www.youtube.com/enalnhc/0MPgJUYQLEytCaQONe1g0zRB/vsdioe
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