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Psychedelic YouTube Channels

Psychedelics Today

Psychedelics Today US
Psychedelics are set to disrupt the way humanity approaches healing and wellness, making way for a new paradigm in healthcare and cognitive liberty. C...overing up-to-the-minute developments and diving deep into crucial topics bridging the scientific, academic, philosophical, societal and cultural, Psychedelics Today is leading the discussion in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. Through compelling content, thoughtful conversation and industry-leading education for professionals and psychedelic-minded individuals a community of over 1.8 million annually Psychedelics Today has the largest...more
youtube.com/channel/UCLAs.. Subscribe
7.5K subscribers 1 video / week Sep 2016 Get Email Contact

Portland Psychedelic Society

Portland Psychedelic Society US
Videos from the Portland Psychedelic Society.
youtube.com/channel/UCGzx.. Subscribe
12.9K subscribers 1 video / week Dec 2017 Get Email Contact

The psychedelic look on life

The psychedelic look on life Netherlands
Each and everyone of us came to this planet with a heart, a brain, a mind, etc. Each one of us came here with the same human faculties, thats why I be...lieve you can conduct yourself the way you would like yourself to be. When you learn how to manage your mind in a conscious way, you can be however you want to be. I have been taking psychedelics for years and I'm not the only one, there are millions of users on the planet. But there is not much known on how to use these substances wisely. I believe in showing the current users of psychedelics a way on how to use these substances safely and...more
youtube.com/channel/UC77x.. Subscribe
7.1K subscribers 1 video / month Mar 2020 Get Email Contact

Oxford Psychedelic Society

Oxford Psychedelic Society youtube.com/channel/UCfoU.. Subscribe
7K subscribers 1 video / quarter Sep 2017 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Support

Psychedelic Support US
The Psychedelic Future of Mental Health is Now. Are You Ready? Psychedelics are proving to be helpful medicinal tools when used carefully in the cont...ext of therapy. Our psychedelic education and resource platform connects you with verified health professionals to guide your healing. Ketamine assisted therapy is available now, and research is showing psilocybin (magic mushrooms) and MDMA can treat depression, PTSD, and addictions. Start by expanding your knowledge of psychedelic medicines in our free courses. Professionals can earn continuing education credit (CE/CME) in online courses...more
youtube.com/channel/UCojE.. Subscribe
4.8K subscribers 1 video / day Jun 2020 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Conversations

Psychedelic Conversations UK
Revolution to renaissance, with the help of scientists, researchers, journalists, activists, psychologists and organisations we can overcome our share...d history of political and cultural stigmatization of psychedelics and accelerate the vital progress that is needed more than ever in a post-covid world. Psychedelic Conversations Podcast is your hub for engaging in deep subjects around serotonergic hallucinogens that alter perceptions, affect cognitive processes and induce mystical and spiritual experiences. This show is designed to educate, inform and expand awareness, not intended to give...more
youtube.com/channel/UCwo5.. Subscribe
885 subscribers 1 video / day Nov 2020 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Passage

Psychedelic Passage Welcome to Psychedelic Passage! We are a psychedelic concierge service that connects journeyers with our network of pre-vetted, local U.S. guides. W...e first founded Psychedelic Passage in 2019. Our services bridge the gap between journeyer and facilitator by ensuring that clients have a convenient point of access to pre-qualified facilitators near them. To date, our network of guides has facilitated over 750+ ceremonial journeys. We believe that everyone should have access to safe, legal, and therapeutic psychedelic experiences. Whether you're interested in microdosing, individual...more
youtube.com/channel/UC9QB.. Subscribe
867 subscribers 2 videos / week Sep 2020 Get Email Contact

ALPS Awareness Lectures on Psychedelic Science

ALPS Awareness Lectures on Psychedelic Science Switzerland
ALPS is the first Swiss non-profit foundation based in Geneva dedicated to sharing knowledge about the potential of psychedelic substances in psychiat...ry. Our principles are those of critical rational thought, continuous learning and responsible autonomous decision-making. Our motivation is intrinsic, stemming from a deep awareness that we can support efforts to provide access to the best possible therapeutic treatments for all those who need them. We educate professionals and the public on evidence-based psychedelic research and therapy. The biggest factor that makes us human is undeniably...more
youtube.com/channel/UC5Vs.. Subscribe
706 subscribers 2 videos / month Aug 2021 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Integration Specialist

Psychedelic Integration Specialist US
Psychedelic Integration and all things about psychedelic assisted therapy. This includes microdosing mushrooms and acid, how to measure a microdose, p...sylocibin, iboga and ibogaine treatment, iboga healing and psychedelic drugs and spirituality.more
youtube.com/channel/UCd8m.. Subscribe
1.2K subscribers 2 videos / week Jul 2018 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Invest

Psychedelic Invest US
Psychedelic Invest is a content network filled with resources designed to empower and educate those that are looking to invest in psychedelics, psyche...delic science, and psychedelic medicines. If you believe psychedelics can save lives and improve the well-being of millions in the future, you have come to the right place. Website - https://psychedelicinvest.com Discord - https://discord.gg/sZMZ3qyxn2 Subreddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/psychedelicinvest/more
youtube.com/channel/UCcNQ.. Subscribe
1.1K subscribers 1 video / month Jan 2022 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Association of Canada

Psychedelic Association of Canada Canada
The Psychedelic Association of Canada is a non-profit organization focused on advancing legal and ethical frameworks for medical and therapeutic psych...edelic use in Canada. Through local, national and international collaboration, we are inspired by our community to advance psychedelic access by educating and advocating for safe, inclusive practices across the country. Support our work by becoming a member at www.psychedelicassociation.net/support-the-cpamore
youtube.com/channel/UCqYH.. Subscribe
1K subscribers 4 videos / quarter Apr 2020 Get Email Contact

The Psychedelic Mom with Michaela Carlin

The Psychedelic Mom with Michaela Carlin US
The Psychedelic Mom Podcast is for anyone who wants to go on a mind bending, heart opening journey to find out the truth about love, life and this rea...lity. It is for those with an insatiable curiosity and a deep desire to heal, wake up, and live a wildly authentic life. Through intimate conversation with leading experts, scientists, psychologists, visionaries, artists, entrepreneurs, parents, psychonauts and newbies ... your host, Michaela Carlin, dives into myriad topics including consciousness, spirituality, cosmology, transformation, human optimization, biohacking, parenting,...more
youtube.com/channel/UCOi4.. Subscribe
368 subscribers 1 video / week Oct 2022 Get Email Contact

Philosophy of Psychedelics Exeter Research Group

Philosophy of Psychedelics Exeter Research Group Philosophy of Psychedelics Exeter Research Group, based at the University of Exeter, is a hub providing conferences, workshops, degree modules, and mo...re headed by Dr Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes and Prof. Christine Hausdkeller. http://sites.exeter.ac.uk/philosophyandpsychedelics/ http://www.philosophyofpsychedelics.commore
youtube.com/channel/UCI3p.. Subscribe
245 subscribers 1 video / month Mar 2021 Get Email Contact

Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics

Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics UK
Does what it says on the tin: We're talking to leading practitioners about the meeting points between coaching & psychedelics. Beyond their poten...tial for healing, fixing and the treatment of disorder, there is a space for psychedelics to promote growth, insight and learning. An increasing number of coaches work in this space, but nobody is talking about it, which we believe to be at best unproductive, and at worst dangerous for clients. That's why in this podcast we explore best practice, introduce integration methodologies, present case studies, discuss ethical issues, and generally...more
youtube.com/channel/UCVQO.. Subscribe
86 subscribers 11 videos / quarter May 2021 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Seminars

Psychedelic Seminars US
Psychedelic Seminars is an educational conversation series deepening awareness of the benefits, risks, and complexities of psychedelics. In parallel ...to the new wave of research from MAPS to Johns Hopkins, we progress the cultural understanding through discussions with scientists, authors, activists, and entertainers. As psychedelics enter the mainstream, we cultivate the necessary critical thinking and community building, bringing together thousands in person and online.more
youtube.com/channel/UCY9S.. Subscribe
3.7K subscribers 1 video / year May 2018 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Music & Visuals

Psychedelic Music & Visuals Netherlands
Welcome to this channel, Psychedelic Music & Visuals provides you with different Psychedelic loops & Music Meditation loops
youtube.com/channel/UCpei.. Subscribe
1.1K subscribers 10 videos / year Aug 2022 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Station

Psychedelic Station Brazil
youtube.com/channel/UC9uN.. Subscribe
321 subscribers 10 videos / year Oct 2020 Get Email Contact

Trippy Psychedelic Place

Trippy Psychedelic Place US
Welcome to Trippy Psychedelic Place, a place to relax and explore your inner creativity. Let's journey together through our collection of trippy v...isuals, psychedelic music videos, and calming meditations. Get ready to enjoy stress relief, improved focus, better memory recall, and overall success. Subscribe now and join thousands of viewers getting the most out of their lives while they relax and unwind! A channel dedicated to producing the most trippy visuals music videos. We use a selection of psychedelic music videos, stress relieving visuals, anti anxiety and depression visuals,...more
youtube.com/channel/UC5QN.. Subscribe
117 subscribers 13 videos / year Jan 2023 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Trance

Psychedelic Trance US
psytrance,psychedelic trance mix,progressive psytrance,Fractal,psychedelic music,music8d,weed,cannabis,lsd,acid,high,trip,trippy,visuals,psychedelic,c...artoon,watch while high,watch when high,watch while stoned,watch while high#3,watch,chill,watch this high,while high,watch high,watch while tripping,watch when youre high,funny videos to watch high!,high and chill,watch (collection category),watch after joint,watch stoned,boost high,funny,fails,boost your highmore
youtube.com/channel/UCZiW.. Subscribe
12 subscribers Aug 2022 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Society of Minnesota

Psychedelic Society of Minnesota The Psychedelic Society of Minnesota is a local chapter of a larger international organization aimed at building community around psychedelics. We aim... to promote harm reduction by providing educational content to the public about the responsible use of psychedelics, and advocate for continued research into their mechanisms for therapeutic and spiritual uses. We host speaker series, support groups, discussions, social events, and more. Our group doesn't engage in or promote illegal activities during our events DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a...more
youtube.com/channel/UCuOz.. Subscribe
59 subscribers 5 videos / year Apr 2020 Get Email Contact


Psychedelia Exploring the Business and Culture of Psychedelics Psychedelia is a quarterly publication examining the ever-changing realm of drug policy and efforts... to bring psychedelic therapies into the mainstream. From psilocybin mushrooms to LSD to DMT, psychedelics have the potential to revolutionize mental healthcare in North America. Psychedelia will detail the journey towards acceptance of psychedelic-assisted therapies. Subscribe to the magazine at Psychedelia.livemore
youtube.com/channel/UCJfa.. Subscribe
8 subscribers 2 videos / year Jul 2022 Get Email Contact

Psychedelic Trippy Visuals

Psychedelic Trippy Visuals Welcome to my channel for captivating audio-visual journeys. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing psychedelic experience as the dynamic visuals come to l...ife, perfectly synchronized with the enchanting music. This channel brings together the power of sound and visuals to create an immersive fusion that will transport you to another world. Witness as intricate and mesmerizing pictures unfold, dynamically responding to the tempo and beats of the music. Prepare to be captivated by the harmonious interplay between sight and sound, as we take you on an extraordinary audio-visual adventure.more
youtube.com/channel/UCvJh.. Subscribe
12 subscribers 10 videos / year May 2023 Get Email Contact

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Psychedelic YouTubers

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YouTuber Name Email Subscriber
YouTube Channel Link
Psychedelics Today
7.5K 282K 707 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLAsaaOjYmqACvq6P_0hZ6w/videos
Portland Psychedelic Society
12.9K 630.2K 172 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGzxoHgWF8xKvbLkJMep7Ng/videos
The psychedelic look on life
7.1K 488K 59 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC77xP-4QXs_WXD1IWgr54Cw/videos
Oxford Psychedelic Society
7K 262.9K 56 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfoUteV5TkHewU8gHNeuBtg/videos
Psychedelic Support
4.8K 137.5K 53 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCojEqPRUk68RkJdt03pY2YQ/videos
Psychedelic Conversations
885 39.8K 278 https://www.youtube.com/nacnhle/3dT54hqCooS7UXwEw4k1bzOS/isevdo
Psychedelic Passage
867 35.5K 93 https://www.youtube.com/hlcnena/9CzFQ0xnR2QZB9D4UruVHs0U/evdois
ALPS Awareness Lectures on Psychedelic Science
706 42.8K 50 https://www.youtube.com/clnhean/E3rGjqGUsK8Z-sW5U_fVUgCM/vieosd
Psychedelic Integration Specialist
1.2K 30.1K 31 https://www.youtube.com/hnalcen/UCVADRLgmLdIUSLgo88od06s/sodevi
Psychedelic Invest
1.1K 39.8K 134 https://www.youtube.com/ehnlacn/LqUYlOmaCcUWOAQ8yoQNDxVv/dseoiv
Psychedelic Association of Canada
1K 26.1K 69 https://www.youtube.com/ahncenl/g_f2UyqC_KzU4ahtMHNYpy2k/vdiseo
The Psychedelic Mom with Michaela Carlin
368 15.8K 60 https://www.youtube.com/anclnhe/y4UUi_CGZAhhnO6NR0A-OhVd/ioesvd
Philosophy of Psychedelics Exeter Research Group
245 6.5K 28 https://www.youtube.com/echanln/M0axwYf7UVxI3o4UnuWWAfCp/sodiev
Talking about Coaching & Psychedelics
86 2.1K 93 https://www.youtube.com/naechln/okAoV5ZBQSUuRCmw5m86B8Of/dvesoi
Psychedelic Seminars
3.7K 175.5K 37 https://www.youtube.com/anlchne/I3LoCa6AP57Kh7UrYToiST9y/osveid
Psychedelic Music & Visuals
1.1K 72.6K 41 https://www.youtube.com/lacnehn/8lUIPtCqKbXeBvR_w2gkpiUU/sodeiv
Psychedelic Station
321 26.2K 73 https://www.youtube.com/lanehnc/dCUATKNWx_tNuxUTCTzDgds9/sidoev
Trippy Psychedelic Place
117 9.7K 50 https://www.youtube.com/hnacenl/xo5kIQwbm1CbG1U8NOB51Tx2/osivde
Psychedelic Trance
12 4K 44 https://www.youtube.com/leachnn/DVCGx1OiayKqU8F8ZBYgqYWB/eivosd
Psychedelic Society of Minnesota
59 1.5K 5 https://www.youtube.com/alnnche/JQy5nuoUCcAzOGZ_vSjHpztq/disoev
8 1.3K 5 https://www.youtube.com/hnlaenc/if82oaWIUXk0wWKKmETC2AwJ/desoiv
Psychedelic Trippy Visuals
12 713 10 https://www.youtube.com/anenlhc/TU0JelwdEYwLhBDrHO4SJCvA/oidves
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