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Ukulele YouTube Channels

Elise Ecklund

Elise Ecklund US
Follow us to keep up with videos on Ukulele from Elise Ecklund.
youtube.com/channel/UCUsC.. Subscribe
4.1M subscribers 17.4K 474K 1 video / day Feb 2015 Get Email Contact

The Ukulele Teacher

The Ukulele Teacher Los Angeles, CA, US
The best ukulele lessons anywhere on the web where you will be able to play a song after your first lesson!
youtube.com/channel/UC1Hl.. Subscribe
1.4M subscribers 183.4K 11.7K 42.8K 2 videos / month Oct 2011 Get Email Contact

Ukulele Underground

Ukulele Underground Kauai, Hawaii
Ukulele Underground was created in 2007 with the purpose of helping to grow the next generation of ukulele players throughout the world. For years, t...he ukulele had been labelled a toy instrument never to be taken seriously. Today, Ukulele Underground continues to challenge the world's preconceived notions of what the ukulele is supposed to sound like and break barriers that limit the types of music the ukulele is associated with.more
youtube.com/channel/UCDgl.. Subscribe
446K subscribers 66.4K 2.8K 2 videos / week Apr 2008 Get Email Contact

TenThumbs Productions | Youtube

TenThumbs Productions | Youtube Free advice and videos on how to play Ukulele, play Guitar, record music in your own house. The idea at TenThumbs is to help you make the music that ...you want to make, and that's it. more
youtube.com/channel/UCswG.. Subscribe
331K subscribers 5.7K 140 6.8K 2 videos / week Apr 2013 Get Email Contact

Bernadette Teaches Music

Bernadette Teaches Music Japan
If this is your first day, week, or month playing the ukulele, this is the channel for you! If the ukulele is your first instrument and you don't ...know ANYTHING about music, you can call this channel your new classroom. All of the lessons in this channel are made with beginners in mind. The goal here is to get you from absolute beginner to confident and independent at an intermediate level. more
youtube.com/channel/UCHF8.. Subscribe
537K subscribers 76.3K 112.7K 1 video / month Jun 2015 Get Email Contact

Ukulaliens | Ukulele Club

Ukulaliens | Ukulele Club Ukulaliens videos are aimed at beginner-intermediate ukulele players
youtube.com/channel/UCZjD.. Subscribe
156K subscribers 3 videos / quarter Oct 2017 Get Email Contact

Ukulele Zen | Youtube

Ukulele Zen | Youtube US
Stuart Fuchs (aka 'Stukulele') is an endorsing KALA Ukulele artist and a renowned performer & teacher of music, improvisation, & dreams of a world whe...re we all proudly sing our part in the Universe. A lifelong musician with a Yogi's soul, he performs nearly every style of music imaginable on Guitar, Ukulele and Didjeridoo. more
youtube.com/channel/UCqrB.. Subscribe
105K subscribers 4.4K 1.3K 2 videos / month Jan 2010 Get Email Contact

Ukulele Tricks

Ukulele Tricks Ukulele Tricks is a website that helps you become a better ukulele player.
youtube.com/channel/UCFSZ.. Subscribe
120K subscribers 1 video / month Aug 2010 Get Email Contact

Al Wood

 Al Wood West Yorkshire, UK
Uke Hunt is regularly updated with new posts being added (mostly) every other week. Follow us to keep up with the latest videos.
youtube.com/channel/UCT3Q.. Subscribe
34.8K subscribers 10.3K 13.6K 1 video / week Mar 2016 Get Email Contact

James Hill | Youtube

James Hill | Youtube Brookfield, Nova Scotia, Canada
James Hill is a classically trained Canadian musician who has focused on the ukulele, both as his primary instrument and as a method of music instruct...ion for school children.more
youtube.com/channel/UC1Y9.. Subscribe
84.1K subscribers 9K 3K 1 video / month Nov 2013 Get Email Contact

Connor Berry Fingerstyle Ukulele TABS

Connor Berry Fingerstyle Ukulele TABS US
My take on popular (or not) songs on the ukulele! I hope you enjoy!
youtube.com/channel/UCx7Z.. Subscribe
58.4K subscribers 1 video / week Mar 2013 Get Email Contact

Ukulele Vlog Trips

Ukulele Vlog Trips Follow us to keep up with videos on Ukulele from Ukulele Vlog Trips.
youtube.com/channel/UCN8V.. Subscribe
34.9K subscribers 7 videos / quarter Jan 2016 Get Email Contact

The Ukulele Fool

The Ukulele Fool US
Your ukulele ambassador, bringing quality tutorials at a deliberate pace for adult learners (there are some kids tutorials too) with no previous music...al experience. Ukulele Superheroes are also a feature of my channel - interviews with folks out there spreading the ukulele love.more
youtube.com/channel/UCnIL.. Subscribe
16.8K subscribers 2 videos / week Apr 2018 Get Email Contact


Musicandome Bilingual Ukulele Tutorials for beginner and intermediate level! Songs, Playalong, Covers, Ukulele Tabs, and more. Stay Tuned!!
youtube.com/channel/UC5y9.. Subscribe
9.1K subscribers 5K 2 videos / week Nov 2011 Get Email Contact

Nicole Foti | YouTube

Nicole Foti | YouTube Los Angeles, California, US
I am an actress in Los Angeles! This channel is mainly going to be me singing ukulele covers and original songs, comedy videos, and then sometimes com...edy singing videos! I also read a lot and post a lot of book-related content as well as some vlogs when I'm feeling inspired!more
youtube.com/channel/UCAdB.. Subscribe
1.4K subscribers 676 660 1 video / week Mar 2018 Get Email Contact

BananaCactus Ukulele

BananaCactus Ukulele US
Hello! I'm Noah, a musician and filmmaker with a passion for the ukulele, music production, and long-distance train rides through remote places.
youtube.com/channel/UC5qF.. Subscribe
7.1K subscribers 510 76 609 1 video / week May 2015 Get Email Contact

Uke On Demand

Uke On Demand Hi there! I'm Zion. Uke On Demand is 100% dedicated to song tutorials because when I was first learning to solo, I was frustrated there weren'...t many ukulele tutorials for the songs I wanted to play. Here we cover many difficulty levels and all genres so there is something for everybody. Also, as the name implies, we make sure to cover what is 'on-demand', covering your favorite hitsmore
youtube.com/channel/UCbTG.. Subscribe
3.2K subscribers 2 videos / month Dec 2019 Get Email Contact

Ukulele.by Minsk

Ukulele.by Minsk Belarus
Hi there! Discover the ukulele world with us! On our channel, you'll find video lessons, overviews, sheet music, tablature and just lots of good m...usic!more
youtube.com/channel/UCTRE.. Subscribe
1.1K subscribers 84 2 209 1 video / month May 2016 Get Email Contact

Ukulele Inspired

Ukulele Inspired Hello all, wanted to let you know that we here at Ukulele Inspired are trying to create a community platform to share our own videos, as well as video...s and performances that you create! more
youtube.com/channel/UCJGo.. Subscribe
597 subscribers 2.3K 238 852 1 video / year May 2013 Get Email Contact

Melissa Y Eureka

Melissa Y Eureka Mexico
Hello! I am a singer, I play ukulele and a little guitar Follow us to keep up with the latest videos.
youtube.com/channel/UCuxL.. Subscribe
2M subscribers 1.1M 708 Oct 2007 Get Email Contact

U can Uke

U can Uke US
Welcome to the EASIEST way to learn how to play the ukulele on YouTube. You WILL come away from each video tutorial with a better sense for playing th...e ukulele with success. Whether you're a beginner player or a seasoned musician, these videos have something to offer to you.more
youtube.com/channel/UCJw6.. Subscribe
517K subscribers 8.4K 185 11K Apr 2017 Get Email Contact


DrJillReese Welcome to my YouTube channel. I'm a professor of music education at the State University of New York at Fredonia. On my channel and you can catc...h the new ukulele videos I post! more
youtube.com/channel/UC5or.. Subscribe
72.3K subscribers 1 video / year Aug 2011 Get Email Contact

The Ukulele Guy

The Ukulele Guy India
Follow us to keep up with videos on Ukulele from The Ukulele Guy.
youtube.com/channel/UCirD.. Subscribe
20K subscribers 2.6K 1.1K Dec 2017 Get Email Contact

Ukulele Go

Ukulele Go UK
Ukulele Go! Come and learn how to play the ukulele - I'll give you hints, tips and lessons so you can get up to speed quickly! Whatever I learn, I...'ll teach you.more
youtube.com/channel/UCTVW.. Subscribe
6.6K subscribers 6.4K 1.7K 6.6K 1 video / year Dec 2014 Get Email Contact

Pismo Ukulele

Pismo Ukulele Easy, simple ukulele tips and fun for the pre-beginner, by Pismo. Enjoy life with and without the ukulele, one tip, one note, one step at a time. Do...n't be overwhelmed. Learn how to enjoy life the fun, Pismo way and help share the joy of ukulele music with the world.more
youtube.com/channel/UC1xr.. Subscribe
1.3K subscribers Feb 2017 Get Email Contact

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Ukulele YouTubers

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YouTuber Name Email Subscriber
YouTube Channel Link
Elise Ecklund
4.1M 1.4B 957 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUsCq3Hq5haa6tTph41hpJQ/videos
Ukulele Underground
446K 87.7M 1.4K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDglnz22aXMzpug5HbD1bCA
Bernadette Teaches Music
537K 60.3M 1.3K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHF88ovEEPETzNtEUbgGBuw/videos
Ukulaliens - Ukulele Club
156K 37.9M 198 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZjDV_1UEbVsAQA_q9tyTWw/videos
Ukulele Zen
105K 9.7M 611 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqrBLqVEooQCm3DhO4WmI3g
Ukulele Tricks
120K 15.1M 120 https://www.youtube.com/lanehnc/9tMK-Snt2slzUp_5fAZfFC3J
Al Wood
34.8K 9.4M 605 https://www.youtube.com/neacnlh/HQnWQhwxDTwvC3Jh6i-mw3U3
James Hill
84.1K 4.2M 32 https://www.youtube.com/ncalneh/9YyACGwrWNjIfVx1alKkb4Uz
Connor Berry
58.4K 8.6M 312 https://www.youtube.com/nalhcen/7x_QxFA6AUbUClYmZ_iA9OKs/deivso
Ben's Uke Tutes
34.9K 3.3M 415 https://www.youtube.com/elhcann/HdgndN9C8Q8UbLkB2V_KQfb3/vdsioe
The Ukulele Fool
16.8K 1.4M 509 https://www.youtube.com/eclanhn/PDC7L8q3nE3lkgIUUKapCZZM/oesvdi
Flor Ansaldo
9.1K 1.5M 571 https://www.youtube.com/ehlnacn/9ynG5bPraT1_AUgnskevWj3C
Nicole Foti
1.4K 168K 452 https://www.youtube.com/nclahne/3UHTRC3fBZjAdFBbBYNXAlOH
7.1K 807.5K 31 https://www.youtube.com/anlecnh/10lBUF5CFhLPNAJnztaTWM7q/vdioes
Uke On Demand
3.2K 257.2K 163 https://www.youtube.com/nelachn/NgDafGQ0TkPPTFrdC0gbY-Uo/sivedo
1.1K 151.9K 44 https://www.youtube.com/caehnln/WMzbhiu_EeACR4SSUlTUTbos/dvesio
Ukulele Inspired
597 36K 53 https://www.youtube.com/nlhcena/VcBKMJaoBUCSmLILVGcPLwn3
Ukulele Go
6.6K 752.1K 49 https://www.youtube.com/anlchne/WCPWwQ5eVUTI2kolfSHK5V7G/eosdvi
Ukulele Kyle
363 161.4K 54 https://www.youtube.com/nlnache/mtKjydUUCCc-VWvQfGjVKLQk
Ben's Uke Tutorials [Ukulele Vlog Trips]
34.9K 3.3M 415 https://www.youtube.com/ehanncl/HQgk_QCKBfL9Nb2d8VdUbn38/vsedoi
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