25 Vegan Fitness YouTubers in 2024

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Vegan Fitness YouTube Channels

Brian Turner

Brian Turner My name's Brian Turner and I'm here to teach you how to get buff, eat good vegan food and have fun! I live in San Diego, California and was born on September 23, 1992! I've been bodybuilding for 16 years and 9 of that as a vegan! For business inquires/booking e-mail humerusfitness@gmail.com
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC2yc.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 379KInstagram Followers 124.8K Frequency 1 video / week Since Nov 2012 Get Email Contact

Tess Begg

Tess Begg Passionate vegan, foodie & fitness enthusiast from Australia. Find Vegan Recipes, Workouts, Vlogs & over 100 'what I eat in a day' .
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCBCi.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 320KFacebook Followers 9.2KInstagram Followers 247.8K Frequency 18 videos / year Since Jan 2015 Get Email Contact

Happy Healthy Vegan

Happy Healthy Vegan Debunking anti vegan nonsense and showing how it doesn't suck to be vegan! Ryan and Anji also make music together as Lovespirals. Since 1999 the band have released 6 albums and numerous singles, remixes, and collaborations. Their soulful grooves are featured regularly on the show and are available via Spotify, Apple, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Bandcamp, and YouTube.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCE9Z.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 206KTwitter Followers 4.6KInstagram Followers 54K Frequency 1 video / week Since Apr 2013 Get Email Contact

Toni Mitchell

Toni Mitchell This channel is about Vegan, Fitness, Health & Wellness, and Lifestyle.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCyrA.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 464KInstagram Followers 298.6K Frequency 3 videos / month Since Aug 2009 Get Email Contact

The Based Conservative

The Based Conservative The Based Conservative is a reaction channel mostly but not exclusively focused on political content. This is not a breaking news channel, as we do from time to time go back into the vault and cover Classic debate moments but mostly we cover current event surrounding the political landscape. All clips used on this channel are protected by the Fair Use Doctrine within Title 17 of the United States Code. This doctrine safeguards the use of copyrighted material for transformative purposes, such as commentary, criticism, review and news reporting. Under Title 17 U.S.C. § 512(f), any person...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCIvB.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 98.5K Frequency 4 videos / month Since Mar 2015 Get Email Contact

David Ramms

David Ramms Follow this channel to get the latest videos on vegan fitness.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCBhc.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 44.3K Frequency 3 videos / week Since Nov 2017 Get Email Contact


MontanaDanna I make daily videos highlighting my fitness journey, Plant-Based Vegan diet, and goals I set along the way. Need an accountability partner? Come set some daily goals, and be my workout buddy. I love to hear about your journey and hope we can inspire and motivate each other in the process of loving, strengthening, and empowering our bodies.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCBwr.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 71.8KTwitter Followers 5.7K Frequency 1 video / week Since Nov 2010 Get Email Contact

Natalie Matthews

Natalie Matthews Welcome to my channel! I am a professional IFBB Bikini competitor, vegan chef, fitness/lifestyle model, and cookbook author. Website: http://fitveganchef.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fitveganchef/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fitveganchef Twitter: https://twitter.com/nmfitveganchef
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCDdo.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 74.7KTwitter Followers 226Instagram Followers 108K Frequency 1 video / week Since Mar 2016 Get Email Contact


bananiac My name is Tino but some call me Bananiac. I'm a Nutritionist, YouTube Content Creator, Author, and Athlete. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Dietetics and a Master's Degree in Nutrition. My passion is helping others adopt a whole-food, plant-based diet, become fitter, and go vegan! I post weekly videos on plant-based nutrition, vegan lifestyle vlogs, podcast interviews, and fitness.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCIOx.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 76.5KFacebook Followers 5.9KTwitter Followers 1.5KInstagram Followers 8.5K Frequency 1 video / week Since Mar 2013 Get Email Contact

The Vegan Gym

The Vegan Gym We're on a mission to help 1,000,000 vegans get into the best shape of their lives because we believe that the more healthy, fit vegans there are in the world, the faster veganism will spread. Let's work together to inspire change, spread compassion, and challenge the status quo.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCeyJ.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 87K Frequency 1 video / week Since Sep 2017 Get Email Contact

The Sculpted Vegan

The Sculpted Vegan Kim Constable is a world-renowned fitness icon. Her motivational, no-BS mentality has inspired countless people all over the globe to reinvest in their health and get started on a path towards fitness. In her tenure as a pro bikini athlete, she's written hundreds of fitness articles and has sold thousands of body sculpting programs worldwide, through her company The Sculpted Vegan. — Follow me on social media: YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TheSculptedV... Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesculptedv... Twitter: https://twitter.com/sculptedvegan Website:...
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCv6A.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 23.4KTwitter Followers 1.4KInstagram Followers 4.6M Frequency 1 video / day Since Dec 2016 Get Email Contact

Jaclyn Wood

Jaclyn Wood This is how I live a healthy fit vegan lifestyle: using fitness to get lean and build muscle by eating a whole food plant-based diet. I do it to feel good, avoid preventable diseases and cancer, stay healthy into old age, protect animals, and protect our planet. I believe health is the most important thing we can invest in because it allows us to be there and be healthy for the people we love and live out our purposes.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCmsc.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 64.1KInstagram Followers 7.2K Frequency 2 videos / month Since Jan 2016 Get Email Contact

Dr. Leo Venus

Dr. Leo Venus Medical doctor & vegan athlete passionate about spreading health, fitness, and wellbeing. On this channel, you will find everything from random topic videos, to scientific videos, to full days of eating. I really like to communicate with my viewers think so don't hesitate to leave any thoughts in the comment sections of my videos!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCFAs.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 42.8K Frequency 4 videos / year Since Apr 2015 Get Email Contact

Tribe By Noire

Tribe By Noire My name is Remson Noire. I am a vegan fitness coach with over 11 years of experience. The goal of this channel is to create awareness and educate you guys about fitness training, nutrition, personal development, and veganism.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCPtS.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 13.9KFacebook Followers 1.1KTwitter Followers 1.3KInstagram Followers 131.1K Frequency 1 video / week Since Dec 2015 Get Email Contact

Vegan Health & Fitness / B Carey

Vegan Health & Fitness / B Carey Vegan Health and Fitness (formerly a magazine) features old favorites and new health & fitness lifestyle videos from founder B Carey. Please leave comments under videos and we will read them all! Don't forget to Like and Share to spread the love!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UC1Kp.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.2KInstagram Followers 235 Frequency 1 video / quarter Since Apr 2012 Get Email Contact


AethixFitness A vegan fitness channel specializing in quick and easy high protein vegan food recipes, workout advice, and motivation and tips for people looking to get into the best shape of their lives on a plant-based diet!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCS_D.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 462 Frequency 1 video / month Since Oct 2019 Get Email Contact

Jessica Odermatt

Jessica Odermatt A fellow earthling, witchy, vegan, fitness nut who loves tarot, conscious manifesting, the law of attraction, Instagram, and of course I love to workout and do yoga everyday and yes I sometimes make videos.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UClpz.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 1.7KInstagram Followers 11.2K Frequency 1 video / week Since Aug 2014 Get Email Contact

Vegan Fitness Goddess TV

Vegan Fitness Goddess TV Follow this channel to get the latest videos on vegan fitness.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCnil.. Subscribe
Frequency 4 videos / year Since May 2019 Get Email Contact

Amelie Tahiti

Amelie Tahiti I make videos sharing my passion & tips on health, veganism, yoga, fitness, food & living a more compassionate, sustainable happy, and thriving life.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCAOD.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 20.7KFacebook Followers 470Instagram Followers 25.3K Since Jun 2009 Get Email Contact

Rafael Pinto

Rafael Pinto All about vegan fitness and bodybuilding made as simple as possible with great cheap and easy vegan bodybuilding meals. Perfect for those that need bodybuilding or vegan bodybuilding groceries on a budget. I post my vegan meal plans and vegan diet for muscle mass gain and bodybuilding, vegan cutting, or vegan bulking. Also a lot of my vegan transformation journey. Working out and inspiring people to achieve more is my goal!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCcU5.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 3.4KFacebook Followers 6KInstagram Followers 19.5K Since Mar 2010 Get Email Contact

Emmanuel Rutledge Vegan BodyBuilder

Emmanuel Rutledge Vegan BodyBuilder I'm All About Fitness, Wellness, Health, Veganism, Natural Bodybuilding, and Motivation.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCgj9.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 229 Frequency 1 video / quarter Since Oct 2017 Get Email Contact

The Vegan Amazon

The Vegan Amazon Get videos on vegan food, travel, daily life tips and tricks, family vlogs, fitness, workouts, recipes, and more.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCbys.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 119 Frequency 5 videos / year Since May 2015 Get Email Contact

Heather Vegan Fitness

Heather Vegan Fitness Follow this channel to get the latest videos on vegan fitness.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCPz_.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 82 Since Sep 2012 Get Email Contact

Jay Steiner - Cardinal Vegan Fitness

Jay Steiner - Cardinal Vegan Fitness Follow this channel to get the latest videos on vegan fitness by Jay Steiner.
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCTOk.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 35 Since Mar 2020 Get Email Contact

Cody Barna

Cody Barna As a competitive bodybuilder for many years I ate large amounts of animal protein and dairy. I recently decided to make a big change in my life and become vegan. The changes I have experienced are amazing and I want to share all the benefits of a plant based lifestyle!!
Youtube Channel youtube.com/channel/UCoeN.. Subscribe
YouTube Subscribers 22 Since Oct 2014 Get Email Contact

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Vegan Fitness YouTubers

Top YouTubers covering Vegan Fitness. Get Spreadsheet.
YouTuber NameEmailSubscriber
YouTube Channel Link
Brian Turner
379K 72.8M 1.4K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ycqdFV0EmY5LmfM9mWkQg
Tess Begg
320K 28.9M 376 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBCiDM0WrCAvTHmdVz_GDzQ/videos
Happy Healthy Vegan
206K 33.8M 1.7K https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE9ZKGuHAz4S9y89u-qSAPQ
Toni Mitchell
464K 31.9M 103 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyrArp-KDb0sunJMT3VvDIQ
Mike Abroad
98.5K 22.6M 99 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIvBTk20QvizSPCtrOBYEQA/videos
David Ramms
44.3K 19.7M 721 https://www.youtube.com/lenhcan/EUVcIjzxIIPSgB4Cji2NthyX/odives
Montana Danna
71.8K 3.3M 339 https://www.youtube.com/encanhl/IwCizfiybotNJBjryCsMQHiU
Natalie Matthews
74.7K 4.6M 261 https://www.youtube.com/ehlncna/Ncd_LVMbXotyCzUNwZcJnWUD/disvoe
76.5K 11.4M 363 https://www.youtube.com/nhnecla/AxQ2IDvwOEmyCEznMMQpAUxu
The Vegan Gym
87K 3.4M 114 https://www.youtube.com/ehnncla/N6_iJ5uWnPTYxmUwF7BFOeCy/edsvio
The Sculpted Vegan
23.4K 2.8M 539 https://www.youtube.com/cenlanh/N1DGAKZ6OyQMUBvf2WA0CUOY/siovde
Jaclyn Wood
64.1K 2.5M 53 https://www.youtube.com/lanenhc/U2QsdOmTUJcIFBCGPDD6gOHX/eivdos
Dr. Leoardo Venaas
42.8K 1.5M 29 https://www.youtube.com/nahecnl/UVALFv23CjrWhV8NatAX7nKs/sevodi
Tribe By Noire
13.9K 557.4K 296 https://www.youtube.com/alnnhce/g4A0zCEqphftxSLG8MUPjQoP/disevo
Vegan Health & Fitness / B Carey
1.2K 121.1K 39 https://www.youtube.com/nlechna/ZPBREBCUQDKQW1M2KVWJpGrU
462 80.8K 121 https://www.youtube.com/ncalehn/IywDU0_RPTCUX9aE1w-TI3SZ/sdieov
Jessica Odermatt
1.7K 26K 77 https://www.youtube.com/lnnaech/HUPzYE43wZQBzozEn9OlpCj5
NewbeYAH the VFG
Emmanuel Rutledge Vegan BodyBuilder
229 19.5K 91 https://www.youtube.com/cahnlen/PkJRpi-wCnTUzM97pj9Khggg/evsiod
The Based Conservative
98.5K 22.6M 99 https://www.youtube.com/nhcanel/E2CUY0BSzQktBCOQvPrTvIAi/ieovsd
White Shenanigans
98.5K 22.6M 99 https://www.youtube.com/cahnnle/BrIPtvQS0AC2kEOTCBiUvQYz/edivso
71.8K 3.3M 339 https://www.youtube.com/enhncal/JiHQyBCfMsjoItizirbUNCyw
Dr. Leo
42.8K 1.5M 29 https://www.youtube.com/nlechna/tXNA3sKWh2aAU8vnjCLVVF7r/eivsdo
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