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Wildlife Photography YouTube Channels

Mark Smith

Mark Smith Florida, USA
Avid birder and wildlife photographer Mark Smith takes you under his wing and shows you how to start capturing your own breathtaking images of birds b...y explaining everything you need to know about bird photography in an easy to understand conversational tone that makes sense out of the often confusing jargon of the photography world. more
youtube.com/channel/UCyGY.. Subscribe
860K subscribers 463K 39.3K 792.8K 1 video / day Feb 2017 Get Email Contact

Morten Hilmer

Morten Hilmer Denmark
This channel is all about wildlife photography, bushcraft and outdoor living in general. I'm a professional nature photographer and for me it is a...ll about reconnecting with nature, sharing the unique experiences and to put awareness of nature conservation. more
youtube.com/channel/UCYzM.. Subscribe
513K subscribers 151.6K 2.2K 123.7K 1 video / month Oct 2010 Get Email Contact

Photography Tips

Photography Tips Kolkata, India
This is an Indian Photography Channel. I am Dipankar Bakshi. This Channel is for those who love photography Specially Wildlife photography and want to... know the Basic rules of Photography. more
youtube.com/channel/UCoXZ.. Subscribe
271K subscribers 18 57.3K 1 video / week May 2017 Get Email Contact

Sudhir Shivaram Photography

Sudhir Shivaram Photography Follow us to keep up with videos on Wildlife Photography from Sudhir Shivaram Photography.
youtube.com/channel/UCuwx.. Subscribe
370K subscribers 2M 6.3K 890.4K 11 videos / year Oct 2014 Get Email Contact

Steve Perry

Steve Perry The channel provides tons of great tips and tricks for nature photographers! PLUS, check out some of his crazy photography trips too!
youtube.com/channel/UChUi.. Subscribe
160K subscribers 8.5K 1 video / week Jul 2010 Get Email Contact


gregbalvin Jackson, Wyoming, US
Sharing the best/rarest wildlife experiences the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem has to offer. Greg lives in Jackson Wyoming year round and his full tim...e job is capturing unique footage!more
youtube.com/channel/UCgfu.. Subscribe
17K subscribers 1 video / quarter Get Email Contact

Paul Miguel Photography

Paul Miguel Photography Leeds, West Yorkshire
Hi I'm Professional Wildlife Photographer Paul Miguel. This Channel is all about my adventures with Wildlife and helping you to capture those spec...ial moments in camera. more
youtube.com/channel/UCT4a.. Subscribe
39.4K subscribers 2.8K 2K 1 video / week Apr 2017 Get Email Contact

Trond Westby

Trond Westby I am a nature photographer, who loves to be out and encounter with birds,animals and overall beautiful nature. I like to share my experiences I have w...hen being out. Therefore I created this channel. more
youtube.com/channel/UCJV7.. Subscribe
43.6K subscribers 6.4K 20.4K 3 videos / month Dec 2011 Get Email Contact

Mike Lane FRPS

Mike Lane FRPS UK
Wildlife photography from a U.K. based photographer.
youtube.com/channel/UCu3A.. Subscribe
21.1K subscribers 4 videos / month Nov 2011 Get Email Contact

Steve Mattheis

Steve Mattheis I am an award-winning nature and wildlife photographer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I enjoy sharing my experiences making photographs, as well as t...he images themselves. Come along as I venture into the outdoors to photograph beautiful landscapes and majestic wildlife.more
youtube.com/channel/UCDIr.. Subscribe
29.4K subscribers 257 21.3K 2 videos / quarter Apr 2017 Get Email Contact

Espen Helland

Espen Helland Follow us to keep up with videos on Wildlife Photography from Espen Helland.
youtube.com/channel/UCKGL.. Subscribe
28.9K subscribers 2K 602 13K 3 videos / quarter Oct 2013 Get Email Contact


BWoodPhotography US
This channel is all about nature and wildlife photography - basically L-I-F-E photography! We love sharing our experiences and highlighting many of th...e animals/nature we've been best to be able to photograph/video. We also love sharing destinations, information and unique animals/nature with others. Becca is both an award winning nature photographer and videographer.more
youtube.com/channel/UCdCj.. Subscribe
2.1K subscribers 4.3K 1 video / day Feb 2013 Get Email Contact

Wildlife Inspired

Wildlife Inspired Scott Keys hosts live discussions about a wide variety of topics dealing with wildlife photography.
youtube.com/channel/UCig5.. Subscribe
20K subscribers 1 video / week Apr 2018 Get Email Contact

Tom Mason

Tom Mason London, England, UK
Follow me for videos sharing tips and tricks to improve your wildlife photography, behind the scenes content as well as a boat load of photography gea...r guides and tech reviews. more
youtube.com/channel/UCCXs.. Subscribe
27.3K subscribers 3.7K 9.4K 1 video / month Aug 2014 Get Email Contact

Wild Eye

Wild Eye South Africa
At Wild Eye we are passionate about wildlife, photography and everything in between!
youtube.com/channel/UC9Ca.. Subscribe
9K subscribers 36.7K 1.7K 1 video / week Nov 2011 Get Email Contact

Wildlife Exposed TV

Wildlife Exposed TV UK
Follow us to keep up with videos on Wildlife Photography from Wildlife Exposed TV.
youtube.com/channel/UCMAq.. Subscribe
3.5K subscribers 4 videos / month Feb 2017 Get Email Contact


Richard Birchett is a Professional Wildlife & Conservation Photographer from the United Kingdom who has recently moved to Ontario, Canada. He has spen...t the last 22 years in the UK Military as a Survival Specialist. He adapts his skills as a pathfinder to allow him to track, stalk and photograph wildlife in all environments. He has worked with various media channels & wildlife organisations including; the BBC Wildlife Magazine, BBC SpringWatch, BBC Countryfile and The Wildlife Trusts. He is a Nature First, Tragopan and f-stop Ambassador. He is also works with companies such as Vallerret...more
youtube.com/channel/UCKvb.. Subscribe
7.5K subscribers 1 video / week Oct 2011 Get Email Contact

EXPOSED with John E. Marriott

EXPOSED with John E. Marriott Get exposed to the world of one of Canada's premier professional wildlife and nature photographers. EXPOSED with John E. Marriott is the culminati...on of his life's work a documentary-style, no-holds-barred web series in which John profiles his favourite locations and subjects, shares tips and how-to's for aspiring photographers, and tackles the important and controversial issues in wildlife conservation.more
youtube.com/channel/UCSN6.. Subscribe
15.8K subscribers 13K 5.3K 94.2K 1 video / week Jan 2016 Get Email Contact

Derek Hilton

Derek Hilton Australia
Derek Hilton channel is all about Photographing & filming Wildlife.
youtube.com/channel/UCQPn.. Subscribe
5.3K subscribers 1 video / month Nov 2011 Get Email Contact

KG's Photography

KG's Photography UK
Passionate about UK Wildlife and Nature photography. Come and join my adventures and follow my tips and tricks on photography and editing.
youtube.com/channel/UCeG_.. Subscribe
3.4K subscribers 1.7K 2 videos / month Dec 2017 Get Email Contact

Andy Rouse

Andy Rouse Follow multi award winning professional wildlife and aviation photographer and Canon Explorer Andy Rouse as he travels the globe in search of that per...fect shot! more
youtube.com/channel/UCLBM.. Subscribe
6.7K subscribers 49.1K 2 videos / quarter Mar 2017 Get Email Contact

Jeroen Kloppenburg - Wildlife Photography

Jeroen Kloppenburg - Wildlife Photography Netherlands
If you are into wildlife photography, then this channel is for you! In my vlogs, I take you with me while I try to photograph the wildlife around me. ...I am a full-time professional tracker, based in the Netherlands. For my field guides, I make all photos myself. Anything related might come by at some point. Such as planning photos, technical aspects, tracking animals, equipment reviews, and editing photo's on a computer.more
youtube.com/channel/UCa3s.. Subscribe
5.2K subscribers 1.5K 2 videos / year Jan 2020 Get Email Contact

Phlanagan Fotography

Phlanagan Fotography Ballwin, Missouri, US
Hi, my name is Eric, I'm a Wildlife Photographer/Videographer. I want to share my photos/videos with everyone that has a love for wildlife like I ...do! please like and subscribe if you enjoy watching my journey and my attempt to photo as many animals as we encounter! Thanks Everyone and God Bless!!more
youtube.com/channel/UCnUf.. Subscribe
314 subscribers 263 711 2 videos / week Sep 2022 Get Email Contact

Rathika Ramasamy

Rathika Ramasamy Chennai, India
Rathika is arguably one of India's foremost wildlife photographers. She is passionate about birds and is specializing in bird photography. In docu...menting birds through her photographs, she has developed a style of technical excellence combined with a captivating story. more
youtube.com/channel/UCp89.. Subscribe
2.5K subscribers 1.1M 9.2K 123.1K 1 video / year Jul 2009 Get Email Contact

Andy Beattie Photography

Andy Beattie Photography Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK
I'm from Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK and have lived here all my life (since 1969) I have a passion for WILDLIFE, NATURE and photographing people.
youtube.com/channel/UC9tr.. Subscribe
512 subscribers 1.3K 280 1 video / week Aug 2015 Get Email Contact

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Wildlife Photography YouTubers

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YouTuber Name Email Subscriber
YouTube Channel Link
Mark Smith
860K 362.1M 570 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyGYUrC2IvaHWoX6dwEsrMA/videos
Morten Hilmer
513K 31.7M 168 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzMdQa5aD6dnKHLdBxDMkw
Dipankar Bakshi Photography
271K 47.6M 133 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoXZ74h6SFsrvuJbY0PGqlQ/videos
Sudhir Shivaram Photography
370K 10.4M 69 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuwxuGc36QSFZsOPJEFzvmw/videos
Steve Perry
160K 10.8M 83 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChUi5Gm8w-S_d6dS31cFCnQ
17K 10.4M 462 https://www.youtube.com/lennach/d_SVwfgVuCloXngytU5-lE--
Paul Miguel Photography
39.4K 4.3M 284 https://www.youtube.com/nenclha/Ue1jZ4YmT1azhgQKcXeCaryl/eidsov
Trond Westby
43.6K 4.2M 215 https://www.youtube.com/naelchn/OUHeVOjgFG7NAClJWGQpMjgV/esoivd
Mike Lane FRPS
21.1K 2.9M 239 https://www.youtube.com/halcnne/CZeh7UuUvx4CABsDtjUSegG3
Steve Mattheis
29.4K 3.7M 275 https://www.youtube.com/lencanh/wJTgfB0G0IKsr6CDr3eUVlUe/dvesoi
Espen Helland
28.9K 2.7M 213 https://www.youtube.com/ecnnlha/d3a9NSGdULK_CJqCQNp1P5IR/siodev
2.1K 1.3M 344 https://www.youtube.com/canlhen/CdaeF0QCUexOeZjL5IsFNwTe
Wildlife Inspired w/ Scott Keys
20K 1.5M 194 https://www.youtube.com/cenanhl/l4X7iguUeLiLw5d0zC2tg_E1/isveod
Tom Mason
27.3K 2.8M 97 https://www.youtube.com/anhclne/A4CEubLs7HCcEXJ9OEMCdQrU/soidve
Wild Eye
9K 2.1M 1.1K https://www.youtube.com/acnhenl/9XigCAEKUTUAl9LakHaYPbCQ/ivodse
Wildlife Exposed TV
3.5K 491.6K 324 https://www.youtube.com/henlanc/XMIYy0CcWq52ijay4gv76kAU/voeisd
7.5K 706.6K 150 https://www.youtube.com/cnhlnea/0NYwKbgCEwUTXCk5suvQ_5El/evidso
EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy
15.8K 702.9K 33 https://www.youtube.com/eaclhnn/YF0x7UXSGzNNg586QLSOxJWC/dosiev
Derek Hilton
5.3K 725.3K 256 https://www.youtube.com/ehnacln/nf0G35CtrnovAYTKbJUK2QGP
KG's Photography
3.4K 404.7K 247 https://www.youtube.com/canehnl/f70gQEGeUZg3CwNj_VGB2J-j
Andy Rouse
6.7K 338.1K 99 https://www.youtube.com/nehcanl/L3UlLuMTZaBu5mZUljA5wJC7/seoivd
Weylin Tracking - Worldwide
5.2K 351.7K 126 https://www.youtube.com/cnahenl/wMaJv3Q25BU3lsW35CNXAMIe
Phlanagan Fotography
314 29.3K 116 https://www.youtube.com/nncleah/f8w9UUQT0Cw_X3nJtiP9Jd-E/iesodv
Andy Beattie UK
512 56K 163 https://www.youtube.com/anhlecn/t6zaxHvE_rrgQQ9KBUrfxC9K/edovis
Marie-France Grenouillet
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